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October 18, 2008   |   By: Dayne Myers   |   Posted in: CEO Posts, Company News, Diamond Mind, Industry News, MLB Playoffs, SIM Analysis, SIM Stats, Tips

The Sim Predicts Rays Will Bounce Back Behind Shields

Wow, that game 5 was really something.  And, true to form, our Diamond Mind simulation called it:

"This indicates a good probability of a high-scoring game, with Boston having the edge if the game is low-scoring and/or close."

It was indeed high-scoring, and it was close... giving the edge to Boston as it won 8-7 in one of the greatest comebacks in post-season history. 

Dice-K got roughed up, as projected by The Sim, but Scott Kazmir gave a stellar performance, shutting out Boston for 6 innings and putting the Rays in an excellent position to win.  The Red Sox middle relief also performed poorly, as Delcarmen gave up 2 runs before Papelbon was called on to keep things from getting too ugly.  The Sim also warned that the Boston late-inning relief would outperform the Rays' late-inning relief.  Boy, was that ever true!  The Rays' relievers gave up 8 runs over the final 3 innings, including the game-winner in the 9th.

As for hitters, The Sim correctly projected a big night for J.D. Drew, Jason Bay or Noah Lowrie, and Drew came through in a big way, going 2 for 4, including at 2-run homer that closed the gap to a run and then the game-winning hit in the 9th.  The Sim also correctly projected Pedroia and Youkilis as likely to get on base and score (each scored a run). 

For the Rays, the Sim projected big nights from Gabe Gross, Carlos Pena, and Cliff Floyd.  Gross and Floyd came up empty, but Pena had a big night (2 for 4, HR, 2 RBI, 1 run).  The Sim also projected Iwamura and Upton as likely to spark scoring for the Rays, and they each scored twice while Upton also drove in 4.

On to game 6...

How will the young Tampa Bay squad respond to an implosion of historic proportions after being only 7 outs away from clear sailing to the World Series? 

The Sim thinks they'll boshields_313unce back.  The Rays won 1158 of the 2000 sim runs of game 6, or 57.9%, and they outscored Boston by an average score of 4.9 to 4.1.  This makes the Rays solid favorites, though not necessarily overwhelming ones.  

Keys to the Game:  In most sim runs, the Rays out-hit the Red Sox, as James Shields out-pitches Josh Beckett.  And, this turns out to be the key leverage point - the Red Sox typically win when Beckett bests Shields.  So, a lot appears to be riding on Tampa Bay's young starter. 

On offense, practically no one shows high odds of a big night.  In fact, of all of the playoff game previews we've done over the past few years, no game has shown so low of a likelihood of any particular hitters standing out.   Those small odds favor a big hit from J.D. Drew for the Bosox, and Cliff Floyd or Carlos Pena for the Rays, though even those three don't show big odds of a big night.  This indicates a key leverage point - if a hitter or two on one team could break through with a big night, that team has a big edge, particularly with the long ball. 

Intangibles:  The psyche of the Rays and the defense of the Red Sox!  The Sim again sees a higher-than-normal probability of unearned runs playing a big factor in Tampa Bay's favor.  It didn't happen in game 5, but The Sim again sees it as a risk point for Boston.  The Sim cannot simulate mental state, however... how will the Rays react, particularly their bullpen pitchers?  If the Rays' collapse had happened in game 6, it might be curtains - just ask the '86 Red Sox or the '02 Giants about the ability to bounce back after blowing late leads in a game 6.  But having an off day, returning to their home field, and knowing that they've still got game 7 if they don't win tonight surely might help ease the pressure on the Rays.  But watch that first inning or two by the relievers - if rocky, that might spell trouble. 

That said, we think this is the Rays' night, and they'll finish in 6, just as we predicted as the most likely outcome in our series predictions for ESPN.

- Dayne


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God help me, I put aside a whole afternoon to fgirue this out.

Posted by on 10/04 at 09:10 PM

Red Sox are my favorite. I hope they win every single game played. Baseball rules!

Posted by on 10/06 at 02:46 AM

Janine what is it that you tried to figure out? LOVE BASEBALL! GO RAYS!

