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September 02, 2008   |   By: Dayne Myers   |   Posted in: Batting, CEO Posts, Diamond Mind, Managing, Player v. Player, SIM Analysis, SIM Stats

You Make the Call: Rank the Top LF of All-Time

rickeyhenderson939stolenbases1991photographc10103677_425.If you looking for some lively discussions related to baseball past, present and future, look no further than the Imagine Sports' Message Boards.  The running discussion threads offer some great insights, hints and practical comments from Diamond Mind managers and coaches (our customers).

One post I recently came across was a casual poll of the top left fielders of all time.  Many joined the thread, which can be found here.

If you are looking for a new left fielder on your roster, take a look at the list below, which includes the simulation stats for these players (except for a simulation projection for the only active player on the list, Manny Ramirez).  And because the top 10 is arbitrary, I've listed them in alphabetical order.

Here's where you come in:  How would rank this all-star lineup of left fielders? 

Top 10 Left Fielders of All-Time
Barry Bonds .300 .442 .611 12.9 $24.7M
Lou Brock .293 .385 .425 52.2 $14.5M
Ed Delahanty .346 .411 .505 74.3 $17.5M
Rickey Henderson .279 .401 .419 36.9 $18.8M
Joe Jackson .356 .423 .517 92.2 $17.1M
Stan Musial .331 .417 .559 23.1 $19.6M
Tim Raines .294 .385 .425 52.2 $14.5M
Manny Ramirez* .306 -- -- 30 $10.3M
Billy Williams .290 .361 .492 21.9 $11.6M
Ted Williams .344 .482 .634 14.8 $23.4M
Carl Yastrzemski .285 .379 .462 26.5 $14.9M
















* - 2008 Projected sim stats


- Dayne


*For security, enter the word you see below

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