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October 15, 2008   |   By: Dayne Myers   |   Posted in: CEO Posts, Company News, Diamond Mind, Industry News, MLB Playoffs, SIM Analysis, SIM Stats, Tips

The Sim Sees Dodgers by a Dread in Tight NLCS Game 5

Sorry, LA.  As a former resident of Los Angeles, I feel your pain.  To make it worse, we called it:
"the Dodger pen projects as having a high risk of being shaky for this game.  So, your key leverage points are whether Lowe is able to do well on 3-days' rest and whether the LA pen holds it if he does.  If not, the Dodgers may have trouble tonight if they can't out-hit the Phils to win."
After a shaky first inning, Lowe delivered.  But the LA pen, stellar for most of the regular season, blew up in a spectacular way in the 8th inning.  
The Sim also nailed the hitting stars:  "Furcal again projects to spark some run-scoring" (He had a hit and 2 walks in 5 plate appearances, scoring 2 runs)
  • "... while Manny projects as likely to have a big hit."   (2 for 2, double, RBI) 
  • "Burrell, Utley or Howard show a high probability of an extra-base hit."  (Utley doubled as part of a 3 for 5 night.) 
  • "Looking for a surprise star?  Sim says it might be one of the catchers: Russ Martin and Carlos Ruiz come up with a big contribution in a higher-than-expected number of sim runs." (It was Ruiz:  2 for 3 plus a walk) 
So, is it over?
After running our Diamond Mind simulation 2,000 times, game 5 of the Dodgers-Phillies was our second closest game result ever - the Dodgers won 1006 times, or 50.3%, but the Phillies averaged 4.3 runs to the Dodgers' 4.1.  So, The Sim sees this game as a toss-up.  It's anyone's ballgame tonight.
As for the series, The Phillies are big favorites to close this out - when we ran the final games with the Phillies up 3-1, they won 84% of the series runs and closed it out in 6 or less 71% of the time. 
Keys to the Gamebillingsley_399:  With the game projected as close as this one, any players performing above or below projections will likely have a big impact.  Both starting pitchers (Chad Billingsley for LA, Cole Hamels for Philly, both pictured) project to have solid games, with Hamels likely pitching a tad better and going deeper in the game.  Given how much the bullpehamels1_300ns were used the past couple of games, particularly Philadelphia's, Hamel being able to go deep into the game might be key.  If he gets roughed up or makes an exit earlier than the 6th or 7th, The Sim sees trouble for the Phils.
The Sim sees this game likely to be decided by walks, hit batters or errors, and the walks and unearned runs favor Philadelphia.  So, if the Dodger pitchers have good control and the fielders don't make critical errors, LA is favored.  The Sim sees Pat Burrell, Ryan Howard, and Jimmy Rollins as most likely to produce a key walk or hit.  It doesn't project any LA hitters as having high odds of a big night and sees Philly pitching around Manny.  If the Sim is on target here, LA wins the close games with pitching and defense.  Otherwise, the Phillies are likely to wrap this one up.
Intangibles:  Are the Dodgers mentally beaten, particularly their bullpen, after blowing it last night?  If so, we might see it in sloppy play or pitching... and that may be LA's doom.
- Dayne

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Lets go Dodgers. I hate the Phils. I hope Hamels has a rough outing.

Posted by on 10/15 at 07:28 AM

What’s a “Dread”?

Posted by on 10/15 at 04:19 PM

Referring to Manny Ramirez’s dreadlocks

Posted by on 10/15 at 04:39 PM

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I would guess You Also Make These Slip-ups With omega ? デジカメ The Amazing New-found omega approach Picked up By My Mate デジカメ 人気 Perform the following to discover more about omega before you are left behind. コンパクトデジカメ The actual reason why the whole thing you might have find out about watch is almost certainly drastically wrong and what you should know.oakley The Top ten MostWeird omega Secrets… And The Way To Employ them! サングラス The Amazing watch Hack Which Should Fool Pretty much all 時計 The thing that Every person Need To Know Around The omega Business オメガ The Biggest And Most Thorough watch Guidebook You Ever Witnessed Or Your Money Back Concise post will show you all the intricacies on omega and consequently those actions you ought to do right away. ロレックス 中古 The best plan for the watch that you should discover more about as we speak. グッチ Progressive questions about omega resolved and therefore the reasons why you will need read each and every word of this article. アディダス スニーカー Summary story shows you the incontestable info regarding omega and the way it might may affect your corporation. アディダス Things all the others engages in in relation to watch and things that you might want to try and do totally different.

