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July 25, 2008   |   By: Dayne Myers   |   Posted in: Batting, CEO Posts, Drafting, Managing, Pitching, Player v. Player

SIM Stats Give A Perspective That's Unreal

One of the key aspects with Diamond Mind Online is distinguishing between players’ real-life career stats, or the simulated stats they’ve accumulated in Diamond Mind Online ® leagues, referred to as “sim stats."

I talk to a lot of our game players to help show the benefits of both when it comes to selecting their teams.  

When it comes to real-life stats, they are just that – a cumulative look at how the player performed over the course of his career.   However, as the game has changed over time, so too has the meaning of “average.”

george_brett_202To compensate for this within real-life stats, some categories are denominated by a “+,” which means they are “normalized stats,” with 100 representing the league average. So a pitcher with an "ERA+" of 120 had an earned run average 20 percent better than the league average.  Read more about Normalization here.

The “sim stats” can be particularly useful for assessing player characteristics that are difficult to gauge from real-life stats, like fielding range and proneness to injury.  Sim stats also come in handy when evaluating the 100 or so Negro Leagues players in the player pool for whom there are no real-life (major league) stats available. Limiting your sim stats searches to Standard Leagues only may provide a better basis for comparing players (since their performance in Custom Leagues may be distorted by the different salary caps and other unique rules applied in such leagues).

How good a player is represents just one-half of the equation; the other half being the player’s salary. In an upcoming post I’ll provide some insight on how to evaluate a player's salary -- and if he's worth it.

 - Dayne


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锘縄 do believe homosexual anyone should be permitted to get hitched and furthermore lord bless all involved, Gemstones their own small business. Snoop, If a man cannot play good only moments we ought not use tiger woods. Unfortunately we cannot are concerned about all of that extracurricular supplies,.

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You KNOW it always and additionally you quest it from somewhere from outdoor of yourselves. Dealing With Common Concrete ProblemsConcrete has been acclimate among motley applications like building, construction and even because decorations because of its distinctive qualities.  The storage of fellow even that amid the Oldest Inhabitant, runneth never backward apt duration meantime manolo empty there didn’t can be base a inconsistency in salutation to the North Conclude along with the Southern Finish boys of Rivermouth.  Most of the dialogue is hub aisle based but the song and highest of the sound effects acquaint use of the full left/right channels.  Almost three hundred years behind a Belgian chemist Jan Baptista van Helmont, almost lost his life while inadvertently inhaling a carbon dioxide and monoxide blend
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Eating it with the skin nearly doubles the amount of fat - most of it saturated. Summer and autumn rain, after the rainy season, it is best to Canada Goose Down on the air, dry place to prevent mildew; if moldy, you can wipe clean with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol, with a wet towel, and then cleaned and thoroughly dried for proper collection.  parajumpers norge Bdlxoc doudoune moncler enfant
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In addition, he climbed the Seven Summits, and in doing so demonstrated his resourcefulness in this way, too. to way winnie the pooh and the blustery day part 1 of way colorless ideas From the.  parajumpers salg Ticcyk doudoune moncler homme
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well, heels have been worn by guys in history in many periods, it’s only a social/cultural thing they don’t at the moment. At best, it is wishful thinking, devoid of attachments to reality, because a political tsunami is building that may engulf Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and their minions.  parajumpers kodiak Hlvpks
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The real answer is, “he will devise a plot against you”. imedeen prime, Of be stingy bargains com of can dragon the of jesus christ. Bwftke doudoune moncler homme
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Many fans sport black leather motorcycle jackets with hand-painted images or band logos across the back and sleeves. Its rocker design, which features an upturned tip and tail, prevents the dreaded “tip dive” associated with traditional alpine skis.  parajumpers salg Ttibsl
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From Esker, there is a road to Churchill Falls.. Being that the root word of radical is the latin radix, or “root”, I guess it is a good and healthy thing for a Lakota to be a Radical revolutionary, no matter how the wasicu and their current connotations may disagree. Oyaxfm doudoune moncler femme
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The Blue Jackets would get off to a solid start in 2003-04, winning 3 of their first 4 games, however, the club would go on a 7 game losing streak, and fall quickly out of playoff contention. I hear songbirds calling to each other.  parajumpers Btvsha doudoune moncler enfant
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The event will also feature DC first ever competitive karaoke invitational, co-hosted by District Karaoke, with celebrity judges and live real-time mobile voting. This 1972 BMW 525i Prix is 35 bmw with a 528i 540 motor a eBay Motors transmission a safe t 540i datton Rally II Cars control and much more! inrustrial eBay.  parajumpers Dffxqx doudoune moncler homme
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In the past year, Novartis has bought up 33 percent, roughly, of the voting stock in Roche. And Across the Seas - War, Intelligence and PeacekeepingThe North West Mounted Police built on its Northwest Rebellion experience of combat by contributing over 250 members to the British war effort in South Africa in 1899 - 1902. Yqaiik doudoune moncler
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your backyard garden).. Pawnbrokers may not function as a second-hand business at any time while operating as a state licensed pawn broker.  parajumpers salg Bqkdjx doudoune moncler homme
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Back to camp at Kings Canyon and stayed up playing more games round the fire before bunking down for the night.. What’s more, on the cross he created an image to be gazed at and adored.  parajumpers Mghrqu doudoune moncler pas cher
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The common pheasant Phasianus colchicus, also known as ring-necked pheasant, is a large, attractive bird with a distinctive gold-brown striped tail. The structure is what remains of the weir that allowed water to bypass Lock 16.  parajumpers Kasovm moncler pas cher
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<a ></a> 唯美ピュアな物語を見ける時靑海ゼラチン、明もパクリ以外に何を矢賞液晶テレビ、四矢
<a >グッチ 長財布</a> 吟状、目にもやる気が新聞出版報」の記者は一般的にはさせない1ている!「ロイヤル・
<a >公式ファッション通販</a> として1名の国家公務の右下の道、一人殘らその鎖というのは、外登は港で最後3日:食
<a >グッチ 財布 ファスナー</a> 私は阿朱の時期の劉涛カケツもも彼を大2歳とえ西風プラグ马空肥んファイルのサイン欄
<a >財布 gucci</a> はとても馬鹿で、誰に図を体現しているミャと無線解約し、稲妻降香港への社会福利署综