Posted by on 10/06 at 02:48 AM

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Some sunglasses Agency Talk - The Ones Who cares for practically nothing is declared as the champ? kate spade new york Whatever the pros are never thinking regarding sunglasses and ways it has impact on you. スペイド The essentials of the sunglasses that one can profit by commencing today. katespade Innovative new shoes Book Will show Solution To Rule The sunglasses Marketplace スニーカー Howcome people are extremely wrong when it comes to sunglasses and as a result reasons why you have to check this out ebook.  Brief write-up clearly shows the unquestionable info regarding shoes and the way it could impact on owners. シューズ Everything you hadn’t heard of shoes might possibly be costing much more than you think. シューズ Brief post will show you all the ins and outs of sunglasses as well as the thing that you must do right now.  Read who’s speaking of sunglasses and the particular reason why you ought to get worried. oakley The Astounding “ inside info “ Of Methods One Could Rule shoes Without An Past experiences!  oakley Yo- Assembled we could try to make sunglasses more complete

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Exactly what everybody else actually does in regard to omega and consequently those actions you will want to complete different. 価格 デジカメ Upcoming omega E book Shows you Techniques To Rule The camera Market デジタル一眼 Brand new write-up explains the information for camera and the reason why you need to take action now. Omega Precisely why every thing you learned about omega is in fact entirely wrong and what you should understand. Omega Extra short review aids you with all the workings of omega in addition to those things that you ought to do immediately. Omega camera Counterfeits—A Really Wonderful omega trick That Fools 87.5% of the buyers オメガ レディース What professionals will never be saying about omega and the way that this is affecting you actually. Omega The reasons why all of them are extremely wrong on camera and also reasons why you ought to check this out ebook. Omega Machines and production throughout Buenos aires : camera has left without see you later

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Brief review illustrates the unquestionable information about omega and the way that it could threaten users.  キャノン 一眼レフ Concepts of omega that one could really benefit from starting off today. デジカメ Their omega Marketing Meet—Which means, who cares about nothing profit?? デジカメ Interesting questions about omega replied and in addition why you really need to take a look at each and every message on this story. ニコン 一眼レフ Specifically why no company is referfing to camera and as a result things one should take care of today. デジカメ The Actual Methods Of Develop omega And Also The Way One Could Link up with The omega Elite

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Helpful tips for shoes which can be used beginning straight away. スニーカー The Amazing Hidden secret Of How One Could Become an expert in tory burch Without Any Past experience! スリッパ Short piece of writing tells the unignorable info regarding tory burch and ways it could actually may affect anybody. トリーバーチ バッグ Devices and fabrication throughout Mexico - tory burch has left without good-bye 靴 通販 Brief document reveals the incontestable info regarding tory burch and exactly how it can upset your business. サンダル Hard to find report provides you with the run information around tory burch that only a few people are conscious of. トリーバーチ バッグ Robust advice for shoes that you can use beginning this afternoon.

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Might be possible You Also Make Most of these Blunders With the watch ! デジカメ 人気 The Spectacular Contemporary watch methods Uncovered By My Friend 価格 デジカメ Listing of beneficial practices to discover more regarding omega before you’re abandoned. コンパクトデジカメ The particular reason why anything and everything you might have learned about omega is truly entirely wrong and what you want to be aware of.メンズ サングラス The Ten MostWild omega Cheats… And The Ways To Utilize them! サングラス The Spectacular omega Trick Which Is Able To Fool Almost all 時計 The thing that Folks Need To Know Around The watch Industry オメガ Possibly The Most Comprehensive watch Tutorial You Ever Seen Otherwise Your Cash Back Simple article explains all the intricacies for omega as well as the things you must do straight away. ロレックス A perfect strategy for watch that you’ll understand about straight away. グッチ Brand new questions on omega resolved and as a result the reasons why you would need to look at every single concept on this guide. adidas Brief blog post uncovers the incontestable info about omega and the way it could actually effect your site. adidas スニーカー Specifically what the competition does when contemplating omega and something that youshould do different.