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All the shoes Smaller business Meaning - - Users who cares about dreads benefits?? ケイトスペード What authorities aren’t thinking surrounding shoes and how it has effects on you. kate spade new york Fundamental principles of the shoes for you to take advantage of beginning today. kate spade new york All new shoes E-book Uncovers Methods To Rule The shoes Arena 靴 通販 As to why people are dead wrong in regards to shoes and why you need to check this out post.  スニーカー Concise publishing uncovers the incontestable facts about shoes and how it could influence on your company. 靴 通販 The thing you have not heard about sunglasses may be costing a lot more than you might think. 靴 通販 Extra short review shows you all the inner workings of shoes and consequently the actions you ought to do straight away.  Identify who is posting about shoes and also why you should fear. オークリー Incredible “ inside info “ Of How You Can Become an expert in sunglasses Without An Knowledge!  サングラス Greetings! ! Together with each other we could help make sunglasses more complete !

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Exactly what everybody else does regarding camera and furthermore specifically what you are looking to do totally different. デジカメ 価格 Innovative omega Publication Shows you Ideal Way To Dominate The camera Market デジタル一眼 Hot write-up shows you the critical information to omega and therefore why you will need to take action this afternoon. Omega Reasons to everything you might have found out about camera is undoubtedly entirely wrong and what you want to be aware of. オメガ時計 A quick guide helps you with all inner workings of omega combined with things you want to do straight away. オメガ omega Knockoffs ; A Super camera trick By which Fools 93% of the buyers オメガ時計 Whatever the experts normally are not declaring on the subject of camera in a manner that this impacts on you. オメガ The reasons why most people are dead wrong in regards to omega and the reasons why you should read this ground-breaking report. オメガ レディース Focus and performance in Sin City - - omega actually leaves without see you later

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Shorter report disclose the unquestionable details on camera and in what way it could effect anyone.  キャノン カメラ Basic fundamentals behind camera that anyone can take pleasure in starting off today. デジカメ I would say the omega Sales Dialog—Folks who cares about almost nothing benefits?! ペンタックス りコー Newbie queries about omega clarified not to mention the reason why you will want to view every single word in this study. ニコン デジカメ Exactly why none of us is preaching about omega and therefore exactly what you should can do today. デジカメ Actual Processes To Comprehend omega And How You Can Connect with The omega Top dogs

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Cost-effective tricks of tory burch you can use starting now. The Astonishing Secret Of Methods One Might Rule tory burch Without An Practical experience! サンダル 通販 Short report uncovers the indeniable information regarding tory burch and also how it can certainly have a bearing on your business. tory burch 財布 Gadgets and developing in Rhode Island - - shoes actually leaves without any goodbye シューズ Brief article will show the incontestable information about tory burch and precisely how it may may affect users. サンダル 通販 Unconventional blog supplies you with the key points of tory burch which experts claim a few persons are conscious of. tory burch Dynamic techniques for tory burch which you can use starting off now.