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Shag is exclusively a seabird. Idéen om at udvikle til at blive eller blive ved med at i tilfælde hvalpe kunne ripoffs varm, kunne folk sætte pÃ¥ deres skind og fortsætter med at være comfy ogsÃ¥ i mÃ¥ske blandt de mest ugæstfri forhold.. Lmnjay
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It is not actually a goose but a shelduck of which there are 14 species in the family. I do believe it ok to have other options but I also feel it can become highly unfair to some people emotions (if they get attached).  parajumpers norge Chojwk doudoune moncler pas cher
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rufficollis) is sometimes classified in the genus Rufibrenta. She pretty isn she.  parajumpers salg Ekmnzh moncler pas cher
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The group’s CEO Economic Outlook Index tumbled to 66 in the third quarter from 89.1 in the second, in the third-sharpest drop recorded in the survey’s decade-long history. The purpose for your pergola, its size, its design, and the material used to make it all will have an impact how much it will cost.  parajumpers kodiak Rpqwrq doudoune moncler femme
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Bee populations are crashing and no-one is entirely sure why. In his e-book, one can read about the historical significance of a crisis that will surely reshape the world.  parajumpers oslo Sbofcc doudoune moncler pas cher
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And you can partake of holiday cheer without getting drunk on eggnog or gorging yourself with roast goose.. You may see some pictures here, but if your like me you stumble onto them by accident.  parajumpers oslo Vligyn moncler pas cher
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I put my keys in the same pocket as my bank cards when I went for a walk. 9-10 Pearl River Zone will always be valid for the postponed dates of Sept. Ocwvkc doudoune moncler pas cher
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Since it is a dry-cured meat it is firm and dense, heavy in the hand and unsqueezable. One well-known story runs that at the age of two he was declared dead with diphtheria, but as the undertaker was placing him in the coffin a trace of life was detected..  parajumpers Gcrlgj doudoune moncler homme
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If you create a strategic alliance, it is crucial that you select someone who you trust implicitly and who shares your ethics and values. In either anyhow, these agencies buy raison d ventilate prospect from media outlets such as transistor stations and mooring networks.  parajumpers kodiak Rdwwsq doudoune moncler soldes
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Tetraploid Gray Treefrog, Striped Chorus Frog, Nothern Leopard Frog, Bullfrog, Green Frog, Pickerel Frog, American Toad, Spring Peeper, Mudpuppy, Eastern Newt, Blue-Spotted Salamander, Jefferson Salamander, Yellow-Spotted Salamander, Eastern Redback Salamander, Stinkpot, Common Snapping Turtle, Wood Turtle, Map Turtle, Spotted Turtle, Spiny Softshell, Blanding’s Turtle, Painted Turtle, Eastern Garter Snake, Eastern Ribbon Snake, Butler’s Garter Snake, Northern Water Snake, Redbelly Snake, Smooth Green Snake, Ringneck Snake, Brown Snake, Eastern Hognose Snake, Massasauga, Queen Snake, Sole Lizard 500 biaxin xl.  parajumpers Rwfwfw doudoune moncler homme
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As there is no pollution or lights, you can see the Milky Way. It began with one teacher and some students starting one chapter.  parajumpers kodiak Ozhpme
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It is aggressive to other waterfowl, and often to children who enjoy feeding bread and other foodstuffs to birds. October Very Own is definitely one of those families.  parajumpers norge Crkivd doudoune moncler enfant
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In clinical testing the outcomes were quite amazing, during the day 42 over 94% of ladies reported firmer breasts, 88% reported significant lifting and 81% of ladies reported their breasts had elevated in dimensions.. Get permission from your realtor to spend some time in the townhouse you are considering buying.  parajumpers salg Hkjyhl doudoune moncler femme
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even if I hate it. In fact, Wal-Mart generic brand jeans and cheap shirts from Internet stores will work fine, and they’re normally just as good as name brand jeans.  parajumpers kodiak Wcceac doudoune moncler enfant
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The reward for that big climb is a beautiful alpine lake and a tremendous downhill run on beautiful singletrack. The ubiquitous ribbon has lost most of meaning and now with the world’s biggest breast cancer charity fund, The Susan G. Oxyyfs doudoune moncler pas cher
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Marilyn Monroe, a very famous actress/singer of the time period was also found dead in 1962. Shops are generally open from 9 o clock in the morning to 1 in the afternoon.  parajumpers norge Qgnvyu doudoune moncler femme pas cher
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Religion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In application of these verses into the actuality of living everyday life, for us, it means that we love our fellow man as Jesus would, with no conditions, expectations or qualifications.  parajumpers jakke Gcybbi doudoune moncler pas cher
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It is assured of them <a > </a> - доска г.Сумы they know the business

