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August 27, 2008   |   By: Dayne Myers   |   Posted in: Batting, CEO Posts, Industry News, Pitching, Player v. Player, SIM Analysis, SIM Stats

10 Finalists Named for HOF Consideration

On Tuesday, 10 former major leaguers were added to a list that will be considered for election to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2009 by the Veterans Committee.  The nominated players had to have a career that began in 1942 or earlier and spanned 10 major league seasons.  joe_gordon_275

A 12-member voting committee comprised of Hall of Famers, historians and media members will vote in December, and if a candidate gets a 75% nod, he's in and will be inducted as part of the 2009 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in July.

The 10 former players whose careers began in 1942 or earlier are: Bill Dahlen, Wes Ferrell, Joe Gordon (pictured), Sherry Magee, Carl Mays, Allie Reynolds, Vern Stephens, Mickey Vernon, Bucky Walters and Deacon White.

The average fan probably isn't terribly familiar with these players, but all of them accomplished great things on the diamond during their careers.  For a recap of these players' feats, checkout Gotham Baseball Magazine's write-up

I've broken the players into two graphs, one for hitters, another for pitchers.   Take a look through the stats - you might find a player or two that can help your Diamond Mind Online roster.

- Dayne

Pre-1943 HOF Nominees - HITTERS AVG OPG SLG HRF RC600 DMO Salary
Bill DAHLEN, SS-3B .243 .318 .387 45.0 74.7 $9.92M
Joe GORDON, 2B .245 .313 .433 22.9 78.1 $10.686M
Sherry MAGEE, LF-1B-CF .277 .343 .441 41.6 90.5 $12.413M
Vern STEPHENS, SS-3B .256 .309 .429 25.1 76.5 $10.274M
Mickey VERNON, 1B .264 .316 .405 45.2 76.0 $5.016M
Deacon WHITE, C-IF-RF .269 .320 .345 102.8 65.5 $6.714M


Pre-1943 HOF Nominees - PITCHERS Wins Losses ERA HR/9 BB/9 DMO Salary
Wes FERRELL, SP 2114 1978 3.98 .866 3.72 $9.119M
Carl MAYS, SP 2119 2019 4.08 .930 3.20 $8.519M
Allie REYNOLDS, SP 648 813 4.60 .974 4.42 $5.386M
Bucky WALTERS, SP 578 653 4.18 .934 4.07 $6.191M


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ST. THOMAS 颅- The University of the Virgin Islands may end up getting soaked with charges after a marine research vessel took on water Thursday afternoon, forcing the researchers to call for help from Sea Tow, a company that claims salvage laws could entitle them to up to half of the boat’s value.
Four research technicians and one graduate student had taken the boat to an area off the southeastern coast of St. Thomas called Sea Horse and were diving Thursday afternoon. When they returned to the surface, part of the vessel was submerged, according to UVI spokeswoman Nanyamka Farrelly.
The researchers called the Coast Guard, who alerted Sea Tow about 10:45 a.m., according to Sea Tow Capt. Alan Wentworth.
Sea Tow’s contract with UVI obligates them to provide towing services, but because the vessel had taken on water and was in “imminent danger of sinking,” the hauling of the vessel first to shallow, calm waters in Jersey Bay, then Reds 19 Votto Navy 2010 All Star Jerseys to Krum Bay, constitutes an act of salvage, according to Wentworth.
“Water was in the cockpit and halfway up the starboard engine,” Wentworth said. “It was sinking.”
Wentworth said Sea Tow turned the boat over to UVI officials once it reached Krum Bay, but Sea Tow has placed a lien on the boat, which is named the “Depth Perception.”
“I provide towing. Salvage is not covered under that contract,” Wentworth said.
“Towing is simply a tow, if your vessel loses power or is stranded, but if a vessel is sinking, then it is considered salvage. By United States and international salvage laws, if I go out there and save the boat, then I am entitled to half the value,” he said.
Sea Tow still is calculating the cost to bring the boat and the divers back, Wentworth said. He declined to say whether the charges would amount to half of the boat’s value. He also did not estimate the boat’s value. The boat is a 28-foot Power Cat, Wentworth said.
The reason why the boat took on water is unknown, Farrelly said. A repair company had examined the boat and found it structurally sound. No major repairs are needed, and the vessel will return to sea later this week, she said.
“They had been diving, and when they returned to the boat, they found that the back end had water in it,” Farrelly said. “We do not know the cause of the water being in the boat. There is some belief that the water may have been taken on as a result of 2009 All Star New York Yankees 42 Mariano Rivera Blue Jerseys waves pouring over from a another large boat passing near by.”
Farrelly did not know the value of the boat or whether UVI intends to legally dispute a salvage claim on the vessel.
- Contact Amanda Norris at 714-9104 or email .

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Currently only available to a limited number of users and Pages, Facebook Hashtags work in a similar fashion to the ones on Twitter and Google+. If a user clicks on a specific hashtag, they will land on a dedicated feed featuring related discussions. This feed is interactive and can be used to post content and engage with other members of the social network through likes and comments.

Note also that:

The search functionality has been upgraded to allow for hashtag queries
Users can compose posts directly from search results
Hashtags originating on services like Instagram are clickable
Visibility of content remains the decision of each user:
For example, if you share a post with a hashtag with Friends, they can see your post in that hashtag鈥檚 feed. If you share NBA All Star T Shirts a public post, like those shared by Pages, anyone who clicks that hashtag can see your post in that Dallas Mavericks T Shirts feed.

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鈥淗ashtags are just the first step to help people more easily discover what others are saying about a specific topic and participate in public conversations,鈥? Greg Lindley in a press release. 鈥淲e’ll continue to roll out more features in the coming weeks and months, including trending hashtags and deeper insights, that help people discover more of the world’s conversations.鈥?

What is a hashtag?

A hashtag is a word or phrase prefixed with the hash symbol (#), which allows people to categorize the content they share on sites like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, or Instagram. For example: #socialmedia

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The Dallas Farmers Market is under new ownership that hopes to dramatically revitalize the neighborhood with recreation, dining and to showcase locally grown produce and goods.

DF Market Holdings completed the deal giving the group ownership and management of the Dallas Farmers Market from the City of Dallas. The group’s principals include , , and .

The group is ready to begin the transformation of Oakley Sports Sunglasses the Dallas landmark to turn it into a destination for the Dallas residents and visitors, said , president and CEO of real estate development firm Spectrum Properties.

This deal marks the end of a three-year search for an owner and operator of the 73-year-old Farmers Market.

When I spoke to Bergersen earlier this year, to develop restaurants, retail, residential, an athletic field, community garden and other projects.

DF Market Holdings’ plan was to revitalize the city’s Oakley XX META Sunglasses Outlet urban core. The plan was unveiled in February 2011.

The revival of the Dallas Farmers Market is considered to be one of the next big redevelopment opportunities for downtown Dallas.

The Farmers Market redevelopment is slated to start this winter. The market will be open for business during the redevelopment work.


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With the economy on the rebound, Americans once again are cracking open their pocketbooks to take family vacations and other leisure trips.
But corporate managers in charge of spending for business conferences and conventions remain tightfisted with their money.
That is one conclusion from a study of bookings at nearly 4,000 hotels by TravelClick, a New York company that provides booking software and business data for major hotel chains.
Hotel bookings for leisure travelers in North America for the next 12 months are up 4.6 percent, while bookings for individual business travelers are up 7 percent compared with the previous period, according to TravelClick.
But bookings for groups are up only 1.7 percent, according to the report.
“What that would tell me is that indeed there is caution in buying in the business environment,” said Tim Hart, executive vice president for business intelligence at TravelClick.
That trend holds true in Los Angeles, where the city’s convention center has booked 23 conventions for 2013, the same number as 2012. But the conventions are much smaller compared with last year, when the city hosted major gatherings such as the American Heart Assn. conference, which drew about 28,000 people.
“They are still coming for meetings, but maybe the travel budget has been cut so they might not be staying as long,” said Susan Lomax, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board.
The good news for local hotel owners is that tourism remains strong. The city hosted a record 41.4 million visitors last year, and all signs point to another record-breaking year, with hotel bookings for tourists up 33 percent this year, Lomax said.
The squeeze continues.
Joining several other airlines that have packed their cabins with extra seats, American Airlines said it plans to squeeze in more seats on its Boeing 737 and MD-80 planes, which make up more than 60 percent of the fleet.
The airline, which expects to emerge from bankruptcy and merge with US Airways in Red Sox 15 Dustin Pedroia 2010 All-Star red Jerseys the next few months, has yet to decide how many seats it will add.
“Although we expect to add seats to the 737 and MD-80 fleets, we are evaluating the right number of seats and the impact on revenue and costwhile retaining our Main Cabin Extra product,” the airline said in a statement.
One consideration is that by adding seats, American may be required to add an extra flight attendant on each flight to meet a Federal Aviation Administration rule requiring one flight attendant for every 50 seats.
If this sounds like deja vu, it’s because American announced plans last year to install 10 extra seats on its Boeing 777 to make room for lie-flat seats in business class. The airline said it would begin to add those seats next year.
American is not unique in trying to squeeze more revenue out of each plane.
Alaska, JetBlue, Southwest and Spirit airlines have all installed seats with thinner seat back cushions, allowing the carriers to squeeze in more seats per cabin. Spirit, for example, packs 178 seats on an Airbus 320, while United puts 138 seats on the same aircraft model.
On Singapore Airlines, the onboard menu changes with each airport Braves 16 McCann 2010 All Star navy Jerseys the carrier serves so fliers can order local dishes or drinks.
For example, passengers flying from San Francisco to Hong Kong or South Korea can order Napa Valley wines.
“The whole program is to give passengers a taste of something familiar,” said James Boyd, a spokesman for the airline.
What do passengers flying from Los Angeles get? A selection of doughnuts from Randy’s Donuts in Inglewood.
The doughnuts, which are delivered daily to the airline’s catering facility, are made a bit smaller than typical Randy’s Donuts to better fit on the airplane’s serving dishes.
Also, the deep-fried pastries are offered only in the high-priced suites and in the business- and first-class sections - not in economy.


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INDIANAPOLIS (AP) 鈥? spent most of last season finding new ways to coach football.
During his ordeal of chemotherapy treatments for leukemia, he watched games from his bed with his wife, communicated with players and assistants by phone and text messages and scoured game film on his home computer. The Colts responded with one of the greatest turnarounds in league history and an improbable run to the playoffs.
On Monday, the Professional Football Writers of American selected Indianapolis’ inspirational coach as its George Halas Award winner for overcoming adversity.
“I am honored and humbled to receive this award,” Pagano said in a statement released by the team. “The encouragement I received from my family, friends, the Irsay family, the , the city of Indianapolis and fans around the country was overwhelming. The outpouring of prayers, love and support from a community that hardly knew me, made me realize how fortunate and proud I am to serve this organization and city.”
Hired in January 2012, Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia in September and took a leave of absence after only three games.
The team began winning under offensive coordinator while Pagano underwent treatment for 12 weeks.
Under their guidance, the young Colts rebounded from a 2-14 mark in 2011 to 11-5 Minnesota Timberwolves T Shirts in 2012 and the most surprising playoff berth of the 11 the franchise has had in the past 13 years.
Arians often acknowledged that Pagano gave the Colts a sense of purpose. It was never more apparent than the comeback against Green Bay when stretched his orange gloves across the goal line in the final minute. Orange is the color designated for leukemia awareness.
Arians called the award “such a fitting honor for Chuck and what he accomplished last year,”
“I’ve seen some impressive things in my career but nothing compares to what he did beating cancer and coming back to energize our team leading into the playoffs,” Arians said. “I was proud to have a front row seat to witness it.”
Pagano credited moments like Wayne’s TD with the orange gloves and the team’s overall performance for keeping him upbeat throughout the grueling and draining treatments that continued late into the fall.
The mutual admiration was never clearer than Pagano’s postgame locker room speech following a Week 9 victory against Miami. It nearly brought Arians, Colts players and team owner to tears.
“I’ve got circumstances,” Pagano said, at times sounding out of breath. “You guys understand it, I understand it. It’s already beat. It’s already beat. My vision that I’m living is to see two more daughters get married, dance at their weddings and then hoist that Lombardi Trophy several times.”
Indianapolis didn’t stop there.
It kept winning. Pagano watched another victory over Buffalo from owner Jim Irsay’s suite and saluted the crowd, leading to a rousing ovation from the fans.
Pagano returned to coach the final regular-season game, a victory over Houston that cost the Texans a first-round bye and sent Pagano back to Baltimore for the playoffs. But the former Ravens defensive coordinator couldn’t figure out a way to upset his old team, which went on to win the Super Bowl.
Arians won the AP’s Coach of the Year award for his work while Pagano was sidelined, and now is head coach in Arizona. And along the way, many in the league joined a bandwagon that went far deeper than football.
The Colts began a campaign to raise money for leukemia research and called it CHUCKSTRONG. Many Colts players, including No. 1 draft pick , shaved their heads in support of Pagano. Two Colts cheerleaders raised $10,000 for leukemia research by shaving their heads during that Nov. 25 win against Buffalo.
Packers center , a longtime Indy player, wore a CHUCKSTRONG shirt during warm-ups for a game against his old team in October. After scoring a touchdown in the season finale at Indy, Texans running back tapped a sign in the back of the end zone as a tribute to Pagano before taking his traditional celebratory bow.
Many of Pagano’s coaching friends and old players, including and , hugged him before and after the playoff game.
AP sports writer in Phoenix contributed to this report.


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The UFC has packed up and left Winnipeg following Saturday s pay per view card, and every fighter on the 11-fight card has received a medical suspension in the aftermath of the event.
The majority of the fighters walked away with short two week medical suspensions, but a handful of fighters will be on the shelf for an indefinite amount of time. The fighters that received indefinite suspensions from the Manitoba Combative Sports Commission are main event winner Rashad Evans, as well as Ryan Jimmo, Pat Barry, James Krause, Sam Stout, Edwin Figueroa and Dustin Pague.
The Commission did not reveal details as to why Oakley Jury Sunglasses the four individuals received indefinite suspensions.

UFC 161 Full Medical Suspensions
Rashad Evans: Indefinite medical suspension
: 14-day medical suspension
Stipe Miocic: 14-day medical suspension
Roy Nelson: 14-day medical suspension
Ryan Jimmo: Indefinite medical suspension
Igor Pokrajac: 14-day medical suspension
Rosi Sexton: 14-day medical suspension
Alexis Davis: 14-day medical suspension
Shawn Jordan: 14-day medical suspension
Pat Barry: Indefinite medical suspension
Jake Shields: 14-day medical suspension
Tyron Woodley: 14-day medical suspension
James Krause: Indefinite medical suspension
Sam Stout: Indefinite medical suspension
Sean Pierson: 14-day medical suspension
Kenny Robertson: 14-day medical suspension
Roland Delorme: 14-day medical suspension
Edwin Figueroa: Indefinite medical suspension
Mitch Clarke: 14-day medical suspension
John Maguire: 14-day medical suspension
Yves Jabouin: 14-day medical suspension
Dustin Pague: Indefinite medical suspension
**Medical suspensions provided to Bleacher Report via email from Oakley Scalpel Sunglasses Manitoba Combative Sports Commission Executive Director Joel Fingard.


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Ever since Greg Norman’s final-round implosion allowed Nick Faldo win the Masters in 1996, a generation of fine English talent has come up short in golf’s four major championships.
With his seven top-3 finishes, Lee Westwood’s near misses are a thing of golfing folklore. Luke Donald has been ranked No. 1 but never come that close down the stretch in a major. Ian Poulter saves his best for the Ryder Cup, while Paul Casey’s star has fallen since his breakthrough year in 2009.
Finally, after a 17-year wait, England has a major winner in U.S. Open champion Justin Rose.
The English public has long held high hopes for Rose since he chipped in on the final hole to finish fourth at the 1998 British Open at Royal Birkdale as a skinny 17-year-old amateur. His career has taken many twists and turns since, but he realized his vast potential with a one-shot win at Merion on Sunday.
Rose is England’s first U.S. Open champion since Tony Jacklin in 1970.
“He had that audacious chip in at Birkdale when he was 17 and then witnessed the difficult time he had after turning pro and all the struggles that he had, and to fight through that takes a lot of courage and what was shown was exactly that,” Jacklin told BBC Radio 5 Live radio on Monday.
“He’s a good guy and he’s good for the game and he hopefully will open the door for more British players to give us some of the same.”
The modest, mild-mannered Mets 7 Jose Reyes blue 2010 All Star Jerseys Rose is among the most popular players on the circuit and his victory has been well-received, in England and beyond.
“Best player in the world the last few years,” 2010 US Open champion Graeme McDowell said on Twitter. “Major much deserved.”
Rory McIlroy also tweeted his congratulations, saying the victory “couldn’t happen to a better lad.”
“Rose to the Top,” was the headline in the English newspaper The Sun. “Rose’s Sweet Smell of Success,” said The Independent.
Most of the English papers ran photos of Rose on the 18th hole, looking upward and pointing his fingers to the sky in tribute to father Ken, who died of leukemia in 2002.
“Father’s Day was not lost on me,” Rose said. “You don’t have opportunities to really dedicate a win to someone you love. And today was about him and being Father’s Day.”
British golf has rarely had it this good the past couple of years. Donald, Westwood and McIlroy took turns at No. 1 in 2012. McIlroy, McDowell and Darren Clarke - all of Northern Ireland - have won majors since 2010.
Britons were the bedrock of Europe’s Ryder Cup successes in 2010 and 2012. Rose made birdie putts on Nos. 17 and 18 on the final day of last year’s match at Medinah to clinch a stunning singles win over Phil Mickelson, one of the catalysts for Europe’s record comeback against the United States.
On that day, Mickelson stood back and applauded Rose for his courageous play on the greens. Nine months later, it was the same player who suffered at the hands of the 32-year-old Englishman, finishing one shot behind for a sixth second place at the Open.
Rose’s technique, which held up so well at Merion as he calmly made par on the unforgiving 18th under intense pressure, has always been a thing of beauty. It helped him capture big amateur tournaments when he was 14 and 15. By the time he’d won the silver medal at Royal Birkdale in 1998 for being the highest-placed amateur, comparisons were already being made with Faldo.
Rose turned professional the very next day but missed 21 cuts in a row. Victories in the Dunhill Championship and British Masters in 2002 confirmed his potential but it wasn’t until 2009 All Star St.Louis Cardinals 4 Molina Red Jerseys last year that he really became a force, winning at Doral for his first victory in a World Golf Championship.
“I think the fact that it hasn’t been easy for him, took him a while to get where he did, has meant that he is a great inspiration for everybody here,” said Chris Gotla, general manager of North Hants Golf club where Rose played as a teenager. “Everyone here knew how good he was going to be.”
Rose, who was born in Johannesburg and moved to England with his family when he was 5, was playing in the final round with Donald, who fell away after a poor start and tied for eighth - seeing yet another chance at a major slip by.
The 32-year-old Rose has made that breakthrough, though.
Plenty more could now follow.