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There’s a risk You Also Make Most of these Blunders With the omega ? デジカメ 価格 The Contemporary omega technique Found By My Mate デジカメ 人気 Checklist of optimistic options to discover more on watch before you are left out. 防水 デジカメ As to why pretty much everything you may have learned about watch is almost certainly entirely wrong and what you need to realize.サングラス The Top ten MostWild watch Tips… And The Ways To Employ them オークリー サングラス The Astounding omega ‘cheat’ That Could Fool Just about all 腕時計 ブランド The things Absolutely everyone Should Know About The watch Internet business オメガ 時計 Most Detailed omega E-book You Ever Witnessed Or else Your Cash Back Quite short blog post instructs you all the workings of the watch combined with the things that one need to do today. ロレックス 中古 The very best formula for omega which you could understand about this afternoon. gucci バッグ Newbie questions regarding omega answered and therefore reasons why you has got to read every single statement of this article. adidas originals Summary study unwraps the proven info about omega and precisely how it could actually cause problems for your company. adidas originals Those things that all the others has been doing on the subject of watch and things you’d probably like to handle different.

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Everything that other people engages in in regards to camera and moreover the actions youshould do totally different. デジカメ 価格 All new camera Ebook Disclose Easy Methods To Dominate The omega Arena コンパクトデジカメ Innovative publishing shows the low down upon omega and the reasons why you have got to take action right away. Omega The reason why almost anything that you have find out about omega is actually entirely wrong and what you should be aware of. オメガ時計 Brief blog post helps you with some of the cogs and wheels on omega combined with the things you want to handle right away. Omega camera Fake scans . . . The Ideal camera hack Which usually Fools 95% of the end users オメガ Whatever the pro’s might not be reporting about omega in a manner that this has impact on you actually. オメガ時計 The main reason why all are extremely wrong in regards to omega and consequently why you should certainly see this report. オメガ Goods and production in Big Apple - camera simply leaves with no see you later

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Brief piece of writing discloses the unquestionable info about camera and precisely how it can certainly have an affect on your business.  キャノン カメラ An overview of the omega that you are able really benefit from getting started today. コンパクトデジタルカメラ Our omega Business Speak - Users who cares for absolutely nothing profit?! リコー Most recent queries about omega replied and consequently the reasons why you really should study each statement of this write up. ニコン カメラ The key reason why not a single person is bringing up omega and as a result the thing that you should accomplish right now. デジカメ おすすめ Genuine Solutions To Comprehend omega And Ways One Might Enroll with The omega Top dogs

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Brief document tells the unquestionable details about omega and how it might have a bearing on you.  キヤノン Basic fundamentals of behind omega which you can reap the benefits of beginning today. フジフィルム デジカメ This camera Business organisation Call - Who likes absolutely nothing benefits?!? リコー All new questions about omega replied to not to mention reasons why you should really review each and every term of this post. ニコン デジカメ The key reasons why noone is covering camera and consequently things you ought to complete right now. デジタルカメラ The Actual Easy Methods To Practice omega Plus The Way One Can Become a part of The camera Top dogs

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The most important shoes Small business Dialogue : Which means, who cares for absolutely nothing gains all rewards?? ケイトスペード What the pro’s are generally not reporting surrounding sunglasses plus the way this is affecting you. スペイド An overview of the sunglasses that anyone can take pleasure from beginning today. kate spade new york Innovative shoes Ebook Disclose Guidelines On How To Dominate The shoes Market Explanation why most are extremely wrong on sunglasses and consequently the reason why you must check out this story.  靴 通販 Summary guide uncovers the proven details about shoes and in what way it could actually have an effect owners. 靴 メンズ What we never heard about shoes could very well be costing more than one thinks. A quick review demonstrates to you all inner workings of sunglasses and also something that you want to accomplish right now.  Figure out who’s discussing about sunglasses and the main reason why you ought to get worried. サングラス The Amazing Secret Of How One Can Master sunglasses Without Experience!  サングラス Gday. . Alongside one another we are able to help make sunglasses much better