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Something other people does relating to omega and consequently the thing youwant to do different. 価格 デジカメ Upcoming omega Ebook Exposes Guidelines On How To Dominate The camera Marketplace コンパクトデジカメ Interesting publishing discloses the low down upon omega and also reasons why have to take action right away. オメガ The key reasons why just about everything you might have learned about camera is false and what you should understand. オメガ時計 Extra short article content will show you most of the intricacies on omega in addition to what you ought to do right away. Omega camera Counterfeits - - Wonderful omega cheat Which in turn Fools 99% of the shoppers オメガ レディース Whatever the analysts generally are not explaining on the subject off omega in a manner that this is affecting you actually. オメガ レディース That explains why all are absolute wrong in relation to omega and consequently why you ought to read this ground-breaking report. オメガ レディース Solutions and formation in Las Vegas—omega leaves without any see you later

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Concise piece of content unwraps the unignorable details about omega and the way that it could actually influence on your business.  デジカメ Basic principles behind omega for you to take pleasure from starting up today. 富士フイルム カメラ The most important omega Company Presentation - Who likes almost nothing benefits?? ペンタックス All new questions about omega clarified and as a consequence reasons why you should really view each phrase in this story. ニコン デジカメ Precisely why absolutely no one is talking over camera and as an outcome the things you ought to begin doing as we speak. デジカメ おすすめ Actual Methods Of Gain knowledge camera And Ways In Which One Might Connect with The camera Elite

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Generally shoes Smaller business Speak - Those Who cares is announced the victorious one?! katespade What the leaders aren’t going to be thinking over shoes and in what way it is affecting you actually. スペイド Methods behind shoes that you’re able to benefit of commencing today. katespade Great new sunglasses E book Presents The Best Ways To Dominate The shoes Scene 靴 通販 Howcome everyone seems to be absolute wrong about sunglasses and consequently the reason why you should check this out study.  スニーカー Concise blog post tells the incontestable information about shoes and in what way it could have an effect on anyone. 靴 メンズ The things you havent heard about sunglasses may well be costing more than you might think. シューズ Concise summary will show you some of the details for sunglasses and also precisely what one want to do this afternoon.  Dig up who’s expounding on shoes and also the key reason why you should be afraid. oakley Incredible Clandestine Of How One Might Become an expert at shoes Without Past experiences!  サングラス Yo- As one we could make shoes more effective!

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Exactly what all the others actually does on the subject of omega and furthermore those actions youshould do totally different. デジカメ 人気 New omega E book Demonstrates Approach To Dominate The camera Marketplace 防水 デジカメ Advanced website disclose the critical info over camera and also the reasons why you have to take action soon. オメガ レディース The reason anything and everything that you’ve heard of omega is actually wrong and what you ought to realize. Omega Compact article teaches you all the intricacies of camera combined with all that you want to accomplish straight away. オメガ レディース camera Counterfeits ; A Fantastic omega cheat Which in turn Fools 89% of the buyers オメガ時計 What the pro’s aren’t mentioning concerning camera and how it has impact on you actually. Omega This is why so many people are absolute wrong on the subject off omega and reasons why you need to see this ebook. Omega Gadgets and fabrication throughout Irvine : camera simply leaves without any see you later

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Summary document tells the proven info regarding camera and precisely how it may upset owners.  デジカメ The basic fundamentals behind camera that one could reap the benefits of starting today. 富士フイルム カメラ I would say the camera Enterprise Meaning - Those Who cares about trouble benefits?!? リコー デジカメ Brand new queries about camera addressed and as a consequence the reasons why you should definitely analyze each and every term of this e book. ニコン デジカメ The key reason why nobody is mentioning camera and as a consequence the thing one should engage in right now. デジタルカメラ The Actual Ways To Become skilled at omega And How One Might Become a part of The omega Elite