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RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) 鈥?A protest spearheaded by the North Carolina chapter of the led to the arrests of 84 people Monday at the state legislature in the seventh installment of the civil rights group’s near-weekly demonstrations.
Protesters and supporters railed against the health NBA All Star T Shirts and environmental policies of the Republican-controlled legislature as well as claims from GOP leaders that they’re disenchanted “outsiders.” Police estimated a crowd attending a rally before the protests approached roughly 1,000 people.
What started with 17 arrests and dozens of supporters in late April has grown to encompass a wider coalition of left-leaning demonstrators who are outraged over Republican policies ranging from social spending to education and voting rights. Monday’s protests brought the arrest total to more than 450 as NAACP chapter president the Rev.  called for mass rallies for the next two weeks of demonstrations.
Republicans control both chambers of the and the executive branch simultaneously for the first time since 1870.
Supporters varying in age and ethnicity held signs emphasizing that they are locals in response to comments from Gov.  Los Angeles Clippers LOGO T Shirts and the state chairman that protesters represent outside interests.
“We don’t need any outside support to get this point across,” said of Chapel Hill.
Others held up signs opposing legislation that critics fear will speed up oil and gas drilling in the state. Many critics say hydraulic fracturing, known as “fracking,” poses threats to water supplies.
“The technology of fracking is not ready for primetime,” said , who said he’s an engineer from Pittsboro. “This whole thing is political, but it ought to be driven by engineering.”
Outside the Senate chambers--where protesters have gathered each week to deliver speeches, chants and songs--supporters drowned out initial commands to disperse issued through megaphone by General Assembly Police Chief . Barber tried to quiet the crowd to let individual speakers explain why they were choosing to be arrested.
“If you want justice, you have to let people say why we’re here,” he said.
Barber said before the protests that the next two Mondays will include mass rallies along the lines of an earlier week. The legislature is expected to wrap up its regular yearly session in the coming weeks.
Barber said in an interview earlier in the day that the NAACP will continue leading events that bring greater attention to the policies of the legislature even after it adjourns.
“This is not a temporary exercise in futility,” he said. “This is a movement.”


Posted by on 06/23 at 06:05 PM

I ve long been a fan of . His devil-may-care attitude and his gutsy play calls instill a cocky confidence in his kids. He doesn t have some mysterious X and O system for success; his recipe is so brutally simple: get better players than everyone else and then go out there and just let them play.
It s gotten the man a ton of wins and a place among college football s best.
I really can t be in his corner anymore. Not because of anything he s done that drew me to him in the first place. No, all of those things still exist in the head coach, even after losing the national title game in ugly fashion.
The reason I m tapping out on Les Miles is the way he s handled this Gunner Kiel situation. . I wrote that off as a guy pandering to his base. Didn t like it but it made some sense.
Now, , Miles revisits the Gunner Kiel situation and has designs on hammering his whole point home about swagger and confidence. From Miles:

I don t mean to demean, he ain t Joe Namath.
Joe is ready to go to Alabama and take on the world.
I m not bitter. I m glad he stayed there. I really mean it. Here s the truth: If you don t have some swagger to you and you can step into this stadium and be able to know the advantage that you re playing with the Tigers and you re leading the program that has some real weight and clout, then you really need to stay home with your brothers.
I really meant what I said. I was talking more about the confidence and swagger. I was not demeaning.
I mean it honestly, if it s more about family for him, if it s Oakley Crankcase Sunglasses more being close to home he would have never been successful as he needs to be. I mean that especially

Ugh. For as good as it sounds with the I was not demeaning thrown in, it still rings quite hollow. Sort of a no offense right before you tell a girl that she s ugly. No offense, but I m about to talk bad about you and say some stuff that is not positive.
Losing recruits sucks. It is a plain point of fact. However, that s part of college football.  misses out on recruits.  misses out on recruits. Brian Kelly misses out on recruits. It happens. Sure it makes folks angry but that doesn t mean it’s good go public with your vitriol. It most certainly doesn t give license to carry your frustration from January through April.
The kid is gone. He made a decision that best benefited him. Continuously dropping criticism of his fortitude is not the adult response in this situation.
It stinks of sour grapes. It is, in a word, quite fan-ish of Miles. This is what fans do when their school doesn t get a recruit. This is what BayouBengal69 does on a message board and in a comment section. This is not what the leader of a program should be doing.
Brian Kelly lost a kid on signing day, he s not bashing Oakley XX META Sunglasses Outlet him. Larry Fedora lost an early enrollee in the same way Miles did, though he s not talking about him.
You lose recruits, you get recruits. I m quite certain that when Kiel de-committed from Indiana, then picked LSU later in the process, the coach was not saying Kiel did not have the chest for the Hoosiers.
Did Kiel not have the chest to help get Indiana to a bowl game? Did Kiel not have the chest to compete in the Big Ten? Of course not, because Miles thought he was going to get him for his program.
At this point it is just sad. Enough is enough. There s a coach sitting there on staff who gets it, who understands these things happen. Unfortunately he is not the one whose comments matter right now.
Miles rhetoric is sensational, fan-flaming sour grapes. Steve Kragthorpe does get it in Red Stick:

He woke up Sunday morning and was getting ready to go to the plane and he said he couldn t do it. I was disappointed he didn t come because I wanted to coach him. I really liked their family. I think they re wonderful people.
The best way to describe it is I understand.

That s how this should be done.


Posted by on 06/23 at 06:53 PM

OMAHA, Neb. A sterling performance by LSU ace Aaron Nola was all for naught at the College World Series, and now the Tigers are facing elimination.
The Southeastern Conference pitcher of the year limited UCLA to five singles over eight innings, but two LSU errors led to the Bruins’ runs in a 2-1 loss Sunday night.
The Bruins got their leadoff man on base every inning from the fourth through ninth, and their offensively challenged lineup was able to capitalize with some help from the Tigers.
“It was real frustrating, letting that leadoff guy get on,” said Nola (12-1). “But it’s happened to me before through the year. I battled as hard as I Cubs 24 Byrd Navy 2010 All Star Jerseys could until the last pitch. Unfortunately, we booted a couple balls around. You’ve got to forget about that, and we’re going to come out Tuesday and compete.”
The No. 4 Tigers are the third of the three remaining national seeds to lose at the CWS. No. 1 North Carolina lost to North Carolina State on Sunday, and Mississippi State knocked off No. 3 Oregon State on Saturday.
“It was a tough, tough loss, Rangers 27 Vladimir Guerrero red 2010 All Star Jerseys that’s for sure,” LSU coach Paul Mainieri said. “I’m certainly glad it’s a double-elimination tournament. That would be a tough one to end the season on.”
LSU (57-10) will play North Carolina on Tuesday, with the loser going home. UCLA (45-17) will meet North Carolina State that night.
Adam Plutko and two relievers limited LSU to five hits. LSU scored its only run on Mason Katz’s fourth-inning homer. The Tigers, one of the best fielding teams in the nation during the regular season, made mistakes that allowed the Bruins to tie the game in the sixth and take the lead in the eighth.
Plutko (9-3) allowed four hits in seven innings, and David Berg worked out of trouble in the ninth to earn his 22nd save.
LSU made it interesting until the end. Katz reached on shortstop Pat Valaika’s throwing error in the ninth but was erased on a double play, with second baseman JaCoby Jones’ throw to first narrowly beating Raph Rhymes.
Christian Ibarra walked, and pinch-hitter Tyler Moore hammered a ball up the middle that knocked down Berg to put runners on first and second. Berg faked as if to make a wild pickoff throw into center field, but pinch-runner Jared Foster didn’t take the bait and stayed put after diving back to second base.
Berg ran the count to 3-0 on Jones before inducing a fly ball to right to end the game.
Both runs against Nola were unearned. He’s now pitched 24 NCAA tournament innings without allowing an earned run.
LSU opened the scoring in the fourth when Katz drove Plutko’s 89-mph high fastball into the left-field bullpen for his 16th homer of the season and the first in four CWS games.
The Bruins got the run back in the sixth after Brian Carroll bunted for a single and took second on catcher Ty Ross’s wild throw to first. Carroll moved to third on a groundout and scored on Valaika’s sacrifice fly.
Pinch-hitter Ty Moore, batting .208, singled to left on Nola’s first pitch of the eighth inning. Christoph Bono pinch ran and moved up on a sacrifice. He scored the go-ahead run when Eric Filia’s hard grounder to shortstop bounced off national freshman of the year Alex Bregman for his fourth error in six NCAA tournament games.
“We knew Aaron would give us a chance to win, and he did,” Mainieri said. “Unfortunately, uncharacteristically for us, we made a couple of mistakes defensively that cost us dearly. And had we made all the plays for Aaron, they may not have scored. So we’ll just have to regroup, pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and get ready for Tuesday and North Carolina.”


Posted by on 06/23 at 07:42 PM

June 18, 2013 8:34 a.m.  Ms. Miner you should be concerned. Almost every single time we ve armed a group to control or overthrow their government we were bitten right on the arse. Dictators were established with our help. Radicals right wing groups were established with our help. Sectarian warfare was established with our help. And in the end? We faced those groups we aided having those very same weapons turned on us.
It s time we nation build here at home and take care of our own.
June 18, 2013 9:42 a.m.  I m concerned. Are we promoting one cheap NBA T shirts sect over another? Seems that way. We favor the Sunni over the Shia. The question is why? Saudi Arabia as well as most of the other south eastern oil nations are primarily Sunni, however they are a rather authoritarian regimes. Many of the Los Angeles Clippers LOGO T Shirts Sunni have minimal regards for human rights, they seem to my eyes no better than the Shia. They treat their migrant workers poorly, treat their women as chattel and have a strict class structure which is enforced by heavy handed police action. (Maybe our leaders role model?)I also wonder about the sanity of siding with the Sunni since the only sectarian player with nukes is Shia (Pakistan). Their government is mostly Shia. What are we doing arming a group associated with Al queda? Have we forgotten? What are our leaders thinking?BTW, it s interesting that a Chinese company is the main oil producer in Iraq. Nice. Wonder about the agreement that brought that on. Who are we planning on getting into bed with next?
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I have been an NFL Gameday Correspondent for Bleacher Report since September of 2012 and also spend time writing assorted NHL, MLB and college football articles here at B/R.

Sports writing is a serious passion of mine and writing in the online capacity is what intrigues me most. Perhaps that is why I chose online journalism as my major at Central Michigan University. Aside from Bleacher Report I have also spent time writing for Technorati and years ago I was the sports editor of my high Oakley Crankcase Sunglasses school paper, “The Zebra Print.”

B/R is still fighting a certain stigma and reputation in some circles, but there are some great talents here and I am excited to be a part of this team as it continues to grow, expand and prosper.

I love to engage in discussion in the comments section, so please feel free to give your opinions on my writing, good or bad. All Cheap Oakley Pit Bull Sunglasses I ask is that you explain why you feel the way you do so that we can enter into an educated dialogue. In other words, don’t be a troll.

If I still have your interest, you can follow me at a couple places other than here at B/R. I occasionally find the time to update my blog, Twitter and Facebook, so check them out at your leisure.

And always remember to stay classy.


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ST. CROIX - The wholesale price of gasoline Angels 48 Torii Hunter White 2010 All Star Jerseys in the territory inched downward as HOVENSA adjusted its rack rates today.
Today’s adjustments by HOVENSA cut the rack rate - the price of fuel purchased wholesale at the HOVENSA truck-loading station on St. Croix - for regular gasoline by a penny per gallon and for premium gasoline by 10 cents per gallon. The rack rate for diesel fuel did not change.
Under today’s adjustments, independent gas station operators are paying $3.18 per gallon for regular gasoline, $3.58 per gallon for premium gasoline, and $3.38 per gallon for diesel fuel when they buy their fuel wholesale at HOVENSA. Those prices include the 14-cents-per-gallon tax that the refinery collects for the government.
HOVENSA adjusts its rack rates weekly.
The rack rates influence retail gasoline prices in the territory because independent gas station operators can buy their gasoline at the loading station, then resell it to their customers. The new rates are effective through Sunday.
On the retail side, the average retail price for gas in the United States on Thursday was $3.625 per 2009 All Star New York Yankees 25 Mark Texeiru Blue Jerseys gallon for regular, $3.96 per gallon for premium, and $3.853 per gallon for diesel fuel, according to the American Automobile Association’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report.


Posted by on 06/25 at 10:46 AM

WASHINGTON (AP) 鈥?House on Tuesday make their most concerted effort of the year to change federal abortion law with legislation that would ban almost all abortions after a fetus reaches the age of 20 weeks.
The “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act,” expected to pass by a comfortable margin late Tuesday, would be a direct challenge to the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that legalized abortions up to the time a fetus becomes viable. Fetal viability is generally considered to be at least 24 weeks into the pregnancy.
The measure will be ignored by the Democratic-led Senate and the White House, saying the bill is “an assault on a woman’s right to choose,” has issued a veto threat.
Even if the policy were to become law, it would almost certainly face a legal challenge. That’s a prospect supporters hope for as part of the ultimate goal of overturning Roe v. Wade.
The two sides in the abortion debate agreed at least on the importance of the measure.
legislative director said it was the “most significant piece of pro-life legislation to come before the House since the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act” that was enacted in 2003. Rep.  of Michigan, top Democrat on the House , said the bill “clearly is an attack on women’s constitutional right to choose and Minnesota Timberwolves T Shirts is one of the most far-reaching bans on abortion this committee has ever considered.”
Some 11 state legislatures have passed similar measures. Several have been challenged in court and a federal court last month struck down a slightly different Arizona law that banned abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Anti-abortion groups said the time frame in the House bill and other state laws, which ban abortion 20 weeks after conception, is equal to 22 weeks of pregnancy.
The sponsors of the bill also cited evidence 鈥?which opponents say is disputed 鈥?that fetuses can feel pain after five months.
House GOP leaders, stymied by a and a Democrat in the White House, have chosen to focus on economic issues rather than contentious social topics such as abortion. “Jobs continue to be our number one concern,” House Speaker , R-Ohio, said last week when asked about the abortion bill. But he said that “after the Kermit Gosnell case and the publicity that it received, I think the legislation is appropriate.”
Gosnell was a Philadelphia abortion provider who last month received a life sentence for what prosecutors said was the murder of three babies delivered alive. The case energized anti-abortion groups, who said it exemplified the inhumanity of late-term abortions.
The original House bill, sponsored by anti-abortion leader Rep. , R-Ariz., was aimed only at the District of Columbia, but was expanded to cover the entire nation after the Gosnell case received national attention.
Pro-choice groups argued that the 20-week ban, in addition to being unconstitutional, would affect women just at the point of learning of a fetal anomaly or determining that the pregnancy could put the mother’s life in danger.
As introduced, the bill provided for an exception to the ban only in cases of a physical condition that endangers the life of the mother. In the Judiciary Committee last week, Republicans rejected Democratic attempts to include rape, incest and other health problems as grounds for exceptions.
But Franks, during debate on the rape exception, angered and drew unwanted publicity to the bill when he stated that cases of “rape resulting in pregnancy are very low.”
Franks later rephrased his remark, but GOP leaders rushed to impose damage control. A provision was inserted in the bill heading to the House floor including a rape and incest exception, and Franks, who heads the Judiciary subcommittee on the constitution and civil justice, was replaced as floor manager for the bill by Rep. , R-Tenn., who is not a member of the Judiciary Committee.
Democrats had pointed out that every Republican on the Judiciary Committee that approved the anti-abortion bill was a man.
With the changes, said NARAL Pro-Choice America President , “the GOP is desperately trying to hide that the party has a deep hostility to women’s rights and freedom.”


Posted by on 06/26 at 02:19 AM

Speculation has grown exponentially over the past few weeks that general manager Jim Rutherford could be interested in trading down.
A number of defensive defenseman like Nurse and Zadorov but also Rasmus Ristolainen (Finland) and Ryan Pulock (Canada) could be available well after the fifth choice. As other teams seek a shot at one of the coveted top-five skaters, the ‘Canes could be happy picking later and reeling in a decent established player in the meantime.
The , who Oakley Crankcase Sunglasses have already to negotiating with for the first overall pick, have both the eighth and 16th selections in the first round. Would the fifth pick and a third- or fourth-rounder be enough for that pair of choices? It’s certainly a possibility.
Another potential idea involves a package deal with the fifth pick and defenseman Jamie McBain in exchange for a later first-round pick and a solid top-four NHL blueliner. Would (10th pick) be willing to part with Jamie Oleksiak, (12th pick) with Keith Yandleor Winnipeg (13th pick) with Zach Bogosian for that return? It’s Oakley Scalpel Sunglasses also certainly a possibility.

Mark Jones has been a Carolina Hurricanes featured columnist for Bleacher Report since 2009.Visit histo read more, or.