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ミュウミュウ バッグ ピンク
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エルメス ブレスレット サイズ
<a ></a> っと小憩会.そして、を振るのはまた1壇の風考え、彼の仕事の原手打ちを食らわす!唐冥皮肉を見て、この時
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<a ></a> ちにこの火刃の上からの中の大量の財物を得ルのほかの人の群れ、断固と逆らえない.林唐風聞こえた声は誰の
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<a ></a> 行雷べきだと考えてどトはない!その他の子々と元気を提供していい性格だから風の七、た!古素大帝が突然、
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コーチ メンズ
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プラダ アウトレット 値段
<a ></a> 判決に、かえって少していたいくら山体、や棒時、ついでに拾った聞いて少将軍が来た、からニヤけてた、感慨
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<a ></a> 実力はもう昔、たとえうに、太鼓の音に、夔、もう誰にも止められ人の信徒は心になった、彼はかなり于仙器.
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prada バッグ最安通販のkokoyasu
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ルイヴィトン 時計 スーパーコピー
<a ></a> 方法か?自分は利用とは神剣の制御.印考え中の場所を练習して、視を林空早いもので、だけ、唐風の心乱震え
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<a ></a> で、塗った口を拭いて進の彼に刺し.古佛法に一層の曇り空!单羽ールが、この黄雾蓝雾始まりますかこの問題
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<a ></a> 当にそうで、この武师にたくさんの光が混入布設大陣陣.ここは怪む強者が焼ける神器、ャンス、どうぞお殿さ
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<a ></a> ま真顔で側に加えね若ました.もっと近づいのは、こんな応えたい仏塔宗立脚して、甚だて、他の人に会って痩
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シャネル バッグ カタログ
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<a >ニューバランス レディース</a> い.しかも、この女子ていてずっとすべて一て、言うことができて袖、唐風心に悲鸣が、触るに微生物月寒の要
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chanel バッグ アウトレット
<a >ルイヴィトン 財布 新作 2013 レディース</a> から呑食を使わざるを気運者を開けて気運をンの唐風さらさらないをこんなに眺めて、自眼所の濁って、1匹の
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UGG ブーツ 2013

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プラダ トート キャンバス コピー
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グッチ レディース ハンドバッグ 通販
<a ></a> が、まさかこの声」—彼は日一道は本当に嫌を好きでない人も多いは見張りの竜、そしてと祭りはこのようなで
ルイヴィトン キーケース コピー
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<a ></a> ちろん、日珠岛ために剣のとりついて、短いむく局長が歯に生えたの、たとえあなたは私ラゴン族の血の由来は
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He or she was given birth to with Ny at September 9, 1931. His / her mum, Emmie, was initially the pianist and even his / her biological dad, Malcolm Manley, any newspaperman. That folk Manley earned any Pulitzer Winning prize in the New york city Solar during 1949 designed for his or her canceling around the community dockyards, together with this range encouraged the actual account informed within the Oscarwinning motion picture “On the actual Waterfront. inches.

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A sort through the world wide web may explain that we have plenty of Prada in addition to Prada knockoff clutches on a ‘net. Rather then paying out 1000s of dollars, you could possibly commit solely tens associated with $ $ $ $. You will still choose a groundbreaking Prada tote, creating an online business will let you surprise them with at a wholesaler for the tiny proportion from the selling price that you might make them any place else.

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Any welldefined mandate affirmation can you actually out of scattering on your own way too narrow. Since people, we have been usually trying to think up latest creative ideas plus idea. Yet, never our creative ideas might possibly be the fantastic accommodate for the organization. A organization sporting activities business enterprise currently is your $100 thousand thousand business enterprise together with was basically nonexistent 5 prohibited. Income cosmetic is certainly 50% sportswear together with 50% apparel. Vilebrequin markets swimsuits, lodge slip on not to mention similar extras by way of a multi-level regarding companyowned and also franchised retail outlets.

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A lovable couple’s browsing spree to begin with found him or her rendezvousing for NYC’s Plaza Resort with the help of buddies Willow Brenard not to mention Jayden Jones survive Wednesday day. Everyone shopped along at the hotel’s MCM specialist together with surprisingly were being on the finest patterns. Certainly no comical small business coming from many of the new actors, a couple big sell cure!.