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Posted by on 07/02 at 10:32 PM防犯カメラ監視カメラ用 固定焦点レンズ-h35-16gii-p-2282.html【防犯カメラ】低価格 マイク内蔵Box型カラー防犯カメラ-mtcnbc3m-p-2085.html【防犯カメラ監視カメラ】【Ctc117】-27万画素 壁面取付カラードームカメラ(f36mm-p-2468.htmlカメラ(ハイビジョン防犯)カメラ-c-21.html【ダミー防犯カメラ監視カメラ】【Ctf024】-防雨天吊プロ仕様ledダミーカメラ(ステッカー付アイボリーショートタイプ)-p-2459.html防犯カメラ監視カメラ用cctvレンズ バリフォーカルレンズ- tav308ai  スペース-p-2260.html【防犯カメラ監視カメラ】【Ctc015r】ドーム型27万画素防犯カメラ(f36mm)-p-2474.html【Ctw150e】-52万画素 ワンケーブル sony-effioeカメラレンズセット(f5~55mm)-p-2440.html【ダミー防犯カメラ監視カメラ】-【送料無料】 -led付き屋外用ダミーカメラ dc03-p-2179.html【防犯カメラ防犯セット監視カメラ】-52万画素-ドーム型屋内防犯カメラ3台大容量防犯DVRセット -dvrhdc08dm-20mケーブル付き-【録画機】【ドーム型】-p-2044.html【防犯カメラ防犯セット監視カメラ】 ワイヤレス防犯カメラ(2台)&防犯レコーダーセット-dvrhdc05wb2 -【録画機】【無線】【防水】-p-2022.html画面分割器-mtqc14-p-2197.html【防犯カメラ防犯セット監視カメラ】 ワイヤレス防犯カメラ&防犯レコーダーセット-dvrhdc04wb -【録画機】【無線】【防水】-p-2020.html【防犯カメラ監視カメラ】【夜間対応】【ケーブル付き】 赤外線搭載防滴27万画素カラー防犯カメラ mtcn63ir-p-2055.html防犯カメラ-録画機器-SDカード録画タイプ-c-6_28.html【防犯カメラ防犯セット監視カメラ】-52万画素-ドーム型屋内防犯カメラ4台大容量防犯DVRセット -dvrhdc08dm- -20mケーブル付き-【録画機】【ドーム型】-p-2045.html防犯カメラ-録画機器-c-6.html【Ct320】-映像音声電源配線ケーブル(Rca20m)-p-2492.html【Ctc158】オーバル防犯ミラーカメラ(41万画素flwdrデイナイト広角-f29mm)-p-2420.html【防犯カメラ監視カメラ】【Ctc195】-41万画素 驚きの広角110°撮影 ミニドームカメラ(f25mm)-p-2476.html万画素Ccd搭載 -防水型高画質-day&Nightカメラ- mtwht90ir-p-2079.html無線防犯カメラ用-高利得強化アンテナ ant01-p-2118.html‐2 モーションディテクトビデオレコーダー-p-2225.htmlインチ型液晶モニター付- sdカード録画 ドアスコープカメラ-p-2166.htmlワイヤレス防犯カメラ  増設用ワイヤレス防水防犯カメラ-at2731tx-p-2115.html【防犯カメラ監視カメラ】【Ctc175m】-41万画素 wdr搭載 赤外線暗視ミニカメラ(f36mm)-p-2477.html【防犯カメラ】【低照度】【超広角レンズ】 超広角レンズ搭載防水41万画素カラーカメラ mtw210b-p-2056.html 音声マイク内蔵小型Ccdカメラ-p-2097.html防犯カメラ監視カメラ用 固定焦点レンズ- tv308m2-p-2257.html【Ctp010】-ワンケーブルカメラ1台用 コントロールユニット-p-2469.html大容量防犯DVRセット-dvrHDC01b-カメラ2台)-【防犯カメラ】【録画機】-p-2030.html屋外用防犯カメラ at3100-【防犯カメラ】【夜間対応】【ケーブル付き】-p-2068.htmlロッド式水中カメラ twater22006gls-p-2149.html【Ct50n】-映像電源配線ケーブル(Bnc50m)-p-2490.html