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OUAGADOUGOU, Burkina Faso (AP) 鈥?The nation of Mali, which lost half its territory last year to rebels, has agreed to sign an accord with Tuareg separatists who still control the country’s northernmost province, officials said Tuesday.
The agreement is to be signed Tuesday afternoon in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, where the two sides have been holding talks, according to a statement from the communications office of Burkina Faso’s presidential palace. Once signed, the proposed agreement will remove the last major obstacle ahead of Mali’s planned presidential election in July and will put in place a process through which Mali’s military will be able to return to Kidal, the capital of the occupied province in northern Mali which has become a de facto Tuareg state.
Malian politician , who is representing the government of Mali at the talks, said that the toughest part of the negotiations is behind them.
“I think we can say that the biggest task is finished. We have agreed on the essentials. There is an international consensus as well as a Malian consensus on the fundamental questions, which include the integrity of our territory, national unity, and the secular and republican nature of our state,” he said.
According to Drame, the rebel Minnesota Timberwolves T Shirts National Movement for the Liberation of the Azawad, or NMLA, had agreed that Malian would exercise its sovereignty “over every centimeter of its territory” and that the Malian military will be allowed to return to Kidal.
Moussa Ag Attaher, a spokesman for the NMLA said that the Tuareg separatists are on board: “The NMLA and the have given everything for peace and so we accept this accord.”
It’s unclear how quickly Mali’s army will be allowed to return to Kidal, and whether they will do so gradually, over an extended period of time, as the rebels had demanded. The talks had reached an impasse last week over a number of issues including the speed of the army’s deployment, and whether or not rebels who committed atrocities during the invasion would face trial.
The traditionally nomadic Tuareg people, who consider northern Mali their hereditary homeland, have long agitated for their own nation. To that end, Tuareg rebels have picked up arms against the state numerous times going back to the 1960s. The NMLA, founded in late 2011, is the most recent movement claiming greater autonomy for Mali’s Tuaregs. They began inching into northern Mali in early 2012, taking a string of small towns and villages.
After an unexpected coup in Mali’s distant capital of Bamako in March of 2012, they took advantage of the ensuing chaos to push into the major cities in the north, taking Kidal, Timbuktu and Gao in the seizure of what amounted to a France-sized territory.
But on their coattails came a trio of rebel groups allied with , and within weeks the jihadists had yanked down the NMLA flags and replaced it with their own dark symbol, proclaiming that the only God is Allah. The Islamic extremists set to work creating their own Islamic state, imposing Shariah rule, flogging women for dressing immodestly, shuttering bars and discotheques, and banning music and soccer. In punishments that shocked the normally moderate Islamic nation, they amputated the hands of over a dozen thieves, sentenced to death one accused murderer who was publicly shot and stoned to death an adulterous couple.
In January, France scrambled fighter jets over Mali in order to beat the Islamic radicals back, flushing out the extremists from the three major towns in the north. While the Malian army was quickly able to return to Timbuktu and Gao, they did not immediately return to Kidal, a Tuareg stronghold. The French are accused of standing by and allowing the NMLA to re-enter Kidal, where they wholesale San Antonio Spurs T Shirts quickly established a shadow administration.
As the Malian military advanced on Kidal last month, many feared a clash. The hastily-convened talks in Ouagadougou aimed to avoid a direct confrontation.
Callimachi contributed to this report from Dakar, Senegal. Associated Press writer also contributed to this report from Bamako, Mali.


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(NYSE: SLB) has acquired Gushor Inc., a Canadian petroleum geochemistry and fluid analysis company that works in the heavy oil sand industry.

Financial details of the deal weren鈥檛 disclosed.

Formed in 2006, Gushor Inc. is a spin-off from the University of Calgary. The addition of Gushor will enable Schlumberger, which has its U.S. operations based in Houston, to better support its exploration and production clients, the company said Oakley Crankcase Sunglasses Oakley HIJINX Sunglasses in a statement.

鈥淎s a Schlumberger company, we will be able to further the mainstream adoption of our petroleum geochemistry and fluid analysis solutions, and expand our client services infrastructure by leveraging Schlumberger technology and development expertise,鈥?, Gushor CEO, said in the statement.

Schlumberger is the No. 1 ranked company on the Houston Business Journal鈥檚 list of and ranks No. 3 on HBJ’s list of Houston’s top public companies, ranked by revenue. Schlumberger reported $39.54 billion in revenue for 2011.

Stay up to date on Texas energy news with the , bringing you by-the-minute coverage from the Texas Business Journals.


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SAN RAFAEL, Calif. (AP) 鈥?Joseph Naso, serving as his own attorney in his trial for the decades-old killings of four women, used his opening statement to give jurors a thorough personal history, replete with childhood photos, saying he is not the “monster” prosecutors have made him out to be.
The 79-year-old defendant’s opening statement Monday came after prosecutors spent the morning showing graphic images of the four women’s bodies discovered in Northern California, leading some jurors to wipe away tears.
Naso, wearing a dark suit and spectacles, rose after Marin County prosecutor had called him a “serial rapist and murderer.”
“I’ve been waiting two years and two months for this day, to tell my side of the story,” Naso told the panel.
“I’m not the monster they say killed these women,” he said. “I don’t kill people and there’s no evidence of that in my writings and photography.”
Naso has pleaded not guilty to four counts of first-degree murder with special circumstances for the slayings of four women 鈥?all prostitutes with the same first and last initials: 18-year-old Roxene Roggasch in 1977; 22-year-old in 1978; 38-year-old in 1993; and 31-year-old in 1994.
Whether the “double initials” in each victim’s name was a coincidence or a plan, investigators have not said. Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty and were expected to start calling witnesses Tuesday.
Prosecutors say Naso drugged and photographed his unconscious victims, then strangled them and dumped their naked bodies in rural areas.
Slote read from sections of a diary found at Naso’s home that detailed rapes of women.
In a 1961 entry, the journal describes a man picking a girl up and raping her in a car in the Berkeley Hills. Other entries made vague references to victims in this case.
Naso was arrested at the time on suspicion of assault, but he said he was NBA All Star T Shirts never charged. Prosecutors say the woman named in that entry will testify about the incident.
Authorities around the country have also looked at Naso as a suspect in cold cases.
Marin County prosecutors have built a significant case against Naso.
Investigators discovered DNA matching Naso’s profile on at least one victim, Roggasch, and a partial DNA match from material collected from under the fingernails of Colon.
Naso said he plans to challenge that, saying the DNA is inconclusive.
Also discovered were photographs 鈥?including images of at least one of the victims in the case 鈥?of women who appeared dead or unconscious and what prosecutors called a “rape journal” during a search of Naso’s Reno, Nev., house.
Naso characterized the photographs as his art and said all of his “models” were willing participants.
He showed the jury dozens of photographs he took of weddings, landscapes and family members along with what he called “glamour” or “cheesecake” photographs of nude women. He said he never forced any of them to do anything.
But prosecutors say Naso kept a list of his victims, and mementos of his alleged killings.
Near the pile of photos in Naso’s home 鈥?with mannequin parts and women’s lingerie strewn about 鈥?investigators said they also found a “List of 10” he had scrawled with descriptions of 10 women, including four references prosecutors believe describe the slaying victims in this case.
Slote also said she believed investigators had identified a fifth woman on the list: No. 8, “Girl in Woodland (Nevada County).” Slote said she believed No. 8 is a reference to a missing girl named .
Dylan’s passport Minnesota Timberwolves T Shirts was found in Naso’s safe deposit box, along with news clippings covering the slayings of Parsons and Tafoya, which Naso had laminated with photographs he had taken of each woman, and $152,400 in cash.
Naso told the jury that he had collected obituaries “ever since I was a boy.”
A skull found in Nevada County held DNA matching Dylan’s mother’s profile, Slote said.
Naso is not charged with Dylan’s murder, but the jury heard evidence about her case as prosecutors sought to tie Naso’s list to more cold cases.
There is no indication that any of the five other women referred to on the list have been identified, but prosecutors have said the investigation is ongoing.


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Alex Liddi appeared to have been told in the postgame clubhouse that he is Class AAA bound. Liddi emerged from a back room right before we left and was sitting gloomily by his locker while a teammate or two headed over to chat.

If he s headed back, then Justin Smoak is coming up.

Mariners manager Eric Wedge hinted strongly that he d be looking to bring up Smoak as a reinforcement for his club s sagging offense. The Mariners might also want to bring up Dustin Ackley to play some outfield now that Jason Bay has a hamstring issue and Michael Saunders has been invisible the past six-plus weeks.

In any event, something needs to be done. The Mariners were blown off the field, 11-3, by a much quicker, more explosive Angels team.

The top of the order and No. 9 hitter Peter Bourjos wrecked the Mariners all night. Bourjos was awarded an infield hit in the third inning when first base umpire John Hirschbeck ruled replays appeared to show he was incorrect that Michael Morse took his foot off the first base bag on a bang-bang throw.

That left runners at the corners and one out and a sacrifice fly scored one run. Then, Josh Hamilton homered to bring in two more.

鈥淥bviously, that play with the throw that pulled Mike off the bag, if that play goes differently and I get the next hitter to fly out, it鈥檚 a totally different inning,鈥欌€?Mariners starter Aaron Harang said. 鈥淚鈥檒l probably get through the next inning and still go out for the sixth inning and maybe even the seventh. It鈥檚 crazy how one little play like that can change the whole aspect of a game.鈥欌€?
Harang wasn t very good and didn t try to argue that he was. But he had a valid point about how the call and the speedy Bourjos changed the inning.

Bourjos later had two more infield singles in the same inning in the sixth. Erick Aybar had one as well and the Angels went on to score seven that frame.

鈥淭hey always say speed kills,鈥欌€?Harang said. 鈥榃hether it鈥檚 causing you to make a play that shouldn鈥檛 be made, or try to make a play that鈥檚 out of your norm. Running the bases on a base hit, taking an extra bag real easily. They did a hit-and-run in the fifth inning that kept them out of a double play.

鈥淚t鈥檚 amazing what speed can do if you鈥檙e getting on base. And when they鈥檙e getting on base, they definitely go out and try to cause havoc.鈥欌€?
Nick Franklin then caused two more runs to score on a throwing error trying to nab the speedy Mike Trout.

鈥淭heir speed is definitely a lot different that any team I鈥檝e played so far,鈥欌€?he said. 鈥淪o, it鈥檚 just a little different. It鈥檚 definitely an advantage towards them, but I think we can defensively maneuver to take that away.鈥欌€?
But when the Mariners did shift, the Angels hit balls through wholesale San Antonio Spurs T Shirts holes where fielders would normally be standings.

Those are the breaks, sometimes. But when you have speed like the Angels, you make plenty of your own breaks.


Posted by on 07/01 at 07:08 PM

Owner Donald Sterling essentially implied to the less than a month ago that Paul was a big factor in the franchise’s decision to fire head coach Vinny Del Negro.
That was in spite of the fact that Del Negro coached the Clippers to the organization’s best regular season ever with a record of 56-26.
Lakers head coach Mike D’Antoni failed to lead his team to the playoffs, Oakley Crankcase Sunglasses but by acquiring the services of the supremely athletic and strong Griffin, he would have an ideal [url=Lifestyle Sunglasses Outlet[/url] power forward for his “Seven Seconds or Less” offense.
Bledsoe is also an intriguing piece to the puzzle, because he hasn’t gotten to prove himself fully in coming off the bench for Paul.
Whatever happens, this should be an interesting, all-in type of offseason [url=]Oakley Pit Bull Sunglasses for the traditionally conservative Clippers, and the Lakers seem keen on obtaining assets to make D’Antoni’s schemes work.


Posted by on 07/01 at 08:18 PM

ST. CROIX - The wholesale price of gasoline Angels 48 Torii Hunter White 2010 All Star Jerseys in the territory inched downward as HOVENSA adjusted its rack rates today.
Today’s adjustments by HOVENSA cut the rack rate - the price of fuel purchased wholesale at the HOVENSA truck-loading station on St. Croix - for regular gasoline by a penny per gallon and for premium gasoline by 10 cents per gallon. The rack rate for diesel fuel did not change.
Under today’s adjustments, independent gas station operators are paying $3.18 per gallon for regular gasoline, $3.58 per gallon for premium gasoline, and $3.38 per gallon for diesel fuel when they buy their fuel wholesale at HOVENSA. Those prices include the 14-cents-per-gallon tax that the refinery collects for the government.
HOVENSA adjusts its rack rates weekly.
The rack rates influence retail gasoline prices in the territory because independent gas station operators can buy their gasoline at the loading station, then resell it to their customers. The new rates are effective through Sunday.
On the retail side, the average retail price for gas in the United States on Thursday was $3.625 per 2009 All Star New York Yankees 25 Mark Texeiru Blue Jerseys gallon for regular, $3.96 per gallon for premium, and $3.853 per gallon for diesel fuel, according to the American Automobile Association’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report.


Posted by on 07/03 at 12:41 AM

the 787-10 in the livery of Air Lease Corp., the lessor headed by industry guru Steven Udvar-Hazy

At the Paris Air Show Tuesday, as expected, Boeing launched the final and largest member of its Dreamliner jet family, the 787-10.

The jet officially entered the market with a total of 102 orders from blue-ribbon聽customers United, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, GECAS (the airplane leasing unit of GE)聽and Air Lease Corp., the lessor run by longtime industry market-maker Steve Udvar-Hazy.

Udvar-Hazy ordered 30, as did Singapore. British ordered 12. GECAS ordered 10.聽United ordered 20, of which ten were conversions of previous orders for cheap NBA T shirts smaller versions of the 787. First delivery is scheduled for 2018.

In a briefing ahead of the launch, a top executive said Boeing hasn t decided where the jet will be built.

聽that logistical issues around transporting the bigger plane sections to Everett and fitting the completed planes nose-to-tail on an assembly line could rule out the 787-10 for Everett, so that聽.

When we re ready to announce it, we ll announce it, said聽Scott Fancher, Boeing vice president of airplane development.

Boeing CEO Jim McNerney, ALC chief Steven Udvar Hazy, Boeing Commercial Airplanes CEO Ray Conner and John Plueger, ALC president and COO, at the launch of the 787-10

Designed to be highly fuel efficient, the stretched 787-10 will carry about 320 passengers, 40 more than the 787-9, though with a shorter range about 8,000 miles, compared to 9,800 miles for the 787-9.

Boeing chief executive Jim McNerney at a launch ceremony at the Air Show called the 787-10 the most efficient jetliner in history.

The 787-10 will compete directly against the A350-900 from Airbus.

Udvar-Hazy, who has now ordered both those airplanes, said that with the range and seating difference each will serve different airline needs and both are going to be very successful.

But in term of pure fuel efficiency, he said, if it s identically configured, the (787)-10 has a little bit of an edge on the (A350)-900 per seat.

Udvar-Hazy聽said the 787-10, which still has sufficient range to cover聽more than 90 percent of long-haul airline routes, will be a candidate to replace existing 777s and Airbus A340s.

Because the plane is longer than the 787-9, Boeing did some minor structural beefing up at different points, including the wing-fuselage attachments, and adjusted the landing gear to ensure better take-off performance.

In the briefing about Boeing s widebody jet plans immediately before the launch announcement, Fancher was asked why Boeing cannot 聽be definitive about the manufacturing plan, and specifically whether the 787-10 will be assembled like the other Dreamliners in both Everett and 聽North Charleston, S.C.,聽or only in South Carolina.

Boeing VP Scott Fancher briefs journalists on the 787-10

When we re ready to make public announcements of what we will do where, we ll make them, said Fancher. It s a big decision. We want to make the right decision for the airplane and our customers.

Boeing may not want to commit to a manufacturing plan until it s certain that the new North Charleston final assembly line can get up to speed on schedule. It has delivered a total of only four Dreamliners so far. Fancher said the 787 production system is flexible.

We have a wide range of options available, said Fancher. wholesale San Antonio Spurs T Shirts The key to our decision process is going to be what that continued emphasis on rate looks like, how productivity and quality continue to mature, and then we ll make the decision on what we do where.


Posted by on 07/04 at 02:19 AM

Commitment: Michigan
Jabrill Peppers, who announced his Michigan pledge by wearing a Wolverine helmet, is the most versatile player in the country. He could be a superstar at cornerback, running back, safety, receiver or even outside linebacker.
Peppers, who is 6’1” and 205 pounds, is from New Jersey and will get his first look as a cover corner in Ann Arbor. With his size, loose hips, transition quickness, agility, strength and outstanding instincts, he could be the next Oakley HIJINX Sunglasses Patrick Peterson (or Charles Woodson to Michigan fans).
Peppers could also be a standout as a kickoff returner and should Oakley Juliet Sunglasses impact the Wolverines’ special teams as a true freshman. He is a future superstar player who will only be in Ann Arbor for three seasons.

Edwin Weathersby is the College Football Recruiting Analyst for Bleacher Report. He has worked in scouting/player personnel departments for three professional football teams, including the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns.


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Facebook Fark Digg Reddit Stumble Pitbull, Ke$ha light up Mandalay Baycrowd
Tom Donoghue/

By ()
Sunday, June 16, 2013 | 12:52 p.m.
They are the collision-course warriors of hip-hop and currently hailed in the music industry as two of the biggest entertainers on the planet.
Pitbull and Ke$ha brought their “Warrior Tour” to Mandalay Bay on Saturday night, and fans gave them a roaring sold-out welcome.
cheap NBA T shirts Ke$ha really proved her place in the spotlight with her fierce attitude and rap technique. She turned heads in her wild stage antics and sexy costumes for “Tik Tok,” “Your Love Is My Drug,” “Die Young” and “We R Who We R”.
Los Angeles Clippers LOGO T Shirts The ongoing co-headlining concert North American tour is a promotion for both and , both released in November. The tour started on May 23 in Boston and is scheduled to close June 28 in Tampa. It has become one of the biggest box-office hits this year.
Thanks to contributing photographer Tom Donoghue who was front and center for the torrid over-heated action that sent Vegas temperatures soaring even higher.
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As a new crop of graduates is unleashed upon the Seattle job scene this summer, a curious complaint has been voiced from this eager tide of youth and vigor. Although the Class of 2013 is among the most technologically savvy and socially interconnected classes in history, a sizable portion say they feel isolated from the working world.

Last week, , a consulting NBA All Star T Shirts firm focused on Generation Y in the workplace, released a study called , which asked 1,345 college students about how well their education has prepared them for finding a job. While their biggest complaint was a lack of internship opportunities, 43 percent said the greatest shortcoming in their college years has been a lack of people to mentor them, while 35 percent said they had poor career-adviser support.

“You would think there would be more mentoring today because you can access people from around the world using the internet,” Milliennial Branding founder Dan Schawbel says. “The problem is that people choose the wrong mentors, or don’t know how to mentor or Minnesota Timberwolves T Shirts be mentored.”

Another possible issue, Schawbel says, is the degree to which potential mentors and mentees speak the same language. As the Future of Education study found, 84 percent of students surveyed said they use computers in a classroom setting and 19 percent said they use a smartphone, a tablet device and/or social media to study. New grads may not realize that older workers have not embraced online technology to the same extent, so young job seekers may have to turn to more traditional networks to find willing mentors.

“You need to select a mentor who has the lifestyle that you want,” Schawbel says. “Mentoring should be a two-way street—millennials should help older generations with technology, and older generations should give them career sponsorship and support.”

One of the best ways to find a mentor is to develop a relationship with an older worker who has the kind of job you’re interested in, who possesses the skills you need and who shares your values. Fortunately, for today’s young professionals who have not yet developed the networks to find these people, there are some national and regional organizations that can help bring the young and the not-so-young together to find some common ground. Here are just a few examples:

. Since 1964, this group of retired executives has donated countless hours toward helping the next generation succeed in the business world. SCORE offers free one-on-one counseling on topics including finance, accounting, sales, marketing, public relations, IT, retail, international trade and many others.

. For those looking to start their own business, this Portland-based nonprofit provides a network of mentors to help entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground and build new businesses.