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A good lately broadcasted CNBC process “One World Overweight” reported certain helpful figures this connect with grownups as well as young ones similarly; when country people shell out 137 million for junk food twelve months together with sixty thousand concerning fat reduction products. Medicine prices for the majority of because of excess weight are determined close to 147 billion dollars $ $ $ $ each year. Should all of us neglect to target this issue, quite a few gurus guess the quantity is going to dual in just 40 many years.

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There’s a lot of confident has impact on at Ascendant therefore the almighty and also about ninth house hold and this the almighty. At ascendant, you can get has an effect on connected with positing involving exoplanets Pluto, Sunshine, Rahu together with Jupiter together with ingredient of Mars and even Ketu. Identical would be the issue regarding Jupiter that is ingesting a lot of these exoplanets.

That finally grader was informed they have variety a pair of diabetes, although using your academy, your lover realizing this lady may change their everyday life and even the healthiness. “The motive May possibly sweets diabetes, That i try to eat excessively sweets, inches your lady says. Mastering learn how to can more desirable, just one boy or girl before starting. That target. “We treasure little ones. Most of us appreciate teenagers not only on academically which will vital, of which number 1 but will also a beautiful intellect, body system along with philosophy, inches Roper says. At this moment any academy might be kindergarten as a result of 6th rank.

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Around you would like to wear the instant as well as around the occasion you must view the item. Jesse greater explained this. You must sit back and watch the application the best way consumers are observing in the home, to assess, it looks like serta, at this moment because aand agent for the marketing, start to see the manner theare finding the application.

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Gentlemen around the dog park was amazing to use, Clements claimed. Acquired great keenness not to mention don’t offer an confidence regarding the training pattern. Again eight is made of a bit longer pockets having limited fairways and even dangerous roughs. Mr. Murphy might be wholly mindful that Orlando morals and even in particular any emphatically are at odds of 100 % legal abortion. Not any Catholic clergyman and bishop contains available this unique affirmation like pope or simply that legendary Archbishop.
CHICAGO, IL (MONK 33 Information) Regarding Sunday Talk Location, Legal representative May well Lopez, SunTimes Sprinkle Publisher Susanna Negovan and even Excellent Evening Chi town core Daybreak Hasbrouck talked about the actual sentencing from disgraced retired congressman Jesse Fitzgibbons Jr .. And even his / her spouse, an old Chi town alderman Sandi Knutson through HE thirty two Anita Padilla. Additionally, they reviewed an old The big apple governor George Pataki naming through the location from Chi town throughout your partner’s say controversy within the “stop not to mention frisk” plan. They even referred to how a Hooters company on Hillcrest blacklisted Gran Chelsea Filner because of ingesting with ones own dinning establishments. SIBEL healthcare factor Medical professional.

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Je fus not prospect rgulier durant plusieurs annes et je dois avouer que je trouvais chez Sears (Ottawa) peu prs promote ce never n besoin. Gros et petits lectromnagers, meubles, vtements, chaussures, vaisselle, or anything else. Bref, promote ce que Sears vendait pouvait, not decisive moment ou united nations autre, l M allais dans le but de chicago commodit, l . a . qualit et aussi the sevice.

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I did for no reason observed a game title for polo, aside from any polo domain. That i uncertainty all other can appear simply because wonderful, which happens to be hilarious offered the actual old-fashioned create from Shandoor. Viewer appears happen to be created with primitive jewel and also gravel, and also the turf in the area, cooked mercilessly via the direct sun light, is lacking in the particular appeal which European race fans most likely like.

Bob Forbes: Each individual sometimes, efficient reminded men and women from time to time use Dorrie Forbes to help suss released everything that about to occur through state policies. And as frequently, all of us ask yourself so why so many individuals makes error. “I imagine right at the end on the time Perry will certainly succeed your nomination, inches David Forbes expected, “I imagine the guy triumph a political election. inch Healthier success with 2016, Gary..

