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October 04, 2008   |   By: Dayne Myers   |   Posted in: CEO Posts, Company News, Diamond Mind, Industry News, MLB Playoffs, SIM Analysis, SIM Stats, Tips

The Sim: Runs LDS Record to 7-1, Very Annoyed With Humans

markteixeira_512 Well, the Diamond Mind sim correctly called the Rays-Chisox game, and a strong outing from Scott Kazmir was the key, as projected.  And the Rays' bullpen made it stand.  One of the keys to the game, according to The Sim, could be wildness by the Rays' bullpen, a potential risk point.  When the Tampa pen gave up no walks, it was lights out for Chicago.  The Sim also projected Jermaine Dye or Paul Konerko as the most likely hitting stars of the game, and Dye certainly proved that out, going 4 for 5.  Alas, it was all for naught. 

The intangible we listed for game 2 was the status of Carlos Pena.  Unfortunately, we never got around to re-running The Sim without him in the line-up, but it ended up being a key factor in the Rays' favor, as Willy Aybar came through in Pena's place, going 2 for 3 with a double and a run scored.  As the saying goes, it takes 25 guys. 

The Sim missed the winner of the Angels-Red Sox game, and it blames Ervin Santana. The Sim's response is: "Hey, I'm not perfect – I was programmed by humans, after all!"  But The Sim did say that Santana was the essential key to an Angels victory.  With him blowing up, their fate was sealed, despite the close finish.  The Sim would like to remind everyone that it did predict that Dice-K would have a solid start, which he did, and correctly called Mark Teixeira and Chone Figgins as the likely offensive stars, and that they were.  Teixeira went 3-for-3 plus a walk and a sac fly, one RBI and 3 runs scored, while Figgins, who had been slumping, went 2-for-5 with a key 2-out RBI single and the big triple that set up him scoring the tying run.  In fact, The Sim is annoyed with me today, because it did project J.D. Drew as the Boston player most likely to have a big night, but I saw the probability numbers as low enough that I didn't include that in the blog post.  My bad.  Does a simulation accept apologies…?

Still not sure about The Sim?  See how it did in Tuesday's and Wednesday’s games.

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- Dayne


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At last some riatonality in our little debate.

Posted by on 09/16 at 09:19 AM

I’ve never been a Jay Leno fan.  Nothing against him or for Letterman or Conan, but I’ve just never found him funny.  NBC will palrbboy stick with his show for a while, because it is cheaper for them to make than dramas. I predict Yankees and Dodgers, with the Yanks winning in 6.  And I had picked the Dodgers before they went up 2-0 on the Cards.How about Holliday pulling a Buckner last night?  He’s got to feel horrible.  I feel sorry for him.

Posted by on 10/11 at 07:02 PM

Reported attendance is<a > nalrey</a> always less than the number of people who show up MLB reports tickets sold, not bodies through the turnstiles.Next time, Nick, more hugging, less mugging for the cameras.  Just like when Mariah calls you into the bedroom get in, get out, no f’in about (yo ho, yo ho, yo ho).

Posted by on 10/12 at 04:06 AM

I went to the yankees-orioles games last week in <a >baltrmoie</a>, and the park didnt open until like 4:30 or 5 and the games started at 7..Some players start warming up early in the morning. Batting practice usually starts 2 hours before the game

Posted by on 10/13 at 12:46 AM