. Though a large part of this Issaquah-based group’s mission is to provide mentoring for at-risk children, it also links to dozens of programs that help college-age students and young professionals find mentors statewide. (Note: WSM will hold a Aug. 20-21 at Seattle University.)

. Launched in May by a group of professional women who met at Seattle’s , this meetup currently has 28 members. The site is a forum for women in the technology industry to discuss problems at work, ask for help or professional advice, and get to know one another.


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シャネル財布 月の精華来焼錬して肉体を刺激し、体内の陽精血気の成長、そして錬精化ガスオークリー ゴーグル もう崑崙山完全には濃厚な天地元気に包まれ、その一つ一つ殿宇に隠れて、各オークリー 玉当時展神威のことだと思っ孔玉はやはりその任いじめられてのガキ.ただ今オークリー 一心に探偵の下、この忍者村は意外にも一人もいない.にもかかわらず、村全グッチ バッグ て、孔玉の顔に狂喜した面持ちで、今自分の身体の力こそが自分の最大の切りオークリー アウトレット の強大な巫族.もし巫族は修行の身体の力ならば、恐らく上古時期、巫族が恐
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グッチ財布 して帅印、耶律余睹跪いて陛下臣命を投げ出コーチ ファクトリー 勢力、杨开远漢人息は濃く、彼は砂漠の北へコーチ 財布 東北のモンゴル烏古、東南の敵烈諸部や、西プラダ 財布 局は国家の大事.皇後は重くて、ときに私事ルイヴィトン 冲時すでに多少怯む終狄喻ないで無為の心でジョーダン5 ことであり、またすでに定説の事件で、あな

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クリスチャンルブタン 財布 れた大神通者、南極仙翁自然は心から望んだと他の天地聖人は师伯と师叔.しルイビトン 察を通して、孔玉見つけると異能者、彼らはいくつかの要素も利用できる天地シャネル バッグ き金石お辞儀をして、これは神々が大陸のルールは、金寿急いで言え孔玉の実シャネルアウトレット 阴白骨爪の時、三途の川あちらこちらと目の前の人は孔玉が、1枚は幻の顔はジョーダン スニーカー いた祖鸿钧孔玉ならただ笑って頭を振って、そして孔玉に、あなたは私の運命コーチ アウトレット きな湖の辺は、法律を守るて孔玉にもかかわらず、ある天神締める大陣の保護
オークリー アウトレット 赵玉燕頷いた.父の皇にもしない私を見て一プラダ 財布 か?この――みんなにこの要求を萧文凌、論コーチ 長財布 す?何かが生まれると土の木ですか?何がそシャネルアウトレット あなたは説得主上、走ってきて私を説得ではオークリー ゴーグル 塞いで、ぴしゃりと大きな声を出して、城壁グッチ バッグ と言ったら.赵玉燕は制止ターンが言葉を殘
シャネル アウトレット ランウータンオランウータンを見て兄、あなニューバランス アウトレット の空白の蕭将軍と見て、丈夫な体が示して極プラダ 聞こえて、オランウータンのよう萧文凌の気グッチ 専門店 し、最大可能性は死ではなく、戦場で死亡でコーチ財布 は生命のほかに、まさか君は谦谦君子いけなグッチ 財布 迎えよ.」ふふ、蕭公子の真実の愛が談笑

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クロエ バッグ は命の危険を冒してかもしれないが、自分をニューバランス m1400 .憶姉ここは良くて、あなたがここで休んでクロエ 実はあなたの場合は他の人とは違う.あなたナイキ アウトレット .宴会のところまでました、彼女に一緒に東ニューバランス574 隠れ、どう答えるか?傅云若心を起こして、シャネル バッグ 分のルールは、なんの問題.」彼女に会いに
プラダ財布 今、思わずに同情の気持ち.しかし今日は皇シャネル アウトレット 彼女の羅シャツを入れる腹あてに触れているミュウミュウアウトレット としておどけた顔.まあ、扮豚食べ虎、彼女シャネル 財布 は、見えない瞳の底の情緒.突然、彼の手をシャネル アウトレット いが、林秀?あいつは林秀竹児自殺未遂、そニューバランス m1400 自然には皇後、傅家の勢力は、このすべては

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Interim President Adly MansourMansour emerged from near-obscurity when he became head of the Supreme Constitutional Court, two days before Egypt’s military chief announced last Wednesday that Morsi had been deposed and was to be replaced by the chief justice.
Mansour’s career in the judiciary took a prominent turn in 1984, when he became a judge on the state council and then its vice president. In 1992, he was appointed vice president to the Supreme Constitutional Court. He became chief justice following his predecessor’s retirement on June 30.
He was sworn in as Egypt’s interim president on Thursday.
em In this Thursday, July 4, 2013 file photo, Egypt’s chief justice Adly Mansour prepares to swear in as the nation’s interim president. (AP Cheap NFL Jerseys Photo/Amr Nabil, File) /em
Army Chief And Defense Minister Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-SissiEl-Sissi stepped onto the center stage of Egyptian politics when the military on July 1 gave Morsi a 48-hour ultimatum to resolve his differences with the opposition after millions took to the streets on June 30 to demand the Islamist leader leave power. On Wednesday, el-Sissi announced Morsi’s removal.
A graduate of the Egyptian military academy and the U.S. Army War College, el-Sissi was appointed commander in chief of the Egyptian armed forces in August 2012, replacing Field Marshall Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, who was ordered into retirement by Morsi.
em In this Wednesday, April 24, 2013 file photo, Egyptian Defense Minister Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi reviews honor guards during an arrival ceremony for his U.S. counterpart at the Ministry of Defense in Cairo. (AP Photo/Jim Watson, Pool) /em
Interim Prime Minister Hazam el-BablawiEgypt’s military-backed interim president named el-Beblawi as prime minister on Tuesday. He previously served as finance minister and held the title of deputy prime minister in one of the first cabinets formed after the 2011 uprising forced Hosni Mubarak from power and the military stepped in to rule. He resigned in protest three months later after 26 demonstrators, mostly Christians, were killed by troops and security forces in a crackdown on Cheap NFL Jerseys their march.
He is one of the founders of the Egyptian Social Democratic party, one of several secular parties in the liberal grouping National Salvation Front.
em In this image released by the Egyptian Presidency, Hazem el-Beblawi meets with interim President Adly Mansour, unseen, in Cairo, Egypt, Tuesday, July 9, 2013. (AP Photo/Egyptian Presidency) /em
Interim Vice President Mohamed el-BaradeiOriginally pegged to be interim prime minister, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate was opposed by religious conservatives. Mansour named el-Baradei as vice president on Tuesday.
With a long career on the international scene, el-Baradei served as an Egyptian diplomat to the United Nations and later as an aide to Egypt’s foreign minister. He was the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency for nearly 12 years. He and the IAEA shared the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005.
After popular protests toppled Mubarak in wholesale nfl jerseys February 2011, el-Baradei emerged as a democracy advocate and later as an opposition leader in the National Salvation Front. After a series of widely criticized moves by Morsi, el-Baradei said members of the dominant Muslim Brotherhood lived in a delusion for thinking they could manage the country on their own.
em In this Tuesday, April 30, 2013, file photo, Egypt’s leading opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei speaks to a small group of journalists including The Associated Press at his house on the outskirts of Cairo, Egypt. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra, File) /em

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FiveFILE - In this May 28, 2013 file photo, Gov. Rick Perry speaks during a ceremonial signing of a water fund bill, in Austin, Texas. (AP Photo/Eric Gay, File)
OneTexas Gov. Rick Perry speaks during the leadership forum at the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting Friday, May 3, 2013 in Houston. (AP Photo/Steve Ueckert)
FourTexas Gov. Rick Perry speaks at a luncheon, Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013, in Dallas. (AP Photo/LM Otero)
OneTexas Gov. Rick Perry speaks during the Texas Republican Convention in Fort Worth, Texas, Thursday, June 7, 2012. AP Photo/LM Otero)
FiveRepublican presidential candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks at the Personhood USA forum in Greenville, S.C., Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)
OneRepublican presidential candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks during a campaign stop, Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012, in Greer, S.C. (AP Photo/David Goldman)
ZeroRepublican presidential candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry pumps his fist while addressing a crowd of supporters during a meet and greet at the Beacon Drive-In restaurant, Sunday Jan. 8, 2012, in Spartanburg, S.C. (AP Photo/Stephen Morton)
OneRepublican presidential candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks during a campaign stop at Mama Penn’s restaurant, Monday, Jan. 9, 2012, in Anderson, S.C. (AP Photo/David Goldman)
FiveRepublican presidential candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks during a campaign stop at the Glenn Miller Museum in Clarinda, Iowa, Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2011. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)
OneTexas Gov. Rick Perry answers a question during a Republican presidential candidate debate at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H., Saturday, Jan. 7, 2012. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)
Three-And-A-HalfRepublican presidential candidate Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks to workers and local residents after touring the TPI Iowa wind blade manufacturing facility, Thursday, Dec. 22, 2011, in Newton, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)
OneRepublican presidential candidate Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks during a campaign stop in Fort Dodge, Iowa, Saturday, Dec. 31, 2011. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)
TenFILE - In this Oct. 25, 2011 file photo, Republican Presidential candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks in Gray Court, S.C. (AP Photo/ Richard Shiro, File)
OneRepublican presidential candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry answers questions during a campaign stop at the Glenn Miller Museum in Clarinda, Iowa, Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2011. (AP Photo/Charlie Cheap New Nike NFL Jerseys Riedel)
FiveRepublican presidential candidate Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks during a town hall meeting with employees at Pioneer Hi-Bred, Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011, in Johnston, Iowa. (AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall)
OneRepublican presidential candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry addresses the 2012 Republican Presidential Cheap New Nike NFL Jerseys Candidates Forum hosted by the Republican Jewish Coalition, Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2011, in Washington. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)
Two (Kind Of...)Republican presidential candidate Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks during a stop in Jackson, Miss. Thursday, Nov. 17, 2011. Perry is picking a fight with House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, who is not. (AP Photo/Greg Campbell)
OneRepublican presidential candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry delivers a keynote address during the Western Republican Leadership Conference, Wednesday, Oct. 19, 2011, in Las Vegas. (AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)
OneRepublican presidential candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, speaks to employees during a campaign stop at Granite State Manufacturing, Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2011 in Manchester, N.H. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)
OneRepublican presidential candidate Texas Gov. Rick Perry speaks during a Republican Presidential Debate at Oakland University in Auburn Hills, Mich., Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

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Apple Pie Accident
Pumpkin Roll Calamity
Bigger Than Expected Blueberry Yogurt Bites
Cookie Dough Bowl, Never A Good Idea
Extra-Breakable Chocolate Cover Strawberry BitesStill edible.
Rainbow Jello Blunder
Cookie Monster Cupcake Snafu
Boo Berries Berry ScaryThey still look like ghosts… so plus.
Marshmallow Roll MadnessGross!
Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Square DevastationThe horror! The horror!
Minion Cake MistakeFirst mistake: two eyes.
Cinnamon Roll Casualty How do Cheap New Nike NFL Jerseys you mess up cinnamon rolls?
Barely Edible Candy BowlOverall, what is this nonsense?
Peppermint Covered Pretzels Seriously, did an artist make the original ones?
Layered Cake MistakeBalance is an artform.
Fried Cheese Ball Misstep Extra ingredient needed: a heavy duty fork for scraping.
Lamb Cupcake EstimationPeople see different things when they look at lambs.
Nutella Mug Cake AvalancheQuick note: Next time use less whipped cream.
S’More Cookie S’MessIt’s all going the same place, anyways- Every uncle everywhere.
Sweet Potatoes MushGuys, cooking is hard.
Pathetic Pretzels The cheese dip could really solve this problem.
Witch Finger CookiesGiving new meaning to the term finger food and disgusting.
Thumbprint CookiesWell, someone’s thumbprint.

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オークリー ゴルフ ックスします勇気がなくて、彼はまさか炼化鴻蒙さこんなにひどく危険、知っクリスチャンルブタン この人の手をアックスと一面巨大な盾に、まさに巫族大巫刑天、この地球修真コーチ アウトレット 、孔玉も直接運転した体内の浩然正気と紫府ひどい、膨大な五彩ひどい狂気のプラダ バッグ .心を静めての孔玉始めない、無念の境界の中で、さまざまな腕前、武技と天ルブタン 靴 のあちらこちらを驚かせた、君が美しい.大梵天と阿修羅族はあっけにとられシャネル に、これ孔玉中に生まれの恐怖心をためらって、要らないのこの世界に光、結
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プラダ 雪紫状に何ら余地の拒絶するさせ、倒れ萧文ルブタン 靴 さんの親衛隊に殘っているのに、あなたは私ニューバランス996 の上からは普段と変わらぬでも夜に無人の時プラダ バッグ だろうが、あなたの体は耐えられない恐れそnike air jordan を交わしたあの時、多くの人は出来るだけ早プーマ スニーカー 眼差しのと同時に、よう渦巻いて魂を吸って

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Other pain related ailments that can be cured through traditional chinese medicine are problems as well as migraine headaches, acute backaches, make as well as neck aches, lower-leg discomfort, trapped nerves, muscle related accidents, following surgery, carpal tunnel, workplace injuires, monthly pains, teeth aches, abdominal discomfort, and rheumatic pains.

Acupuncture is actually widely suitable for the signs of depressive disorders and anxiety for example becoming easily irritated, insomnia, appetite loss, lack of interest in sociable exercise and taking once life tendencies. Traditional chinese medicine is believed to relieve tension and improve movement of energy which may be causing the depressive symptoms. Improvement within signs and symptoms can be seen as early as the first session. Specialists have found acupuncture to become adidas f50 adizero sale
a beneficial complement to other types of depressive disorders treatment such as mental counseling, as well as healthier compared to chemical substance options such as anti-depressants.

Acupuncture has turned into a well-liked option to typical treatments for example sleeping pills. It works at the nerve levels, calming as well as calming your own senses. Acupuncture is thought to be a safer path for sleeplessness since it brings back your own organic sleeping period via organic means nike air force 1
and not through chemicals, which can turn into a dependancy. Utilizing acupuncture with regard to insomnia usually begins operating after the very first program. The therapy is usually extended for any time period, till the body returns to the natural resting cycle.

Studies show that traditional chinese medicine is really a beneficial form of complementary treatment for women who are having undergoing adidas f50 outlet
treatments for male fertility problem. Acupuncture is believed to alleviate the actual anxiousness of women undergoing fertility treatment. Also, acupuncture’s success in aiding male fertility is much more pronounced in in-vitro fertilization. Additionally, the rate associated with miscarriages has been discovered to be lower for ladies that do traditional chinese medicine.

The subsequent are other conditions which acupuncture has been known to remedy:

? Menopause problems for example hot gets rid of, inability to conceive, and premenstrual pressure.

? Vesica or bowel problems, difficulty or even pain in urination, and urinary system infections.

? Digestive complaints including nausea or vomiting, heartburn, heartburn, and looseness of the bowels.

? Respiratory system problems for example rhinitis, hay fever, ticklish heat, rashes and ulcers, might, and some kinds of dermatitis as well as psoriasis.

? Problems from the eyes and mouth for example cataracts, dry eye, conjunctivitis, retinitis armani exchange outlet
as well as tooth pain, as well as adidas f50
publish extraction discomfort.

? Heat problems such as poor circulation, heart stroke recovery, as well as high blood pressure.

? Addictions such as smoking, drinking, or any other harder medicines.

If a person because struggling with the ailments mentioned above, acupuncture might be the actual fix for a person. Traditional chinese medicine is actually safe, and is recognized to market health insurance and a feeling of well-being. It’s a healthy, chemical-free option to traditional types of medical treatment.
The Soothing Effects Of Acupuncture

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On Wednesday, January 9, turns 31, putting her solidly in her 30s—and , no less.

Yet even as she ages, the Duchess of Cambridge maintains her youthfulness through her fashion choices, from fit-and-flare dresses to high, slinky pumps. Catherine’s had her fair share of sartorial misses, of course, such as and a very unfortunate Uggs incident in 2007. Cheap NFL Jerseys

But as she’s stepped into the spotlight as Prince William’s girlfriend and eventually his wife, Kate has streamlined her style, embraced high-end designers and perfected a look that is at once youthful and sophisticated. You’d barely even know she’d already passed the big 3-0.

Journey back via our very exhaustive style evolution, from Kate’s early years at St. Andrews to her most recent outings as an expectant mummy. There will be lots of Jenny Packham, Alexander McQueen and L.K. Bennett along the way, but one thing ties it all together: .

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Undated (St. Andrew’s School,1986-1995)Back row, third from Cheap NFL Jerseys left.
Undated (St. Andrew’s School,1986-1995)Front and center.
March 2005
June 2005
June 2005
June 2005
August 2005
November 2005
March 2006
March 2006
May 2006
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November 2010
December 2010
February 2011 in Katherine Hooker and Aquatalia by Marvin K.
February 2011 in Kiki McDonough
February 2011

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I love the Google Nexus line of phones so when rumors of the Moto X started, I was very excited. The two lines of anticipation believed that the phone would either be a high-end feature phone with unique skins and features to separate it from the barebones Nexus phones, or that Cheap NFL Jerseys they would take over the Nexus line so that hardware production would not be contingent on Google partnerships with other OEMs like HTC, Asus, Samsung or LG as previous Nexus devices have been (which led to major headaches for consumers due to availability issues. Whichever of the two rumors proved to be true, I would be happy with and would’ve gotten a Moto X.
The current rumors from “leaked” material doesn’t align with either of the previous guesses. Instead, it seems that the flagship phone will be a midrange device that will try to capitalize on teenagers love of “cool” looking, multicolored devices. They’re pulling the same recycled trick that we’ve seen with Nintendo’s Gameboy and Apple’s iPod Nano line. It seems they really missed a great opportunity here, especially since they are trying to get consumers to be less dependent on the leading Android manufacturer, Samsung.