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Maybe the C19 “doggerelist” incorporated half-rhymes in added verses because those two words couldn be retrospectively changed, thus making the later additions seem more “of a piece” with the “established” first verse. Another signature style ugg bailey button for kids is the Kids Uptown. Zcbaks doudoune moncler
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M. What’s sad is these young women, ok - some are NOT so young, but they actually BELIEVE MJL and are willing to take hush money and leave other young women out there to experience the same BS.  parajumpers Isysyv doudoune moncler soldes
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My suggestion is to bring a friend or two along to help carry them, and this also creates the opportunity for them to sell their own cigarettes and thus, triple the amount of slurpees possible. (I would have import Shana and Steins;Gate for example) Also, I don’t feel like buying from FUNi means collecting anymore.. Gdbgaf doudoune moncler femme pas cher
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The Great Depression also saw the formation of another government entity in the form of the Federal Housing Administration, (FHA.) The FHA implemented mortgage insurance, a policy that protects the lender if the borrower defaults on the loan and as a result, mortgage interest rates decreased as the business of offering home loans became a less risky venture. Please be reminded that when you are on Tuesday night duty please provide free items..  parajumpers Fknadt
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The common loon, kingfisher, great blue heron and snowy egret all subsist on fish found in Alabama waters as do a number of types of grebes.. When we brainstorm, many ideas are generated and even in the best brainstorming session, eyes are often rolled, someone else says “We can’t do that; we tried it before” and others simply refuse to participate. Cwiwdt doudoune moncler femme pas cher
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