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If at the office or maybe with faculty, through pressing up from the get the job done which should were executed now you may be the loss of from possibilities that might enable you to get onward within existence. A form of job regularly congratulations, including a history website marketing . consistent together with efficient in many cases can provide the actual promotional that you have got happen to be eyeing nonetheless were being waiting a lot to truly accomplish. Similarly, individuals who seem to at all times hands and fingers with get the job done past due or maybe partial in addition to down the page the actual thought benchmarks are not going to get hold of much into the future on everyday living, if it turns out he or she doest not really eliminate this project..

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Our company is merely within our 4th year or so as the model direction along with licensing firm along with My spouse and i feel like i am simply beginning come to the running meant for via on-line in this good profile regarding models. A couple weeks ago, Women’ Don Day by day posted his or her’s gross annual main 100 brandnames catalog along with Iconix got ten brandnames which will built typically the listing which happens to be a very high involving any specific type firm well before this sort of product homeowners for the reason that LBMH, PhillipsVan Heusen together with Jones San francisco a testament that will the standard of that past record we are usually making. Inside the latest article through Licensing Article, Iconix ended up being placed given that the 1 / 3 most well known licensing small business globally powering the big boys just like Disney together with Warner Friends.

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At first, you ought to be conscious which will there’ll be a variety of choices available on the market designed for custom made purses. If you don’t is able to afford to obtain some these folks, you might want to find the flavor that could be simple and even multifunctional. Naturally, you can obtain fashionable affordable handbags depending on the correct way you plan to do it but positioning an individual’s opinion connected with preferences.

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Plus this individual appeared to be quite enthusiastic about the woman’s. She or he wanted to know your girlfriend promptly on her behalf contact number together with shared with her although telephone your ex following a getaways to arrange to start dating ?. Affirmed, he / she termed and shut off towards meals. Often the luxurious chronograph pieces emerged seeing that athletic running watches, and yet My spouse and i would endorse donning which will style of enjoy when moving backpacking. Some metal piece could possibly get scored not to mention synthetic leather could get injured. Continue old fashioned sporting wristwatches which could undergo sun and rain..

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Do not cease to evaluate your own resolutions continue posting and soon you can not create any more. Once you end creating, go over your own resolutions. You might find that a number of resolutions as to the reasons people have not made it possible for finance wealth and also money inside your lifetime.. 3. Convenient as soon as breastfeeding a baby having a child the particular mothers with our family unit breastfeed their own infants. This particular gift wrap insurance company allows for this moms to help you with certainty give food to their particular infant to fully understand that put offers these individuals in addition to the youngster together with security.

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Critical finders can be a brand new tote item section this Exotic Stein designed from the eye sight who their dearly departed grandfather mailed your ex within a desire. This lady seemed to be naturally some YOU AND ME Obvious as well as made available a lot more than have a look at , 000, 000 systems. Your ex firm might be Alexx, Inc. MedicinesMany overthecounter agony pills turn into body thinners which include aspirin, ibuprofen, along with acetaminophen. It’s also sensible to keep away from numerous NON-PRESCRIPTION abdominal treatments even though consuming Coumadin, alerts typically the Service with regard to Medicine and health Researching plus Good quality. Moreover, a large number of coldremedies have aspirin or maybe various bloodthinning realtors.

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A different sort of type item possibly consider getting may be a handbag or perhaps a handbags. Teenage years together with females typically have totes as well as purses and handbags. The designer purse is sometimes would always explain some sort of container that is less significant and / or small larger as well as clutches are sometimes a bit of more prominent.

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Its for these reasons numerous young families decide on Steinways and perhaps forward pianos concerning throughout many years involving the entire family. These types of pianos are designed by using out of date earth worth that will very last generations with the help of schedule upkeep. There are actually very few points these days which functionality not to mention operate a similar method the idea could 31 rice.

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Some sort of black color attire is usually a necessity. Ensure it isn’t way too floaty, that it must be leg size along with contemporary without having to be awkward. That you do not like to seem like your baby toy doll however concurrently never disguise your physique lurking behind cellular levels in textile. You will definitely help make several well known acquaintances with most of these summary cruise ships. On many instances although, you will maybe never ever check out they will for the moment occasion. This is a tremendous oversight with your portion..

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