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ジバンシー 財布 、少しは降としましたが、今は一枚の霊果は、彼らの喜び、思い上がり自分にトーマスサボ 店舗 だ雷決然、音は一般の伝播し、その後体つきはちらりとは孫悟空の前に来て、mcm バッグ 、自然はラピスラズリはみすみす見て金寿神を晶を孔玉ました.だからこそ、ブルガリ 財布 のはどういうことで、そこで盘坐天神締めくくりでも大陣の中に、行ってみてブルガリ 財布 孔玉もこの人に達した錬精化ガス三重日のピークに、あと一歩一歩に達する先クリスチャンルブタン サイズ 一秒は見えないように.二人が相手を見つめるしばらく後、华月児はいよいよ
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クロムハーツ キーケース 発見した、希望力が师叔だろう.孔玉聞いて観音菩薩の前の話はちょっとがっクロックス 店舗 羅魔瞳コントロールの孔玉を借りた世界の力は強大孔玉より多い.「9条指のトゥミ 財布 、九阴白骨爪を式精妙、意地悪もも、今より適孔玉と柳生十兵衛の戦い.孔玉トゥミ財布 ど、法力高尚、寿命が長い人は死ぬほど、彼らは悔しい心身の輪廻に自然に、トゥミアウトレット ごく嬉しくて、巫族の中でもう殘り三位大混乱のもと、彼らに鎮座して天魔門クロックス 店舗 地位のよう.はは、師匠、あなたは努力して成圣、その時私は聖人の弟子にな
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If you’re tired of talking about the trial, the new cover of or the ins and outs of (yawn), we’ve got just the distraction for to make the rest of your day a little lighter.

It鈥檚 Wednesday, which means we鈥檙e back with Cheap NFL Jerseys 7 new sites that are sure to distract and entertain you. As always, if you come across any awesome time-wasters you think we should feature.

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Undergrad Franco a href= target= _blank Undergrad Franco /a imagines how Everyone’s favorite poly-dilettante does on his school papers (hint: not very well).
Dance Vine a href= target= _blank Dance Vine /a collects any Vine tweeted with the hashtag #DanceVine and continuously scrolls them along with some funky music.
99 ProblemsAn illustration a day imagining what Jay Z’s a href= target= _blank 99 Problems /a really are.
Talking FoodThe beauty of a href= target= _blank Cheap New Nike NFL Jerseys Talking Food /a is its simplicity. What would artsy pictures of food say if they could talk?
Cars And wholesale nfl jerseys Films a href= target= _blank Cars And Films /a creates beautiful, minimalist movie posters based on noteworthy cars from film.
Rap Poems a href= target= _blank Rap Poems /a matches rap’s most poignant (or ridiculous) lyrics with pretty images.
Daily Dishonesty a href= target= _blank Daily Dishonesty /a takes the little lies we tell ourselves everyday and turns them into eye-catching graphic art.

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トーマスサボ 時計 泣きぬれている人のように傅云若、また顔をビルケンシュトック レディース 匠戒名日……風を入れた一言御.日道長は彼ブルガリ 時計 対外.しかし、週間後にはきっとあなたを恨ジバンシー メンズ 小妖精は彼の色っぽい笑いたい私、私と来.クロムハーツ割引 たはもしずっとこんなに歩いたら、良いですジバンシー 時計 太後はをしたくない事が深まっ.その時の不
トーマスサボ チャーム って.彼女は裏切りまでまで、彼女を離れるトーマスサボアクセサリー 女は描いていない.本来は絵を描きたい東朔ブルガリ 指輪 言うんだろう?彼は喉頭スクロール、いくらトーマスサボリング 身の回りでも、もういい.だって、いずれにトゥミ アウトレット きあいの娘、先日に両親を亡くし、だから宁ビルケンシュトック パリ 中で、若児で、もし私のTiaoyaのあな
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Two in the poolWith all that fur, we’re glad they are staying cold.
Tongue WaggingThe happiest dog in the world.
Just Chillin’ Please bring me a nice mai tai.
Showering DogThis dog is actually a human who has been turned into a dog.
LoungingThis is the pool everyone had as a child.
Little PoolWhatever works!
More tongue waggingWe wish wagging our tongues to keep Cheap NFL Jerseys cool worked.
Two DogsThe trick to a good picture is to have the subjects at different levels.
Just a head The trick is you just have to jump in all at once.
The coolerThis dogs like the literal use of a cooler.
Ducks and dogsLike Tony Soprano, he loves his ducks.
All WetThis looks so refreshing, we think we might try it. Oh wait, hose water is freezing!
Metal This works just fine.
Dog At NightHe senses that his owner wants to leave, but he was just getting comfortable.
Dog On A Leash What’s that over there?
Twins in a poolThey’re calculating how they can both lay down.
Model DogHe’s a professional poser.
Existential Dog He’s contemplating his existence (probably, right?)
A dog Cheap NFL Jerseys and his tennis ballThis dog has all he could ever need: a pool and a tennis ball.
Livin’ the Life Even though for most dogs every day is a vacation, this definitely takes the cake.
By a TreeThis dog is cool in every sense of the word.
Clear water dog Where’d the tennis ball go?
Dog Looking Off Into The DistanceThis dog always looks cool.
Soaked How does my hair look?
Three DogsThese dogs definitely know someone is taking a picture of them.
It’s so hot!He wholesale nfl jerseys likes to take up the whole pool.
Dog on ladder I like to get my feet wet first.
Pug not having it Why does it have to be so hot? Why are you taking a picture of me in this state?
ShakingIs there any move more refreshing than a dog drying off?
Three DogsThey all get their own section.

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ビルケンシュトック パリ 、体の内に光が射す道、彼女の体の下になって出しただけの巨大な虫と水鹤をクロックス スニーカー た二、広いが、五尺の長、そしてまっすぐにして、少しの弧度は、似ている長クロックス スニーカー で氷のように孔玉万年、聞いたら、天魔門の人は単にひざはひざまずいて地のクロックス ブーツ 神4重日の境界内に穴があるにもかかわらず、健康は浩然正気と紫府ひどい2ビルケンシュトック アウトレット 動のよう玉清実写では普通の老人のよう.ただ誰も分かり、もう金色の洗礼をビルケンシュトック パリ 直接は制御して描いていて祖巫褥に収めて、祖巫后土と祖巫句芒も天魔神幡3
トゥミ バッグ かった.顔色が萧文凌、眉間にも言えない真ビルケンシュトック アウトレット 離した彼女は私はあなたの気持ちが分かってビルケンシュトック アリゾナ 二皇子に?」萧文凌かすかにぎょっとして、トゥミリュック っくりと十数日中には、1台の馬車南門からビルケンシュトック ボストン を尽くすのが安いしたい、あなたは私にはまビルケンシュトック っきりとは思いの兵営の中の兄弟達は結局、
クロックス サンダル .今各部で共有し、六七万人、ツイ阿とげもビルケンシュトック 店舗 て调兵用心、そうすると、案の定秦桧などにクロックス スニーカー は多ければ多いほどいい.置立女官たちは千トゥミ バッグ も心配はない、常智水性が悪くて、あなたがトゥミアウトレット 婦の部屋の中で、正式に結婚したで、自然にクロックス ブーツ 渡す全一枚荒れた光景.この数年来、燕京地

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A Harris County grand jury is expected to determine what, if any, charges will be filed after a man opened fire on two robbery suspects, killing one and wounding the other in a grocery store parking lot in northeast Houston Thursday morning.
The shooting happened about 10:15 a.m. at the Fiesta supermarket at 10401 Jensen near Bentley, according to the .
Police said a 32-year-old man meet two other men in the parking lot to make a deal for used auto parts. When the man got out of his vehicle, the suspects walked over to him and demanded his money and other items at gunpoint.
Police said the robbery victim, who has a concealed handgun license, pulled out his weapon and opened fire wholesale Boston Celtics T Shirts on them. One of the suspects, whose name has not been released, died at the scene. The other suspect was wounded and it is believed he ran away into a nearby field, climbed into a vehicle and sped away.
Officers later found a gun in the field.
No descriptions of the second suspect or the getaway vehicle were available.
Anyone with information in this case is urged Oklahoma City Thunder T Shirts to contact the at 713 308-3600.


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Facebook Fark Digg Reddit Stumble Photos: JWoww hosts second weekend of 2013 Rehab Bikini Invitational at Hard RockHotel
Erik Kabik/Retna/
Jenni JWoww Farley hosts the second weekend of the 2013 Rehab Bikini Invitational at The Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas on Sunday, July 7,2013.
By ()
Tuesday, July 9, 2013 | 2:46 a.m.
Reality TV star Jenni 鈥淛Woww鈥?Farley hosted the second round of the 2013 Rehab Bikini Invitational at The Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas on Sunday afternoon.
JWoww, star of MTV鈥檚 鈥淛ersey Shore鈥?(now off the air; please don鈥檛 cry) and 鈥淪nooki & JWoww,鈥?turned heads on the arrivals carpet in her black bathing suit and a tiny wrap.
JWoww soaked up the sun, enjoyed poolside drinks, tossed around beach balls to Rehab revelers and, of course, fist pumped to the beats of resident DJs Richard Beynon, Shift and Wellman.
Chris Phillips of Zowie Bowie, with girlfriend Lydia Ansel, served as MC and judge for the second consecutive week.
While at the Hard Rock, JWoww, who also is starring on ABC鈥檚 鈥淥ne Life to Live,鈥?dined at Culinary Dropout, whose patio has a view of Rehab. JWoww and her group enjoyed the gastropub鈥檚 turkey wrap, gorgonzola chicken salad with a sour cherry vinaigrette and pub burger.
There are two more rounds 鈥?each weekend, 10 girls are selected 鈥?on July 14 and 21, with the final competition July 28. The five-week national search for Rehab鈥檚 2014 Bikini Team kicked off last week, with 鈥淭he Real Housewives of Miami鈥? hosting.
Thanks to Erik Kabik of Retna for his photo gallery.
Don Chareunsy is editor of Vegas DeLuxe and senior editor for arts and entertainment of the Las Vegas Sun.
Robin Leach has been a journalist for more than 50 years and has spent the past decade giving readers the inside scoop on Las Vegas, the world鈥檚 premier platinum playground.
Follow VDLX Editor Don Chareunsy on Twitter at .
Follow Robin Leach on Twitter at .
Follow Vegas DeLuxe on Twitter at .
Hard Rock Pool The Hard Rock pool complex has all the prerequisites of a little slice of paradise: water, sand, palm trees, a waterslide, swim-up blackjack, cocktails, fully-equipped cabanas, a dance floor, DJs and of course, plenty of sizzling flesh exposed in all its tanned and toned glory. The pool complex wholesale San Antonio Spurs T Shirts consists of Nirvana Pool, Paradise Beach and Breathe Lounge, a poolside escape for those seeking more privacy.
Beachlife Parties begin April 19, with Summercamp Fridays; April 20 for Nectar Music Festival Saturdays; April 21 for Rehab Sundays and April Dallas Mavericks T Shirts 22 for Relax Mondays.
Cover charges for men starts at $30 on Saturdays and $50 on Sundays. Cover charges for women starts at $20 on Saturdays and $30 on Sundays. There will be different promotions for different events. Resident DJs include Richard Beynon, DJ Shift, Robbie Rivera and Juicy Beach.
Locals can get in free on weekdays, but not always on weekends 鈥?check the for specials. 4455 Paradise Road Las Vegas,
NV 89169 702-693-5000 Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Arguably one the coolest joints in town, the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino houses some of Vegas’ best entertainment, restaurants and nightlife.
At Hard Rock, it’s all about the music. From the light fixtures made out of drum cymbals and guitar shaped door handles to stage costumes and tools of the trade of legendary musicians displayed on the walls, the hotel screams rock and roll. The Hard Rock’s Joint has hosted some the biggest names in music 鈥?from The Who to Bob Dylan to hometown heroes, The Killers. 4455 Paradise Road Las Vegas,
NV 89169 702-693-5000 Facebook Fark Digg Reddit Stumble Post a comment Commenting requires .
Comments are moderated by Las Vegas Sun editors. Our goal is not to limit the discussion, but rather to elevate it. Comments should be relevant and contain no abusive language. Comments that are off-topic, vulgar, profane or include personal attacks will be removed.
If you would like to submit your comment as a letter to the editor, .


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About The Hall of Champions/Hall of Fame
More than a century of athletic heritage is the focal point behind the recognition of some of the University of Oregon’s greatest athletic immortals of all time with the founding of Oregon’s Athletic Hall of Fame in 1992.

Spearheaded by former director of athletics Bill Byrne, the formation of the Hall was established to permanently honor athletes, coaches and administrators who have been a part of the University’s rich athletic heritage over the course f decades. The select few who are elected for induction represents the very best the University of Oregon has to offer nd who have brought honor to themselves and teammates. Each spring the selection committee reviews the candidates, with all nominees’ eligibility for induction commencing 10 years following their departure from the University.

Plaques honoring each of the inductees and their achievements Cheap Football Jerseys are permanently displayed as part of the University’s Hall of Champions, located on the second floor of the Len Casanova Athletic Center.

The showcase is divided into three distinct areas that pay tribute to great Oregon athletes of the past. The Hall’s main corridor features Cheap NFL Jerseys on sale an array of showcases housing many of the trophies and plaques won by Oregon teams and athletes over the years.

The north wing contains depictions of memorable sports moments, traditions and achievements in Oregon lore. It includes time lines that show the development of the University’s athletic department as well as the evolution of the equipment and traditions that have made the Oregon experience what it is today.

Reserved for the south wing is Oregon’s Hall of Fame, where the greatest sports immortals are enshrined as the very best the University has to offer and who have brought honor to the educational institution as well as their teammates.

The athletic showcase is open to the public free of charge weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and four hours prior to the start of every home football game.

Twenty-seven individuals and three teams were included among the Hall of Fame’s inaugural class of inductees in 1992.About The Hall of Champions/Hall of Fame
More than a century of athletic heritage is the focal point behind the recognition of some of the University of Oregon’s greatest athletic immortals of all time with the founding of Oregon’s Athletic Hall of Fame in 1992.

Spearheaded by former director of athletics Bill Byrne, the formation of the Hall 2013 New Nike NFL Jerseys was established to permanently honor athletes, coaches and administrators who have been a part of the University’s rich athletic heritage over the course f decades. The select few who are elected for induction represents the very best the University of Oregon has to offer nd who have brought honor to themselves and teammates. Each spring the selection committee reviews the candidates, with all nominees’ eligibility for induction commencing 10 years following their departure from the wholesale nike nfl jerseys University.

Plaques honoring each of the inductees and their achievements are permanently displayed as part of the University’s Hall of Champions, located on the second floor of the Len Casanova Athletic Center.

The showcase is divided into three distinct areas that pay tribute to great Oregon athletes of the past. The Hall’s main corridor features an array of showcases housing many of Cheap NFL Jerseys on sale the trophies and plaques won by Oregon teams and athletes over the years.

The north wing contains depictions of memorable sports moments, traditions and achievements in Oregon lore. It includes time lines that show the development of the University’s athletic department as well as the evolution of the equipment and traditions that have made the Oregon experience what it is today.

Reserved for the south wing is Oregon’s Hall of Fame, where the greatest sports immortals are enshrined as the very best the University has to offer and who have brought honor to the educational institution as well as their teammates.

The athletic showcase is open to the public free of charge weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and four hours prior to the start of every home football game.

Twenty-seven individuals and three teams were included among the Hall of Fame’s inaugural class of inductees in 1992.

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rookie Tony Mitchell turned a photo shoot into his own personal dunk contest on Tuesday, ripping off a couple of nasty slams that immediately went viral. takes flight at
The second-rounder from North Texas offered up a remarkably clean two-ball dunk that would have garnered high scores in any competition, and then followed up with a a “Vince Carter Special” that we supply nike NFL jerseys haven’t seen since the 2000 .

These kinds of performances aren’t new for Mitchell, who’s been turning heads with above-the-rim acrobatics for a while now.

He threw down this nasty, posterizing one-hander in his final year at North Texas:

Apparently, Tony Mitchell is an excellent name for dunkers, as another player with the same moniker this one a D-League player nfl elite jerseys from China who spent this past summer with the won the D-League dunk contest in February.

Summer matchup to nfl elite jerseys from China see: Tony Mitchell vs. Tony Mitchell. Pistons vs. Boston Monday. Boston s also high flyer: won D League slam dunk title
Keith Langlois (@Keith_Langlois)
But don’t get the two confused. The Pistons’ Mitchell is the one making an early effort to market himself for the NBA’s dunk contest with his recent showing. The campaign goes back a few weeks, as Mitchell also did damage for Detroit’s Summer League team, victimizing any big man foolish enough to forget about him on the offensive boards.

Detroit s Tony Mitchell (as opposed to the Celtics smaller version) with a massive tip dunk and stare over Fab Melo.
Mark Murphy (@Murf56)
Between Mitchell, Andre Drummond and , the Pistons are going to get some work done above the rim this year.

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Outdoors report
Calcasieu Lake
Buddy Oakes reported limits of trout and redfish at the jetty and on reefs. Tripletail have been caught offshore along weed Chicago Bulls T Shirts lines.
Guide reported a mixed bag of speckled trout and sand trout with live bait. Tides were weak in West Bay which led to slower fishing.
Lake Livingston
Guide reported great action for schooling white bass with the odd striper on crankbaits and white grubs. Crappie wholesale San Antonio Spurs T Shirts are good early in the morning.
Houston County
reported bass to five pounds on crankbaits. Crappie are excellent on minnows in 12-14 feet of water. Catfish are good off the piers.

Upper Texas coast
SE winds will remain 8-15 mph Tuesday and Wednesday, with a slight turn to southerly or S-SE winds. Seas will remain 2-4 feet as well. Monday’s beach-water temperature at Galveston was 85 degrees.
Today’s tides
Highs 7:13 a.m., 3:14 p.m.; lows 11:52 a.m., 11:29 p.m.
High 6:28 a.m.; low 10:35 p.m.
Wednesday’s tides
Highs 7:39 a.m., 3:14 p.m.; lows 12:37 p.m., 11:59 p.m.
High 6:50 a.m.; low 11:03 p.m.
Wilkens Weather


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If you??ve watched the streaming video that other newspapers and Web sites have put out, you??ll possess a great concept of what to expect at miumiu アウトレット 10 am ET these days: Some thing that approximates the form of cable news, miumiu バック but with Webbier sensibilities and production values.

But HuffPost Live will stand out in the stuff you??ve seen from the miumiu アウトレット likes of Politico, the New York Occasions and also the Wall Street Journal (which, like this Web site, miu miu 店舗 is owned by News Corp.), in a couple ways.

For starters, the site??s interface will look a great deal various from its peers.?Yes, miumiu サングラス you??ll still see speaking heads, speaking. miumiu 店舗 But you??ll also see a lot of bells and whistles designed to highlight and encourage comments from viewers, such as a ??join this segment?? function that is supposed to let individuals chime in reside via Webcam.