Posted by on 07/02 at 10:37 PMコーチチェルシーブークレーエマーソンサッチェル2wayショルダーハンドバッグ-jp-2919.htmlコーチアシュレイパテントレザー2wayショルダーハンドバッグ-jp-2871.htmlコーチアシュレイサッチェル2wayショルダーハンドバッグ-jp-2861.htmlコーチ-42458-rkhbz-パーカーオプアート-スリム-エンベロープ-2つ折財布-ロ-jp-2390.htmlコーチ-41577-bkhtn-ハンプトンズシグネチャー-スリムエンベロープ-長財布-ブ-jp-2439.htmlコーチ-coach-f45622-svcn-コーチ-ソーホ-レザー-バックル-スリム-エンベローブ--jp-2361.htmlコーチレザーショルダーバッグ-jp-3180.htmlコーチキャムデンレザースリングボディバッグ-jp-2706.htmlコーチナイロンレザー2wayブリーフビジネスバッグ-jp-2773.htmlマザーズバッグ-japan-104.htmlコーチ-f42628-sKHma-シグネチャー-ジップアラウンド長財布 シルバーカーキマ-jp-2128.htmlコーチシグネチャー2wayキャンバスレザーブリーフビジネスバッグ-jp-2769.htmlコーチグラデーションシグネチャー2wayショルダーハンドバッグ-jp-2804.htmlコーチキャンバスレザーショルダーバッグ-jp-3196.htmlコーチシグネチャーレザーブリーフビジネスバッグ-jp-2740.htmlコーチナイロンレザーショルダーバッグ-jp-3157.htmlコーチ-財布-coach-45837-svco-チェルシー-エンボスド-パテント-アコーディオン-ジ-jp-2408.htmlコーチレガシーストライプトートバッグ-jp-3064.htmlショルダーバッグ-japan-112.html?page=2&sort=20aコーチヘリテージシグネチャーレザーハンドバッグ-jp-2813.htmlコーチシグネチャーレザーショルダーバッグ-jp-3160.htmlその他-japan-111.htmlコーチシグネチャーキャンバスレザートートバッグ-jp-3005.htmlコーチ2wayレザーブリーフビジネスバッグ-jp-2762.htmlコーチ-42057-sbkbk-コーチ-ソーホーシグネチャー-フレンチパース-2つ折り財-jp-2344.htmlコーチ-coach-f46223-svgar-エンボスド-シグネチャー-パテント-ジップアラウンド--jp-2110.htmlコーチ-財布-coach-45837-svbf-チェルシー-エンボスド-パテント-アコーディオン-ジ-jp-2410.htmlコーチ-財布-アウトレット-coach-f48970-b4mc-ペイトンシグネチャークローバー-ラウ-jp-2249.htmlコーチ-coach-45273-b4u3-ウェイバリー-フローラル-コンパクトクラッチ-2つ折財布--jp-2547.html

Posted by on 07/03 at 03:42 AMデジタルカメラ-c-1.html【送料無料】ニコンafs-nikkor-ed-300mm-f4d(If)ライトグレー-afsed3004d-p-2535.htmlニコンレンズフード hb61-hb61-p-2466.html【ポイント2倍】ニコン-デジタル一眼カメラ「Nikon 1 S1」ボディ-NIKON1S1(WH)<ホワイト>【送料無料】-p-2125.htmlニコンLiionリチャージブルバッテリー enel11-enel11-p-2411.html【送料無料】ニコンafs-nikkor-1424mm-f28g-ed-afs1424mmf28ged-p-2525.htmlニコンストラップ45(イエロー) 2338-2338-p-2194.html【ポイント2倍】ニコン-デジタルカメラ「Performance」-COOLPIX P330(BK)<ブラック>【送料無料】-p-2025.htmlニコンねじ込み式レンズフード hn30-hn30-p-2454.html【ポイント2倍】ニコン-デジタル一眼カメラ「Nikon 1 J3」小型10倍ズームキット-NIKON1J310ZK(BK)<ブラック>【送料無料】-p-2100.html【送料無料】ニコンafs-tc20e-iii-afstc20e3-p-2576.htmlニコンAcアダプタ eh69p-eh69p-p-2400.htmlニコンハンドストラップ(ブラック) hsbk-hsbk-p-2149.html【ポイント2倍】ニコン-デジタル一眼レフカメラ「D600」ボディ-D600【送料無料】-p-2084.html【ポイント2倍】ニコン-デジタルカメラ「Style」-COOLPIX S01(BK)<ブラック>【送料無料】-p-2073.htmlニコンドックインサート pv14-pv14-p-2427.htmlニコンLiionリチャージャブルバッテリー enel8-enel8-p-2386.html【送料無料】ニコンフォトキャリオールプロ xl-p-2256.html【ポイント2倍】ニコン-デジタル一眼カメラ「Nikon 1 V2」ダブルレンズキット-NIKON1V2WLK(WH)<ホワイト>【送料無料】-p-2096.html【送料無料】ニコンafs-24mm-f14g-ed-afs24mmf14ged-p-2526.html【ポイント2倍】ニコン-デジタル一眼カメラ「Nikon 1 J2」ダブルズームキット-NIKON1J2WZ(OR)<オレンジ>【送料無料】-p-2136.htmlニコンEnel15ホルダー msd12en-msd12en-p-2419.html【送料無料】ニコンgpsユニット-gpn100-p-2214.html【送料無料】ニコンcamera-control-pro-2-cameracontrolpro2-p-2213.html【送料無料】ニコンai-af-micronikkor-60mm-f28d-afmc6028d-p-2573.html【送料無料】ニコンai-af-micronikkor-200mm-f4d-ifed-afmc2004d-p-2533.html【送料無料】ニコンオート接写リング-pk13-pk13-p-2509.html【発売日未定】ニコン10ピンターミナル用ケーブル mc37-p-2225.htmlニコンバヨネットレンズフード-hb46-hb46-p-2465.html【送料無料】ニコンafs-nikkor-2470mm-f28g-ed-afs2470mmf28ged-p-2527.htmlニコンパワーコネクター-ep5b-ep5b-p-2416.htmlニコンボディケース(ブラウン)-cbn2000-p-2308.html【送料無料】ニコンafs-nikkor-300mm-f28g-ed-vr-ii-afs300mmf28gedvr2-p-2519.html

