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October 09, 2008   |   By: Dayne Myers   |   Posted in: CEO Posts, Company News, Diamond Mind, Industry News, MLB Playoffs, SIM Analysis, SIM Stats, Tips

Mr. Sim Says Dodgers, Phillies Pens Will Likely Decide NLCS Game 1

Our Diamond Mind simulation is feeling its oats after correctly nailing the dynamics of just about every game of the first round of the playoffs.  When I pointed out that the Red Sox did not fall to the Angels (or is that "fallen Angels"...?), it pointed ologo_la_79x76_79ut that it did say that the odds would swing to Boston if it could win game one, and that depended on Jon Lester.  Sure enough, Lester pitlogo_phi_79x76_79ched a gem and led the Sox to a victory, then he pitched great in game 2, setting the table for the dramatic 9th inning win. The Sim then asked how my stock picks were doing.


Ok, on to the NLCS... The Sim correctly called the upset - the Dodgers did beat the Cubs, though it wasn't as close as The Sim thought it might be.  It also correctly projected Manny to have a big series and that the LA pitching staff would stifle the Cubbie bats.  The Sim also predicted that the Phillies would beat the Brewers, most likely in 4 games, and that also came to pass.  The Sim even predicted C.C. Sabathia's tough time in game 2.espn_logo_887

So now what?  In our forecast of the NLCS, The Sim likes the Dodgers again, as described in our piece for, giving LA a surprising 61.6% chance of taking the series, most likely in 6 and maybe in 5.  Game one, however, is critical if the Phillies are to have a shot, so they need Cole Hamels (pictured, below, right) to come up big.  hamels1_300

The Sim says he likely will do well, bdereklowe_512ut it doesn't see a stellar outing like he had in game one of the LDS.  The Sim sees game one as fairly evenly matched - we ran the Diamond Mind sim of game 1 for 2,000 times, and L.A. won 1017 while the Phils won 983... projecting to LA having only a 50.9% chance of winning game one.  The run differential was bigger than that spread might indicate, however, as the Dodgers averaged 4.4 runs to the Phillies' 4.0.  The difference?  The bullpens. 

Keys to the Game:  While Hamels and Derek Lowe (pictured, No. 23) project to a fairly even duel over 6 innings or so, the LA pen projects to hold the Phillies, while the Philadelphia bullpen struggles.  According to The Sim, the key difference maker is the Phillie bullpen - if it does well, the Phightin's are the favorite.  If not, things don't look good in this game or in the series as a whole.

Most likely hitting stars tonight?  None of the Phillies projected as more likely to have a big night, though Utley and Howard project as most likely.  On the Dodgers side, The Sim is expecting Manny to have a big series along with Rafael Furcal, but tonight is the game where they are most likely to be quiet.  Watch for Nomar - The Sim things he might make a key contribution. 

Intangibles:  Citizens Bank Park, location of tonight's game, favors the long ball.  The Sim likes the LA staff's chances of negating that in this series.  But if Lowe or his bullpen mates gives up a key bomb or two, the Phillies just might take this one.




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Rays Win Series 3-1 



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“But if Lowe or his bullpen mates gives up a key bomb or two, the Phillies just might take this one. “

Nice ... can’t have asked for more than that huh, Dayne? And, as a Phillie Phan, may I say thank you very much.  grin

Posted by on 10/10 at 07:57 AM

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