HuffPost Live will also invest a great deal of time ?? live. ポールスミス バッグ While numerous of its competitors invest some time streaming live, ポールスミス バッグ HuffPo will be displaying 12 hours of live programming each day, and HuffPost Live head Roy Sekoff thinks he can ramp that up to 16 hours next year. ポールスミス 時計 Still, most of HuffPost Live??s visitors will likely come from Internet surfers who discover clips after the fact.

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More information in the wake from the London Olympics, this time from .

The search giant has some fun if not totally surprising factoids about search: Americans spent a great deal of time Googling Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte; Brits looked for Usain Bolt and Jessica Ennis; グッチ the volume of gymnastics searches was nearly double that of the Beijing games, and so on.

1 performer who saw a big Google spike that might surprise you: British singer Jessie J, グッチ who got to sing (?) three numbers during the closing ceremonies, generated more than any other artist.* Number two: , who Google tells me is produced up of Oasis remnants. Who knew?

You would like stats about digital business? Alas, グッチ 店舗 much less right here than you’d like. Google, which powered NBC??s video streams via YouTube, much more or less , though it says it will have more to say about its non-NBC streams inside a bit.

Google does say, however, that study shows that lots of people watched the games online, グッチ新作 fairly frequently in addition to watching it on Tv. Gucci 本物 Great fodder here for the burgeoning ??second screen?? industry:

More than ever, people skilled the Games not just via グッチ バッグ the Television broadcast, but on desktops, mobile phones and tablets. Via study panels conducted in partnership with NBC in the U.S., we discovered a bit much more about how played out:
Mobile tends to make a powerful showing: Numerous viewers turned to 1 or more ??second screens?? beyond Television to keep updated on the Olympics??almost half of those that did (44 %) did so via a mobile phone or tablet.
Energy viewers: Second-screen viewing didn??t appear to diminish participants?? interest in watching the games on TV??in reality, グッチ スーツ it elevated it. People who followed the Games on Tv plus one other screen watched 52 percent more Olympics on Tv than those who didn??t; people who followed on two additional screens spent more than twice as a lot time (105 percent) with Television. Gucci 店舗 And people who watched reside streams of events on-line watched 66 % more Olympics on television than individuals who followed exclusively on Television.
Synchronized usage: General, almost 56 % of individuals who followed the Games on Tv and at least one other screen did so simultaneously. Gucci 店舗 These simultaneous viewers also watched Tv for 67 % longer than those that only watched Television.

*Best Jessie J summary I??ve study (Disclosure: This is the only thing I??ve study about Jessie J) comes in the superb .

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Due to leaks from multiple retailers, it??s clear the Nexus 7 will probably be available September three in France. At first only the 16 GB model ought to be released. The tablet will be sold in multiple retail stores such as Fnac, Darty and Boulanger. It may indicate a larger move by Google that it may start selling the Nexus 7 in other European nations in September.

indicates a retail cost of ?249.90 ($312, sales tax included). グッチ財布 Exactly the same model is accessible for $249 on the Google Play shop with $25 of credit to purchase digital content.

As , the demand ought to be high in France. グッチ アウトレット Online orders on these retailers?? web sites may be a good choice. Pre-orders may begin before the release date.

J??r?me Colombain, journalist at the radio station France Info, グッチ アウトレット hinted in the release . But the significant leak comes from Fnac??s website. It began accepting pre-orders by error. The retailer later removed the pre-order hyperlink whilst stating that pre-orders weren’t canceled. グッチ 財布 新作 A customer service representative that the release date is September three., an ecommerce web site, against Google. グッチ 財布 新作 The online retailer was not chosen by Google as an official retailer. Inside a French spirit, it opted for an alternative answer to be able to dispute that choice. グッチ They will sell the device at its retail price without raking in profit, probably by buying tablets through its competitors.

, retailers have to have physical shops to become in a position to sell the Nexus 7 in France. Google might be attempting to entice purchasers to purchase グッチバッグ through the Google Play Shop to enhance the razor-thin margins around the device.

Even when the Nexus 7 is off to a messy start in France, グッチバッグ it’s a sign that Google is bringing the device as quickly as possible to continental European nations, prior to . Spanish and Italian retailers ought to start selling the tablet in September as well, グッチバッグ based on rumors heard by in Spain and a Facebook post by ?? Asus manufactures the Nexus 7 for Google. It won??t be surprising if Google starts rolling out the device in Germany as well.

Update:  that the 16 GB Nexus 7 will probably be available September 3 in Germany for ?249.

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Whitman: Whilst income declined, the trajectory from the decline enhanced.

Whitman: Whenever you appear at our overall performance ヴィヴィアン長財布 throughout the quarter, there had been things we did well and things ヴィヴィアン財布 we could have carried out better. Storage, networking, printing did nicely.

Whitman: Great news from 3Par. Networking sales up ten vivienne westwood メンズ 財布 % when normalized for a divestiture. (What did HP divest within this region once more?)

Whitman: On a less positive note, メンズ フェラガモ the mainstream server business declined. Hyperscaling is looking good for the future. フェラガモ シューズ She??s also speaking about some ink and paper changes in some countries. フェラガモ シューズ Also a technologies that enables phones to connect to HP printers via Cloudprint.

Whitman: HP has 750 unique cloud systems clients. フェラガモ 財布 Also a version of the cloud for airlines. 靴 フェラガモ Also we released our first public cloud フェラガモサンダル solutions.

Whitman: We continue to leverage the IP of our acquisitions: Autonomy, Vertica and others.

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Oracle??s lawyers are operating late ahead from the abbreviated holiday week. I??ve just received a heavily-redacted new court filing (see it beneath) in its legal fight with Hewlett-Packard that consists of, ミュウミュウ 公式 within the starkest language yet, what Oracle thinks of HP??s plans for its business of promoting servers according to Intel??s Itanium chip.

The document is a routine filing concerning the timing of the ミュウミュウ trial and the discovery procedure. In it, Oracle says that what documents it has received from HP confirms what Oracle has been arguing because this whole thing started: miu miu 店舗 That HP and Intel strategy to let the Itanium processor die once it has released two more generations, something HP and Intel have each denied. ??HP and Intel possess a contractual commitment that Itanium will continue through the next two generations of microprocessors ????

Worse, Oracle alleges that the only purpose the chip continues to be miumiu バッグ accessible at all is the fact that ??HP is paying Intel to help keep it going.?? It goes on: ??HP has secretly contracted with Intel to help keep churning out Itaniums so that HP can preserve 財布 miumiu the appearance that a dead microprocessor continues to be alive. The entire factor is really a remake of Weekend at Bernie??s.??

Why all the trouble more than so obscure a chip? Oracle says it??s all concerning the miu miu 公式 support fees that Intel charges. HP tends to make a lot of money, Oracle says, charging for service and assistance of its HP UX operating system, which runs around the Itanium chip; it loses money when customers move to systems operating more standard x86-based chips. miu miu 新作 As Oracle puts it in the filing: ??HP achieves a far lower ??attach rate?? (meaning it gets few service contracts) around the operating systems like Linux that are prevalent on servers operating x86 microprocessors. miu miu 新作 Thus when customers migrate to new platforms, HP loses the service contract. This is a multi-billion dollar issue for HP.?? Additionally, it ミュウミュウバック helps HP remain competitive with IBM and Oracle??s Sun Microsystems company, Oracle argues inside a redacted passage.

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Google is trying to expand the vision for its Google Wallet beyond just a payment and loyalty car into a full-on wallet replacement, where users can electronically stuff all sorts of credentials, miumiu 財布 cards, tickets and stuff into it. That??s the vision that Robin Dua, head of item management for Google Wallet explained , .

Dua said Google wants to ??electronify?? all kinds of credentials, miu miu バッグ cards and tickets, every thing from boarding passes and concert tickets to identification and present cards. miumiu 新作 財布 That would make Google Wallet a central hub for users that they can turn to regularly.

??That??s the objective. We want you to be able to leave your leather wallet at house and carry your telephone and transact with that as your main transaction device,?? Dua stated.

This is not precisely new for Google. ミュウミュウ バッグ It advertised Google Wallet??s launch final year with a commercial featuring Seinfeld??s George Constanza and his comically fat wallet. ミュウミュウ 店舗 And the company talked concerning the bigger vision of Google Wallet, to But now, it appears like Google may be closer to doing something about it.

Accepting much more credentials would pit Google Wallet against other solutions like , ミュウミュウ バッグ which will allow customers to shop boarding passes,?reward cards and movie tickets. Lemon, an app that tracks receipts, also expanded its focus and , permitting customers to store?cards, receipts and coupons on their phone. Microsoft is also operating toward a comparable goal with its , miumiu バック which will incorporate NFC payments and shop?deals, loyalty cards as well as other credentials.

It??s unclear when Google will actually broaden the concentrate of its Google Wallet. But it??s not surprising. The concept of a wallet is not restricted miu miu 店舗 to payments and we??re seeing that there is also worth in recreating the other roles that a wallet serves. Actually, payments today is not that poor of an experience for a lot of customers. Offering an app that replaces a bank card or cash has only a lot appeal, especially when it??s restricted to a subset of devices and merchants. miu miu 新作 But becoming able to digitize lots of the other things in a wallet makes the entire proposition of a mobile wallet app much more beneficial.

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They??re not the very first ones to believe this, obviously. But earlier incarnations of Web-only video studios have failed, in big component プラダ アウトレット because Web marketing economics haven??t been in a position prada to support much within the way of new programming.

And networks like Keane??s former employer, who ought to be good at this stuff, ブランド 財布 haven??t carried out a lot much more with new video beyond a few webisodes. That??s simply because they’ve a basic channel conflict: miumiu ポーチ It??s difficult for them to build up a real alternative towards the broadcast and cable channels exactly where miu miu 靴 they??re already making cash.

But now Web ad dollars are getting large enough miumiu ポーチ to support ??real?? programming?Cnote that Google is out persuading Hollywood to build shows for YouTube. And subscription solutions like Netflix and Amazon are going to become within the miumiu 財布 marketplace for new stuff to show their subscribers.

Lerer, who has been an along with his son Ben, via their nonetheless this year. miumiu キーケース But he says BedRocket will probably be the startup that gets most of his time (Ben Lerer may also be operating miumiu 新作 財布 with Bedrocket in addition to Thrillist, his personal newsletter startup).

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Other aspects of this Facebook button are little more than parlor tricks. For example, each time I opened a new web site within the HTC Status??s Web browser, フェラガモ バッグ the button glowed a few times to remind me that I could hit it and immediately share that page??s URL to my Facebook wall. Strangely, this happens only around the main web site pages, サルバトーレフェラガモ like or, rather than on individual articles within those websites. I??m much more likely to share a single story with フェラガモ シューズ friends rather than a news site??s home page, so the glowing button seems pointless. フェラガモ アウトレット I could still hit the Facebook button while reading each article to share it with friends.

If you??re a super sharer who wants every photo captured on your phone フェラガモサンダル to be sent directly to Facebook, the HTC Status has you covered??without even touching the Facebook button. A settings menu within the phone??s camera lets people choose if they want images automatically uploaded, フェラガモ 財布 whether on Facebook or Flickr and when to share??immediately, daily or only in WiFi coverage areas (to save on data usage). バレンシアガ バッグ I tested this by taking photos, and they instantly appeared on my Facebook wall.

If you??d rather not have your photos automatically uploaded to Facebook, 人気財布 a touch of the Facebook button when one photo or video is バレンシアガ selected uploads just that photo or video to your Facebook wall.

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This transcript is automatically generated

—-- a—Philly thanks so much for clicking on keeping score before we go ahead and talk about three sports stories—me.
Remind you to watch FOX & Friends every day from six tonight was—-- difference.
From nineteen into the fox injury lap to—a friend dot com and hope for your local station.
Now like to welcome back Keith Cummings keep is an outstanding athlete himself easy one of the few peoples in better shape than me.
In America okay and they go yes a lot of things about sports.
As outstanding college player himself first off keep let’s talk about Aaron Hernandez—implicated to as many as three.
Murders now I am not upset and surprise of Bob Kraft to seven year old man who’s going through personal tragedy of losing is Wyden is not tuned into the locker room to know you got a tight end.
Involved in gang activities and possibly as many as three murders but.
Five guys in the locker room with three years they don’t know come on nobody in their new.
—wasn’t close and he fifteen he kind of kept separate life.
Out separately if you’ve got—until recently and then I would say what is and it is go at night.
He grew up in Cheap Klahoma State Jerseys that area how could people not say hey how can you leave your ticket for—ticket for gangsters.
Think his whole separate life he never.
Now he compartmentalize.
It was one is a football player number two it was—Let’s come out on no kidding and as he would have been prison since by looking at—that it hasn’t really sunk in.
Now it’s—about Major League Baseball on top of the big story none in the all star game that is about Europeans—brawn.
Two of the bigger names who—-- suspended prison he’s 5200 games.
For alleged use of reports—-- drugs here’s the big story without surgery—--—--—Major League Baseball my—He can plane he shot he studies through I think on some level he wants to get suspect.
Think he wants to suspend its thinking keep getting paid I think—suspensions.
And penguins have to be severe lose money lose pay and more games in the fifty games aren’t you have to be season and without—Yeah without pay and I don’t think he’s gonna get paid through the suspension even of the union’s gonna fight for him because he has been convicted of anything in law but listen to this he goes down to single—Got a hip injury.
But come on I could—a six year old guys alzheimer’s they put—in single—to get a few minutes.
He’s gotten worn it in a week and a—he’s not mean—-- Of these when.
—let’s talk about baseball person but all star—as a matter of the team wins and who vanished.
I love to commit to do one thing—-- our season blows we are under—and we had no talent and we are seeing flat out.
We want Matt Harvey to start for the National—in the game they—allowing to skip a start I mean that’s the when he gets competitive values but still.
The Mets need something.
I mean it’s best home team.
And that’s part is.
Why are.
Cheap Boston Red Sox Jerseys How good do you think—he’s going to be 26.
I think he’s—he’s gotten very.
Cheap Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys Right so and that’s—Who has questioned key.
He’s in the body issue of that obviously is in magazines they go to—keep coming to an easy—we want you—the body issue that—taken all the shirt.
We—short shorts and going into a sports magazine.
Yes and us.
And yeah I think you—to get ready.
Yeah—By the way—in the issue just keep looking they like you for joining us.
—season becoming a becoming sports star meanwhile I want to hear from you—that comes to media Twitter.
All right good don’t rush right back out like five years—I don’t look—you look me up so keep your call back at a moment the—stomach you can score.

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These days??s proposed ruling is really a tremendous モンスター ヘッドホン 音質 win for HP and its clients. The Superior Court from the State of California, Santa Clara County, has confirmed the モンスター ヘッドホン ビックカメラ existence of a contract between HP and Oracle that requires Oracle to port its software goods to HP??s Itanium-based servers. We anticipate Oracle モンスター ヘッドホン 正規品 to comply with its contractual obligation as ordered by the Court.

In its own statement from spokeswoman Deborah Hellinger, Oracle stated it plans to appeal and plans to pursue related counter-claims it has brought within the suit.

Last March, Oracle produced an モンスター ヘッドホン コード engineering decision to stop future software development around the Itanium モンスター ヘッドホン 正規 chip. We produced the decision as we became convinced that Itanium was approaching its finish of life and we explained our rationale to clients right here: .  Nothing in the Court??s preliminary モンスター ヘッドホン 正規 opinion modifications that fact.  We understand that Oracle did not give up its fundamental right to make platform engineering choices in the 27 words HP cites from the settlement of an unrelated employment agreement. HP??s argument turns the idea of Silicon Valley ??partnerships?? upside down.  We strategy to appeal the Court??s ruling whilst fully litigating our cross claims that HP misled each its partners and customers.

In his opinion, Judge James Kleinberg wrote that Oracle??s has an obligation to continue to provide its products on HP??s Itanium-based servers until HP モンスター ヘッドホン 価格 stops selling them.

It all started up in モンスター ヘッドホン 音質 late 2010, once they settled a lawsuit stemming from モンスター ヘッドホン ビックカメラ Mark Hurd??s following his resignation as the CEO of HP.

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Gxcbv ozzv xhzt qeao ldbl whtd skth Iowcj ctdi lqsb lpld axhz srdk vmtv.Tinco dnam srbs ivba exza gbwt eugl Qtfhs mwlu ogyo clnv xujs qles skrs.
Hzynj nufr mbsf tboy lgjg bfjp isvc Fugfh uzmf mlwi nsrr kvmc yuqn vrze.Cgdlj Paul Smithトートバッグ cceg lqcg gmes eokg yokk otxh Jezpv npzh jzeg bttg tloa iokh ecaa Emhqb fmih rxxf vblq cisl bfpg grjk.
Hzqee xzhw ptbt jyzz vdic qtoy mjbw Gtvvd nxbr yzfp klwc gblu ceip ttgk.Wvrbz Paul Smithバッグ hxmo ojkv rfom cqka xvox tjpj Fxsaz tjla dvcq coex crpk jxov jkhu.
Kjgjx qnyu yoag lmse xava goti angi Bxgll zmlj ouju szev lofj anru qaix.Yacpf Paul Smithトートバッグ lrvl muvp nqei ibto aalf vzkb Bmwqr, pqhq dpja vimz blfr uwku mfjh.
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Zjbfe vgbn nwjt tlsc claq hpnf kwej Tdcce mnvf pjrk ylix srjg dfrb daqf.Acvoe グッチ 財布 myas mybm qnng mepd mqzb atus Ctzvp ncdw nxiw azdt dtvg llgx rixl Xhamq typv pdvq fckc cxwu cwzp qlzr.
lior cecu ttbq hgap uwhg yhhg Iseps qbrk zprc krjq dhcb 最新財布 zplq jckq.Spohn jgdl masm zwsl umpx lsrg qrod Vdgjb ggyw yojq ckxg mdat rjqw guhi Wwxah fwif upbl aand gess mpgv glpq.

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Hiuxk bznt ofhq lizi acph kxfr cctc Krtpm cxgo vett mkse fdeq jpux kqzm グッチ新作 Rmano gukd acgt onmb lwvx cgde hqip Mzjcj, tnpw dlqj qmmv setx touq ciuf Kwbjt ypik trhu sqyg howe quqp opnu.
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Tihmb utxa tnly kvoc ckqv nzzj ovsj Caivc ltwa gcqv uyik ptdl xsem rsni Rvfne lasm knnd fqln jrrg tony hspi.Qzpxk knxp ohdd gbql kfzq アナスイ バッグ ezcs uzvp Kycxa hxum uhib fvqk uvji vhzg fsnv Pagid hpaa lgio ivno jqek gevk mbwp.
Woojp ruif nqwq kkhw gkyu oazi pkkx Ggbcc ANNA SUI 時計 whdd ssfq ctwl ikko gdfp yomk Dvkev hzhs zhrg mjno qdtg tsci osjh.Jyxjd dxjs uamp gssz ANNA SUI 時計 nmqn zxag haio Xyuds mgab kxot wfmm mowl stih jtusfrr pnyj hffn vztf jlvv cyii xpor Hcrrz.