Posted by on 07/03 at 05:12 AMニコン-enel10-p-2404.htmlニコン-andc1-bk-p-2231.htmlニコン-d5200-ボディ-ブラック-【2000グレードアップ】【全国送料無料】-p-2141.htmlニコン-afs-teleconverter-tc20e-iii-p-2315.html【納期12週間】Nikonニコン-d5200-ボディ-ブラック-【全国送料無料】-p-2153.htmlニコン-afs-dx-nikkor-18200mmf3556g-ed-vr-ii-【全国送料無料】-p-2325.htmlニコン-andc5-p-2225.htmlニコン-eh66-p-2403.htmlニコン-afs-nikkor-24mmf14g-ed-【全国送料無料】-p-2517.htmlニコン-nikon-1-s1-ボディ-ホワイト-【全国送料無料】-p-2176.htmlニコン-wrr10-p-2283.htmlニコン-mh28-p-2429.htmlニコン-coolpix-p520-(クールピクスP520)-レッド-【全国送料無料】-p-2025.htmlニコン-andc3-p-2232.htmlニコン-afs-nikkor-85mm-f18g-【全国送料無料】-p-2535.htmlニコン-csnh46-p-2192.htmlニコン-coolpix-aw110-(クールピクスAw110)-サンシャインオレンジ-【全国送料無料】-p-2035.htmlカメラ用品-c-9.htmlニコン-バヨネットフード-hb64-p-2493.htmlニコン-ストラップ-ann2000-p-2223.htmlニコン-coolpix-p520-(クールピクスP520)-ブラック-【全国送料無料】-p-2024.htmlニコン-afs-nikkor-24120mmf4g-ed-vr-【全国送料無料】-p-2256.htmlニコン-10ピンターミナル用ケーブル-mc37-p-2285.htmlニコン-nikon-1-v2-ダブルレンズキット-【2000グレードアップ】【全国送料無料】-p-2136.htmlニコン-d3200-ボディ-レッド-【全国送料無料】-p-2174.htmlニコン-af-dx-fisheye-nikkor-ed105mmf28g-【全国送料無料】-p-2326.htmlニコン-enel5-p-2417.htmlニコン-1-nikkor-vr-1030mm-f3556-【全国送料無料】-p-2570.htmlニコン-ure22-p-2241.htmlデジタル一眼レフカメラ-c-2.htmlニコン-mh26aアダプターキット-mh26aak-p-2385.htmlニコン-d7000-18105-vr-レンズキット-【1800グレードアップ】【全国送料無料】-p-2122.htmlニコン-クリアレザーストラップ 7128712971307131-p-2358.htmlニコン-afs-nikkor-70200mm-f28g-ed-vr-ii-【全国送料無料】-p-2249.html

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