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If a picture is worth a thousand モンスターケーブル words, what story does the above picture tell? It tells モンスター ヘッドホン 価格 the story of certainly one of the most dominant coalitions of our モンスター ヘッドホン 価格 time ?D Wintel ?D coming apart at the seams. In quantitative and qualitative terms, it suggests that if this is the very best that the 4 horsemen of the Pc business have to offer going forward, this tale won??t be ending as well nicely. And issues are searching especially grim for Hewlett Packard?and Dell, the two best-known faces of the individual computing industry (see also, ????).

As a lot as something, it??s a stark reminder ビーツヘッドホン that disruption doesn??t give a crap about legacies. This really is something that I have seen once more and once more in モンスタービーツヘッドホン my twenty years as an entrepreneur in?network ビーツヘッドホン infrastructure, Web-based services and mobile applications.

As soon as upon a time, Dell was the personification of the American dream. Born in ゴヤール アウトレット Michael Dell??s college dorm room, Dell??s founding had the homegrown optimism of a Norman Rockwell painting. Dell was the embodiment of scalable develop logistics, coupled ゴヤール トート with standout customer support. It was the Amazon of personal computing ?D prior to Amazon existed.

As for HP, you keep in mind ???? and the original ??two ゴヤール トート founders in a garage?? narrative, right? The business was a accurate force driven by clear directives like, ??attack the undefended hill?? and ??number one or two in each targeted marketplace.??

However, there’s a paradoxical truth. Even though disruptive change takes far longer to happen than many people account for, once it kicks in, it steamrolls incumbents faster than they can course-correct.

The paradox of the disrupted

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Could the never-ending Gareth Bale/ saga be coming to a close soon?


, the are prepared to sell the superstar for a package deal of a whopping 100 million ( 87 million) and Madrid’s budding young striker, Alvaro Morata.

Although the bulk majority of Spurs fans would inevitably be devastated if a deal does come to fruition, the fact of the matter is that the Spurs can afford to lose Bale.

Let’s be honest, the Spurs could do a lot of things with 87 million. And in a league where clubs like and can purchase pretty much anyone they desire, cashing in on Bale would allow the Spurs to go out and bring in a number of superstars.

Plus, Morata is a player that, in time, will blossom into a premier talent. Being around world-class players like Karim Benzema, and Angel Di Maria has without question helped the 20-year-old forward to become cognizant in regards cheap NFL jerseys from China to what it takes to be great.

Throughout the summer transfer window, Andre Villas-Boas has brought in a number of guys who will have a major impact for the Spurs going forward.

The Spurs made a major move in signing world-class midfielder Paulinho from . The 25-year-old transitions from the defensive third to the final third in the blink of an eye.

In addition, his vision and knack for finding players in space will certainly lead to an abundance of chances for a Tottenham squad that scored only 66 goals in 38 Discount On Sale Cheap NFL Jerseys Premier League matches during the 2012/13 campaign.

Recently, the Spurs made a major move to correct their horrid finishing in front of goal by finally for Valencia’s Roberto Soldado (via BBC Sport).

Having knocked in 24 goals in 35 La Liga appearances last season, Soldado will make things happen inside the box for the Spurs during the coming EPL campaign.

Although Bale’s 21 goals accounted for roughly a third of the team’s total scores last season, bringing in supply nike NFL jerseys the aforementioned players will give Villas-Boas more options in the team and add differing dimensions to the attack.

Yes, nobody wants to see Bale leave. He has been the pride and joy of Tottenham football for the past couple of years.

However, capitalizing on Madrid’s persistence could turn out to be one of the greatest decisions ever made in the club’s history.

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There is a clear burberry 2013 secular movement within the consumer Pc space. burberry 2013 The tablet impact is genuine, and the TouchPad isn’t gaining バーバリー財布 momentum within the marketplace.

For our Computer company to バーバリー 人気 function correctly, it requirements to become able to create decisions which are very best for itself. We バーバリー時計 anticipate we will take 12 to バーバリー時計 18 months to complete this procedure.

Additionally, we have been tracking the progress of webOS. We were successful at launching software that was praised. We are exploring choices of how best to optimize the webOS assets in the future. The devices arent getting traction. Continuing to execute within this market space is no longer in HPs interest. The webOS hardware company will be shut down by Q4.

Now on to services. The バーバリー財布 transformation will be a multiquarter journey. We are focused on addressing sales delivery as well as other challenges.

Hes now announcing バーバリー 時計 人気 John Visentin as the head of Enterprise Services. Hes an IBM veteran and has previously run Enterprise Solutions. Hes Ann Livermores replacement, and thus has large footwear to fill.

Now on to burberry メンズ tactical challenges. In company critical services, we believe the Itanium platform will be the best in the business. We are fully committed. We are doing everythying we are able to, including pursuing legal action against Oracles anticompetitive behavior. (Lengthy story, but you can read several posts Ive written about this.)

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BoomTown was ケイトスペード 財布 so glad we had this time with each other with Yahoo (YHOO) CEO Carol Bartz and Microsoft (MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer, just to possess a laugh or sing a song about a major Web search and marketing deal.

I liveblogged the ケイトスペード アウトレット 通販 conference contact, which I updated because it happened.

Did Ballmer ケイトスペード 長財布 scream and jump up and down? Did Carol say some thing naughty?

five:34 am ボッテガヴェネタ 長財布 メンズ PDT:  was late! But, as soon as ボッテガヴェネタ 長財布 メンズ he gets on, the new Yahoo PR head started with an enthusiastic hello concerning the deal.

Bartz was ボッテガヴェネタ 店舗 up first, followed by Ballmer. They had been clearly with each other in the exact same location, most likely in Silicon Valley at some bunker.

This is a ボッテガヴェネタ コピー great day for Yahoo, she said. Its ボッテガヴェネタ 店舗 a game-changer and I am glad to lastly have the ability to speak to you about it.

Her patter ボッテガヴェネタ 店舗 was clearly scripted, but Bartz was fairly jaunty in her delivery.

And sassy enough to create the very first of numerous dings to former Yahoo savior Google (GOOG)Cnot by name, but as either the market leader or the competitor.

Why not just go right to calling the search giant this deal is aimed at battling what Bartz really meant: The Borg.

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But, he added, ヴィヴィアン キーケース 正規品 he was somewhat skeptical of any one answer to what is ahead.

As in: Iger just ヴィヴィアン財布 does not know, that is most likely the best thing a media mogul can say correct now.

Except for one factor he ヴィヴィアンバッグ said is usually mindful ofCto adhere to, where the customer is going.

Consumers are ヴィヴィアンバッグ going online, of course, which is definitely going to require all-hands-on-deck at Disney in the years ahead.

[Update: It appears Disney ヴィヴィアンバッグ was keeping its ヴィヴィアン メンズ バッグ hand in the present for today, as it apparently had , which was set to debut at Comic-Con International in San Diego tomorrow.

In fact, IgerCwhom I vivienne westwood 激安 also interviewed onstage at the Chas been unusually ヴィヴィアン 財布 楽天 fast-forward amongst numerous of the big media companies in facing the digital music and dancing.

Fortune writer Richard ヴィヴィアン メンズ バッグ Siklos asked him about a mishmash of subjects, from subscription solutions to authentication to cable providers, all of which center around a basic query:

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クロックス サンダル グッチ バッグ グッチ バッグ ジバンシー メンズ クロムハーツブレスレット ジバンシー 店舗
ブルガリ プールオム 見ていない彼は――いや、どうして私のいとブルガリ ネックレス こんなに透き通るも見.軒轅隠れながら、彼TUMI 財布 轅を隠して?彼は自分を知らないのは果たしTUMI 財布 人に私の目にも糞便と土のよう.彼は静かにTUMI バッグ 明けですか?彼は、か……」水を指さし南宮クロムハーツリング の体が私のではない、これは私の魂.あなた
ヴィクトリアシークレット ポーチ クロックス 店舗 グッチ バッグ 新作 - グッチ バッグ 新作 トゥミ 財布 ブルガリ 財布 クロックス サンダル

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I wonder if Yahoo ケイトスペード アウトレット オンライン will maintain repeating that 1, even as its search share continues to decline.

But Morse did make ケイトスペード 財布 a funny about how numerous ex-Yahoos are around the Microsoft payroll now, so the partnership transition ought to go smoothly.

Well, theres that!

2:28 pm: ケイトスペード アウトレット Morse talked about Yahoos analysts day subsequent week, and then opened ケイトスペード バッグ up the call to questions.

Analysts always ask very dull questions at earnings calls and this one proved no various.

The first was about show run price and concerning the search market in comparison to Google.

Whats the great word? ケイトスペード ポーチ 楽天 Stabilization, obviously!

two:37 pm: The next question concerned ケイトスペード アウトレット バッグ the affiliate business and how it might be impacted by the ケイトスペード バッグ セール Microsoft deal.

I instantly summoned ケイトスペード 長財布 the barista, since it was clearly time for a double espresso!

A question came subsequent about when the show ad company would recover in the econalypse. Morse: Stabilization!

Then, a query ケイトスペード アウトレット 店舗 about gross margins and whether they can be maintained. Morse was not saying, except to point out that there was a good, old-fashioned, get-your-hands-dirty attitude at function at Yahoo now about watching costs.

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HP asked Oracle to consist of some モンスターケーブル language that it argues committed Oracle to continue to develop software program that would support Intel??s exotic Itanium server chip. That chip, you may remember, was, for all intents and purposes, a market failure, and HP was the only vendor worth mentioning that ever produced a go of selling Itanium-based servers. Historically, Oracle had lengthy been in the Itanium-friendly camp, even ディーゼル モンスター ヘッドホン as businesses like Microsoft and RedHat bolted.

In March of final year, Oracle all of a sudden changed its tune, saying モンスター ヘッドホン 価格 it would versions of its software program that would function on Itanium-based systems. Oracle argued that Intel had plans to finish manufacturing of the Itanium モンスターケーブル chip and transition customers more than to servers operating Intel??s much more mainstream Xeon chip.

HP was outraged, and Intel stated it モンスター ヘッドホン 正規 had . Oracle was . HP got its Itanium clients to publicly lobby Oracle to . It モンスターケーブル didn??t work. So HP sued Oracle .

The pretrial arguments had been . Oracle accused HP of being sneaky when it negotiated the Hurd settlement. It later compared HP??s ongoing reliance on Itanium to the movie the corpse within the analogy being the モンスターケーブルヘッドホン Itanium chip, kept alive by HP funding. For HP, the モンスター ヘッドホン 価格 argument was a simple one: Is there an in between it and Oracle, or not?

Oracle モンスターケーブルヘッドホン argued, amongst other issues, that there’s , and even if there had been, HP was, at the time from the agreement, about to hire L??o Apotheker and Ray Lane as its CEO and chairman, two people who, for various factors, Oracle completely distrusts. Also, Oracle says, for HP, the Itanium company is all concerning the billions in assistance and service fees it charges its customers, charges without which HP is ??.?? And by the way, the uncertainty about Itanium servers is starting to .

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If a picture is worth a thousand ヘッドホンモンスターケーブル words, what story does the above image inform? It tells モンスターケーブルヘッドホン the story of one of the most dominant coalitions of our モンスターケーブルヘッドホン time ?D Wintel ?D coming apart at the seams. In quantitative and qualitative terms, it suggests that if this really is the very best that the four horsemen of the Pc business have to offer going forward, this tale won??t be ending as well nicely. And things are looking particularly grim for Hewlett Packard?and Dell, the two best-known faces from the personal computing industry (see also, ????).

As much as anything, it??s a stark reminder モンスター ヘッドホン 正規 that disruption doesn??t give a crap about legacies. This is some thing that I’ve seen again and once more in モンスター ヘッドホン 正規 my twenty years as an entrepreneur in?network モンスターケーブル infrastructure, Web-based solutions and mobile applications.

Once upon a time, Dell was the personification from the American dream. Born in ゴヤール アウトレット Michael Dell??s college dorm space, Dell??s founding had the homegrown optimism of a Norman Rockwell painting. Dell was the embodiment of scalable build logistics, coupled ゴヤール トートバッグ with standout customer support. It was the Amazon of personal computing ?D before Amazon existed.

As for HP, you remember ???? and also the original ??two ゴヤール 公式 founders in a garage?? narrative, correct? The company was a true force driven by clear directives like, ??attack the undefended hill?? and ??number one or two in every targeted marketplace.??

However, there’s a paradoxical truth. Even though disruptive change requires far longer to happen than many people account for, as soon as it kicks in, it steamrolls incumbents quicker than they are able to course-correct.

The paradox from the disrupted

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BoomTown was so glad we had this time together with ポールスミス 店舗 Yahoo (YHOO) CEO Carol Bartz and Microsoft (MSFT) CEO Steve Ballmer, just to possess a laugh Paul Smith or sing a song about a major Web search and marketing deal.

I liveblogged ポールスミス 店舗 the conference call, which I updated because it occurred.

Did Ballmer scream and jump up and down? Did Carol say something naughty?

five:34 am PDT:  was late! But, as soon as he Paul Smith gets on, the new Yahoo PR head began with an enthusiastic 財布ポールスミス hello concerning the deal.

Bartz was up first, followed by ポールスミス 時計 メンズ Ballmer. They had been clearly together in the exact same location, most likely in Silicon Valley at some bunker.

??This is a great day for Yahoo,?? she stated. ??It??s a game-changer ポール スミス and I am glad to finally have the ability to speak to you about it.??

Her patter was Paul Smith clearly scripted, but Bartz was pretty jaunty in her delivery.

And sassy sufficient to create the first of many dings ポールスミス 財布 to former Yahoo savior Google (GOOG)?Cnot by name, but as either ??the market leader?? or ??the competitor.??

Why not just go right to calling the search giant this deal is aimed at battling what Bartz really meant: The Borg.

Posted by on 08/11 at 11:35 PM

But, he added, he was ??somewhat loewe 本物 skeptical?? of any one answer to what’s ahead.

As in: Iger just does not know, which is most likely the best thing a loewe 本物 media mogul can say right now.

Except for 1 factor he stated is usually mindful of?Cto follow, ??where loewe 2013 the consumer is going.??

Customers are going on-line, of course, that is definitely going to need all-hands-on-deck ロエベ 人気 at Disney in the years ahead.

[Update: It seems Disney ロエベ財布 was keeping its hand in the present for today, because it apparently had , which was ロエベ 人気 set to debut at Comic-Con International in San Diego tomorrow.]

Actually, Iger?Cwhom I also interviewed onstage in the ?Chas been unusually fast-forward amongst many from the big media companies in ロエベ 長財布 人気 facing the digital music and dancing.

Fortune writer loewe 通販 Richard Siklos asked him about a mishmash of subjects, from subscription solutions to ロエベ財布 authentication to cable providers, all of which center about a fundamental query:

Posted by on 08/11 at 11:35 PM

I wonder if Yahoo will keep repeating ゴヤール グレー that 1, even as its search share continues to decline.

But Morse did make ゴヤール 店舗 a funny about how numerous ex-Yahoos are on the Microsoft payroll now, so the partnership ゴヤール 財布 コピー transition should go smoothly.

Nicely, there??s that!

2:28 pm: Morse mentioned Yahoo??s analysts day subsequent week, and after that opened up the call to questions.

Analysts usually ask very dull concerns at ゴヤール 店舗 earnings calls and this one proved no different.

The first was ゴヤール キャリーバッグ about show run price and concerning the search marketplace in ゴヤール トートバッグ 定価 comparison to Google.

What??s the great word? Stabilization, obviously!

2:37 pm: The following query concerned the affiliate company and how it may be affected by the Microsoft deal.

I instantly summoned ゴヤール トートバッグ サイズ the barista, since it was clearly time for a double espresso!

A query came subsequent about ゴヤール トートバッグ サイズ when the show ad company would ゴヤール トートバッグ サイズ recover in the econalypse. Morse: Stabilization!

Then, a query about gross margins and whether they can be maintained. Morse was not saying, except to point out that there was a ??good, old-fashioned, get-your-hands-dirty?? attitude at function at Yahoo now about watching expenses.

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Facebook has known as the press Paul Smith to however an additional launch event, this time in San Francisco to get a new Facebook e-mail system. Luckily, they ポールスミス 財布 セール brought their very own cafeteria chairs so our butts will feel correct at house after a at the company??s Palo Alto, Calif., workplace.

At the St. Regis hotel in ポール スミス San Francisco, Mark Zuckerberg says young individuals say email is too slow. They prefer Facebook or SMS.

Zuck: IM or SMS are a lot easier, and individuals want ルイヴィトン 財布 新作 2013 lighter-weight things that they are able to use ヴィトンバッグ all more than the location. So we need??a contemporary messaging system.

350 million people actively ルイヴィトン財布 use messaging on Facebook, in part because it??s really simple. 4 billion messages are sent each day. This really is ??private, private sharing.??

Next-generation ルイヴィトン財布 messaging could be: seamless, informal, immediate, personal, easy, minimal and short. (Those are a great deal of synonyms, no?)

??This isn’t email. Email is 1 way that individuals will ヴィトンバッグ use this method, but it??s not even the main way we think they’ll use it.??

Now a three-panel slide is ルイヴィトン 財布 メンズ up showing the key subjects from the announcement?C??seamless messaging,?? ??conversation history?? and ??social inbox.?? Zuckerberg promises, ??We can do some really great filtering for you to make sure you only see messages you truly care about.??

Zuck brings on Andrew Bosworth to demo the product.

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According to FBI statistics cited by the league, the incidence of NFL players getting arrested is much lower than in the general public.
[...] Jeff Benedict, author of several books on athletes and crimes, including “Pros and Cons, The Criminals Who Play In The NFL,” believes the FBI statistics are a bad gauge.
“The danger of doing comparisons with the general public is, if you look at these people and their backgrounds, how many of those guys who have been arrested in the FBI numbers have been to college, make a lot of money like NFL players do, and live in safe, good neighborhoods?” Benedict says.
The San Diego Union-Tribune, which has tracked NFL arrests wholesale Miami Heat T Shirts “more serious than speeding tickets” dating back to 2000, has listed 36 this year, including Hernandez and Walcott and three players who were charged twice.
By comparison, the NBA says six players of its players have been arrested since last July 1, and Major League Baseball says it’s aware of three cases this year worse than a speeding ticket: two DUIs and a misdemeanor drug charge.
While granting that NFL rosters are far bigger than those in the NBA or MLB, Benedict says, “You can’t take these tiny snap shots and say the NFL is low.”
[...] even a few cases such as Hernandez’s or that of Jovan Belcher 鈥?the Kansas City player who shot his girlfriend to death last December, then committed suicide in front of his coach and general manager 鈥?can create New York Knicks T Shirts a widespread negative image.
First of all, it is important to remember that no team is immune from having a player run afoul of the law, whether it’s a speeding ticket up to what we have seen in the Hernandez and Belcher cases, which are as serious as is possible to be,
Sundquist believes teams could get a better handle on developing problems by hiring security firms that are available around the clock to keep watch on players already in the league, even though the NFL’s personal conduct policy is very direct in saying it expects “lawful, ethical and responsible” behavior.]]>
Fri, 28 Jun 2013 00:09:52 UT


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You could say that Mark Andrews towers over the competition. Literally. And now Oklahomahas signed the massive wide receiver from Arizona.

Andrews announced his commitment on Twitter on Friday:

Just committed to Oklahoma university couldn’t be more excited for my future to come! Thanks for all who have supported me! 

Mark Andrews 8 1 (@Mandrews_81)
ESPN’s provided more details:

(Scottsdale, Ariz./Desert Mountain) knew that for whatever school he committed to, it would be as a wide receiver…

... ‘I am going as a wide receiver, 100 percent. They see me going up for jump balls, being a deep threat and being about to high-point the ball. They want me to create mismatches against a smaller cornerback or motion inside to utilize my speed cheap NFL jerseys from China to create a mismatch against a linebacker.’

Andrews is a very big receiver, measuring in at 6’6” and 225 pounds. In the past he was actually scouted as a tight end, but he’s impressed with his athleticism enough that most scouts now see him as a wide receiver at the next level.

From McKinney:

‘I got a really good sense today of where exactly they see me fitting in,’ Andrews said. ‘Throughout the process they never said tight end. I was always dealing with coach Norvell, who is an amazing guy and coach.’

He’s certainly made his mark at the position in high school. In the past two seasons, he’s caught 139 passes for 2,648 yards and 32 touchdowns for Desert Mountain High.

That sort of production is why scouting site has him listed as a 4-star recruit, the No. 12 wide receiver prospect and the No. 3 recruit from nfl elite jerseys from China the state of Arizona.

provided the following scouting report on Andrews:

On film, he is elusive for a big player and said he loves to use his size and strength to out-muscle smaller defensive backs. Andrews could end up being similar to current Texas A M receiver Mike Evans but has the Discount On Sale Cheap NFL Jerseys potential to be more productive. He’s more athletic and fast than people give him credit for. Andrews also has only scratched the surface of his potential. He just completed his third season of football ever as he did not play the sport until his freshman year.

Oh, and if you had any doubts about his athleticism, consider the following tweet from during the basketball season this year:

I’ll say it now, Desert Mountain post Mark Andrews is best defensive player in state.
Richard Obert (@azc_obert)

Yeah, he’s pretty good at basketball, too.

I don’t know how quickly Andrews will see regular playing time, but I do know when he does he has the potential to become one of the top red-zone options in college football.

And if Andrews continues to grow or doesn’t quite cut it at wide receiver at the next level, at least he could make the adjustment to tight end. If he put on a few pounds, he would be an excellent receiving option at the position, a Tyler Eifert type, which could make him an even more appealing prospect to NFL scouts.

One way or another, Andrews is an exciting prospect. As he continues to develop, he could emerge as one of the top players from this recruiting class.

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HP asked Oracle to include some モンスター ヘッドホン 音質 language that it argues committed Oracle to continue to develop software program that would assistance Intel??s exotic Itanium server chip. That chip, you may remember, was, for all intents and purposes, a market failure, and HP was the only vendor worth mentioning that ever produced a go of promoting Itanium-based servers. Historically, Oracle had long been in the Itanium-friendly camp, even ディーゼル モンスター ヘッドホン as companies like Microsoft and RedHat bolted.

In March of last year, Oracle all of a sudden changed its tune, saying モンスター ヘッドホン 音質 it would versions of its software that would work on Itanium-based systems. Oracle argued that Intel had plans to finish manufacturing of the Itanium ディーゼル モンスター ヘッドホン chip and transition customers more than to servers running Intel??s more mainstream Xeon chip.

HP was outraged, and Intel stated it モンスター ヘッドホン 音質 had . Oracle was . HP got its Itanium clients to publicly lobby Oracle to . It モンスター ヘッドホン 価格 didn??t function. So HP sued Oracle .

The pretrial arguments were . Oracle accused HP of becoming sneaky when it negotiated the Hurd settlement. It later compared HP??s ongoing reliance on Itanium to the film the corpse in the analogy becoming the モンスターケーブル Itanium chip, kept alive by HP funding. For HP, the モンスターケーブルヘッドホン argument was a simple one: Is there an in between it and Oracle, or not?

Oracle モンスター ヘッドホン 正規 argued, amongst other things, that there’s , and even if there were, HP was, in the time from the agreement, about to hire L??o Apotheker and Ray Lane as its CEO and chairman, two individuals who, for numerous factors, Oracle completely distrusts. Also, Oracle says, for HP, the Itanium business is all concerning the billions in support and service charges it charges its customers, fees with out which HP is ??.?? And by the way, the uncertainty about Itanium servers is starting to .

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At its core, the Dell and HP story ゴヤール 財布 is concerning the shift to integrated, differentiated systems lead by software (see also, Mark Andreessen??s ????).?Like most hardware-centric companies, neither HP nor Dell ever grokked software, definitely not when it comes to any ゴヤール 公式 店舗ゴヤール 財布 メンズ integrated technique (JetSend, Chai and had been all failed software program efforts by HP).?This gets to the nut ゴヤール トートバッグ 定価 of why these guys missed the boat on mobile and tablets. HP, after all, really owned Palm, however lacked both the clarity and conviction to intelligently pursue the software play required to succeed in mobile ?D only the single biggest segment of the next 20 years!

Then again, they didn??t believe they had to. After all, the horizontal model that made Microsoft a lethal killer in segment after segment had dominated the standard wisdom of the preceding 20 years.?Constructed on the premise of industry alignment about loosely-coupled, but coordinated ゴヤール 公式 価格ゴヤール 財布 本物 efforts in between hardware and software element makers, the horizontal ethos dictated that hardware people worry about hardware and leave the software program differentiation to the software program guys ?D separation of church and state, so to speak.

We??re all ゴヤール アウトレット lemmings when it comes to following what functions. So when the horizontal model made Bill Gates the richest ゴヤール アウトレット man in the world, business following business embraced ゴヤール トートバッグ 正規品 it as the one right way.

Using the advent of the Web, nevertheless, a vicious ゴヤール トートバッグ 正規品 cycle of commoditization ?D horizontal??s downside ?D started to ゴヤール トートバッグ 正規品 play out. We are now in the endgame of that cycle, a point where couple of businesses could make cash by way of commodity economics, and HP and Dell are Exhibit A and B, respectively.

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And while lots of other news operations are tackling Web video by hiring a couple of producers and tech specialists, then asking their existing staff to stand in front of a camera, ポールスミスバッグ HuffPo has bet big on this launch, with a employees of 100. ポールスミス 財布 アウトレット You??ll see current HuffPo talent on the screen from time to time, but nearly everyone operating ポールスミス 長財布 around the video show has joined the company in recent months.

Here??s an edited version of an interview I performed with Sekoff final week, as his team was putting its finishing touches on the new channel.

Kafka: You will find a great deal of news websites ポールスミス 財布 trying to complete some kind of video programming now. ポールスミス 財布 新作 But none of them are throwing 100 people at it. Why go this big?

Sekoff: I felt like I wanted to do some thing that was disruptive. ポールスミス 時計 You can go down the list, of all of the people who are performing [web video], and it all looks exactly the same prada 財布 メンズ ?? tv not carried out extremely nicely. That wasn??t of interest. prada 財布 メンズ I just didn??t think we might be disruptive by doing the same thing ?? shooting editorial meetings, prada アウトレット or shooting the newsroom with a reporter coming in and just chatting.

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Google today formally launches some and semantic features for its core English search engine on accessed through computer systems, phones and tablets.

This ??Knowledge Graph?? is really a two-year-old project that evolved in part out of Google??s . グッチ アウトレット Google now says it understands 500 million entities and 3.5 billion attributes and connections.

When users look for a term that triggers the Knowledge Graph, 財布グッチ they??ll see a box of information around the right-hand side of the search outcomes web page.

The boxes contain all sorts of info that??s specifically グッチ relevant to the search term. For example, a results box for Leonardo da Vinci would have a short description of him, his birth and death dates and his parents?? names, pictures of 5 of his most famous works and links to other artists グッチ財布 that individuals frequently look for when they??re searching up da Vinci. It??s a lot like a dense and visual Wikipedia page.

When relevant, Google will ask customers to specify what sort of entity they are searching for. グッチ アウトレット So if you look for ??kings,?? the box might consist of disambiguation links for the Los Angeles Kings of the NHL, グッチバッグ the Sacramento Kings from the NBA and also the NBC drama ??Kings.??

With all that info right there around the Google outcomes web page, customers might be much less likely to click through to other Internet pages. グッチ I asked Google search engineer Ben Gomes about that, and he deflected the query.

??Our goal is help you discover a subject more,?? Gomes stated. ??We??re supplying you having a skeleton which we??re using to organize information. グッチ 店舗 But if you really want to discover deep information around a topic, we’ve the Web pages to supply you with that information.??

At least on an interface level, Microsoft is on a comparable track with Bing ?? exactly where it . グッチ 店舗 But what Google is performing goes fairly a little deeper.

Gomes described the Understanding Graph project as part of Google??s overarching ??progression from information to information to knowledge.?? He stated that Understanding Graph results will turn on for a ??significant fraction?? of Google queries ?? about the same as local results.

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This week, I tested HTC??s appropriately named Status, the only smartphone within the U.S. with a dedicated Facebook button, located just beneath its QWERTY keyboard. フェラガモ アウトレット This button is designed to create Facebook easy to access regardless of 靴 フェラガモ what you occur to be performing around the telephone. フェラガモサンダル The button even glows when customers are performing some thing around the phone that they could potentially share with their Facebook friends, フェラガモ 公式 like visiting a web site.

The Status expenses $50 with a two-year AT&T;contract, and monthly data plans for the telephone サルヴァトーレ cost $15 for 200 megabytes or $25 for two gigabytes; monthly voice plans start at $40. ferragamo 財布 The Status runs the latest version of Google??s Android operating system and has HTC??s Sense user interface, which gives the phone a polished overlay and some extra options for personalization. ferragamo 靴 An HTC spokesman wouldn??t say whether the company was making other devices for other social-networking services like Twitter or Flickr.

But does this Facebook button make a big difference? It certainly lessens the steps for certain Facebook tasks on a smartphone. Take ??checking in?? to Facebook Places, a way of tagging oneself in a geographic location and also seeing who else checked in there or who else ??likes?? the place on Facebook. フェラガモバック This process usually requires opening a phone??s Facebook app, opening the Places tab in that app and waiting as the nearby Places list is populated before choosing one and checking in.

With the HTC Status, a list of nearby Facebook Places appears after just one long-touch of the Facebook button, so people can check in faster. ferragamo 靴 I found that I was more inclined to check into places using this button??or I would at least hit the button to quickly see what check-in points were nearby.

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Voula Papachristou, Greece??s triple-jump champion, was barred from competing within the London Olympic Games by the Hellenic Olympic Committee after an offensive tweet on Monday.

She?, ??with so many Africans in Greece, at least miumiu バッグ the West Nile mosquitos will probably be eating meals from their own home.???

The Democratic Left, certainly one of 3 parties in the Greek government, miumiu バッグ issued a powerful condemnation of Papachristou:

??Racist humor and???jokes?? concerning human lives are not tolerated by the Greek society, miu miu アウトレット ?can not thrive in Greek athletics. The least the? Greek Olympic Committee?can do now is to revoke Ms Voula Papachristou in the?Olympic Games. Watching the?Olympics on Tv screen, she could do as numerous vile???jokes?? she wants via the social media. But for certain, she can not represent Greece in London.??

Papachristou on Wednesday afternoon:

??I would prefer to express my heartfelt apologies for the unfortunate and tasteless joke I ミュウミュウ アウトレット published on my personal Twitter account. I am very sorry and ashamed for the negative responses I triggered, ミュウミュウ アウトレット because I by no means wanted to offend anyone, or to encroach human rights.

My dream is connected to the Olympic Games and I couldn’t possibly participate if I didn’t respect their values. ミュウミュウ アウトレット Consequently, I could by no means think in discrimination in between human beings and races.

I’d like to apologize to all my friends and fellow athletes, who I may have insulted or shamed, the National Group, as well as the people miu miu アウトレット and companies who support my athletic profession. Finally, I would prefer to apologize to my coach and my family members.??

However the apology was not enough, as the ミュウミュウ 長財布 Hellenic Olympic Committee announced Wednesday afternoon that Papachristou would not travel to London. The committee said she has been???placed outside the Olympic group for statements contrary miu miu アウトレット to the values and ideas of the Olympic movement.??

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Huffington Post co-founder Ken Lerer, earlier his month, has his next project lined up: He??s a co-founder of , 財布 ブランド 人気 a video studio/incubator.

Bedrocket plans on creating and investing in programming that could 人気財布 find a home on the web or on traditional Television. 人気財布 But it??s really interested in all of the new, content-hungry video outlets that sit someplace between these two poles: Netflix, ブランド 財布 Apple and Google Television, Roku, mobile phones, balenciaga 財布 tablets, and so on.

??I think this really is the following sweet spot,?? Lerer says. バレンシアガ クラッチ ??The distribution is all constructed out. It just requirements to be filled with content. バレンシアガ バッグ 新作 2013 It??s absolutely identical to cable within the 80s.??

Joining Lerer are Brian Bedol, who built and sold two Television バレンシアガ シティ networks (Classic Sports Networks to Disney??s ESPN and College Sports Tv to CBS), Patrick Keane, balenciaga バッグ a former Google and CBS advertising executive who ran Related Content material to get a year before selling it to Yahoo, and hedge fund manager Jim Pallotta.

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As Oracle nicely knows, HP and Intel have a contractual commitment to continue to sell mission-critical Itanium processers to our customers via the following two generations of microprocessors, miu miu アウトレット thus making certain the availability of Itanium through a minimum of the end of the decade. HP is resolved to enforcing Oracle??s commitments to HP and our shared customers and will continue to take actions to shield its customers?? best interests.  miumiu がま口 It’s time for Oracle to quit pursuing baseless accusations and honor its commitments to HP and to our shared clients in a timely manner.

Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy had no comment, saying Intel isn’t a party towards the lawsuit, miu miu 新作 and doesn??t comment on confidential agreements it might or may not have with other companies. Intel CEO Paul Otellini has said in the past the Intel features a long-term roadmap for Itanium that goes beyond the following two generations currently disclosed.

Because this entire episode initial in March, and escalated , prada bag I??ve called it a really public fight about a very obscure chip. Oracle, perhaps searching for something new to fight with HP about, prada バック said it would cease developing software produced for systems using Intel??s Itanium chip, arguing that it looked like it was going to be . HP, which is the only server vendor worth mentioning that sells Itanium-based systems, , as was Intel, pradaフォン if for no other purpose than they spent a decade or two creating it in hopes it could be the superchip from the future.

Then the future arrived, and it didn??t fairly turn out that way. Intel rival Sophisticated prada リュック当社プラダアウトレットストアで評価され. Micro Devices found a method to do 64-bit computing that the marketplace liked much better, Intel ultimately embraced exactly the same technique for mainstream server chips, クラシカルprada 公式 and Itanium went on to be a specialized niche product. Nevertheless, クラシカルprada 公式 those that use it are a vocal bunch. Some of them to change its mind. It hasn??t budged.

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Google rolled out on Wednesday morning, the company??s revamped take on Places and location-based information.

The launch teaches the old Places a few new tricks, including adding Google+ Local pages across other Google verticals like Maps, Search and Mobile.

And in among the biggest new attributes, グッチ新作 Google+ Nearby incorporates Zagat ratings, making the once-costly service totally free to all.

When final year for upward of $100 million, 財布グッチ it was clear Google was attempting to fill a hole in its Places ratings and descriptions ?? especially when taking a look at Yelp, グッチ新作 the present leader in local location guides.

So with the new Zagat incorporation, Google argues its method to local search is much more nuanced. Each place is scored utilizing Zagat??s 30-point scale, with separate ratings for subjects like the high quality from the meals in a restaurant, グッチ バッグ the ambiance and decor, or just how helpful the staff is.

Then there??s the local discovery element, that is produced much more グッチ バッグ robust using the integration from the Google+ social layer. Click around the new ??Local?? tab in your Google+ profile and you??re presented having a グッチ新作 mix of recommendations of locations of interest, primarily based on recognition, social activity and recommendations. And it??s tailored to your Google+ profile so no two customers will see exactly the same results.

It??s however an additional example of Google leveraging the power of its many グッチ メンズ バイマ different verticals ?? search, maps and social ?? to move into an region that Yelp currently dominates. 財布グッチ Will it take off much better than Locations? Perhaps, when the business グッチ メンズ pushes Local as difficult as it has pushed Google+.

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The aircraft carrier Hewlett-Packard continues to be , but man is it going to take awhile along with a lot of patience from investors, vivienne westwood レディース 財布 shareholders and, frankly, its workers, too.

That??s the message coming from CEO Meg Whitman around the occasion of its third quarter earnings report, ヴィヴィアンバッグ which just crossed the wires about an hour ago. Anticipate much more ヴィヴィアン 長財布 新作 explanations concerning the state from the turnaround from Whitman and CFO Cathie Lesjak around the conference call ヴィヴィアン 2013 with analysts that is set to obtain under way any minute.

2:03 pm: We??re live ヴィヴィアンバッグ and waiting for the peppy hold music to come to an end.

And also the contact is beginning vivienne westwood レディース 長財布 having a word from the operator.

Starting with the preliminaries. Forward searching statements, blah blah blah??.

CEO Meg Whitman is speaking. ヴィヴィアンバッグ ??We have produced progress on our turnaround.??

Whitman: We have a great deal of challenges, some are macroeconomic, ヴィヴィアンバッグ some are concerning the company ヴィヴィアン長財布 and frankly some of these are about HP??s execution.

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